2005 Insight Race Across AMerica: Start Line in San Diego

Images by Chris Kostman / AdventureCORPS, June 19, 2005
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I enjoyed going down to the start of the Race Across America on June 19, 2005 and riding out with the racers to the "official start" at mile 13. I was particularly pleased to wish "good luck" to Ben Couturier, the 18-year-old Alaskan rider who is aiming to break my "youngest ever finisher" record set at age 20 in 1987. It was also nice to see so many Furnace Creek 508 alumni on the start line, including Marko Tweety Bird Baloh, Kevin Wolverine Walsh, Catharina Bumble Bee Berge, James Cutthroat Trout Trout, David Koala Kees, Chris Border Collie Hopkinson, and Fabio Bunny Biasiolo. I wish everyone in the race well.

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DSCN2861 DSCN2862 DSCN2863 DSCN2864
DSCN2865 DSCN2866 DSCN2867 DSCN2868
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