Articles by Chris Kostman about the Race Across AMerica (RAAM)


Chris Kostman in the beautiful Midwest during the 1988 Race Across AMerica
(Note the Ultra Stout bicycle, featured below and in another article)

NOTE: I no longer own this bicycle, but I sure wish I did! Years ago, I sent the frame back to Ron Stout for some repairs, and then he sold it somebody else! Ron doesn't build frames anymore, either. Anyway, if you ow n this frame or know who does, please get in touch! It really bums me out that I don't own this important piece of my personal and professional history. I want it back! As for recognizing it, it's pretty darn distinctive, so I think you'll know if you have it or have seen it! Please help me! Click "contact" above to get in touch. Help me get this bike back!

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2001 RAAM Slideshows: I enjoyed a wonderful four days at the start line of the 2001 Race Across America in support of all the Furnace Creek 508 veterans who are competing and am happy to have created four slideshows from that experience.
Furnace Creek 508 and Race Across America T-Shirt Quilt: In 2000, Chris' Mom made him an incredible quilt that features 42 of his t-shirts from his lifelong involvement with the Furnace Creek 508 (since 1984) and the Race Across America (since 1982), an amazing effort representing an incredible personal history.
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1988: Book Review of "Release The Pace Giraffe: The Chronicle of RAAM Rookie Steve Born and His Novice Crew in the 1988 Race Across AMerica" by D.C. Born
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1987 and 1988: Translation of Austrian TV Coverage of RAAM
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