Famous (And Not So Famous) Crew Members

By Chris Kostman

Originally published in the UMCA Newsletter, June 18, 1989

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The following is an overview of all support team members who sent in a resumé of their crewing experience. To qualify, entries must be the official miles covered in the Race Across America, RAAM Qualifiers, and UMCA-sanctioned record attempts as either a crew member and/or race official. Here are the official UMCA Famous Crew Members, ranked in order of total official submitted miles:

Joanne Penseyres, wife of Pete Penseyres, Fallbrook, CA. (30,000+ miles) Joanne epitomizes the dedicated crew member and truly is a "famous Crew member", thanks in large part to her many appearances on Wide World of Sports. She has crewed on RAAMs 83 through 88 for Pete or Jim Penseyres, Pete and Lon's 87 tandem transcontinental record, the 79 two tandem transcontinental, the 89 HPV RAAM, Shermer's 80 Seattle to San Diego record, Pete's 83 JMO, and Pete and Rob Templin's SF-LA tandem record.

Ken Haldeman, brother of Lon Haldeman, Harvard, IL. (24,872 miles) Ken crewed on Lon's double transcontinental in 81, both Lon's 24 hour track records, RAAMs 82 through 86, Lon and Sue's 24 hour tandem record, and Lon and Sue's 83 tandem transcontinental record, and 1,000 miles of Pete and Lon's 87 tandem transcontinental record.

Susie Short, Vista, CA. (23,000+miles) Susie has the most sought after hands in the ultra-marathon scene; she is an outstanding massage therapist. She has crewed on Pete Penseyres' RAAMs 83, 84, and 86; Jim Penseyres' RAAMs 85 and 87; Chris Kostman's RAAM 88, Lon and Pete's 87 tandem transcontinental record, the 89 HPV RAAM, and Jim DeGraffenreid and Chris Kostman's 88 SF-LA drafting record.

Mary Jane and Ed Haldeman, parents of Lon Haldeman, Harvard, IL. (22,279 miles) Mary Jane and Ed crewed on all of Lon's events from 79 to 86, including 79 Wisconsin end to end, 81 double transcontinental, 81 24 hour track records, RAAMs 82 through 86, and Lon and Sue's 83 24 hour and transcontinental tandem records.

Tail End Charlie Myers, Elizabethtown, KY. (21,053 miles) Charlie was recruited by RAAM 85 broom wagon official Chris Mundwiler at time station #6 and has been involved with the RAAM and UMCA ever since. His crewing and officiating experience includes RAAMs 85, 86, 87, 88, and 89. Hugh Culverhouse's 86 one-legged transcontinental record, and Dave Keifer's 87 one-legged transcontinental record attempt. He is a very sought after crew member and official with a great sense of humor. He's a really bitchen' dude!

Jon Royer, Elgin, IL. (18,300 miles) Jon has served as Lon Haldeman's bike and auto mechanic from 81 to the present. Lon credits him with having kept he ans Sue's 1984 VW RAAM van on the road for 200,000 miles. He crewed on Lon's 81 double transcontinental, RAAMs 82, 83, and 86, and Lon and Pete's tandem transcontinental record.

Lori Limbocker, Huntington Beach, CA. (17,896 miles) Lori is Michael Secrest's most experienced crew member, having crewed for Mike in RAAMs 83 through 87. She also officiated RAAM 88.

Bindy Beck, Novato, CA. (16,620 miles) Bindy has crewed on some very successful teams, including Elaine Mariolle's world record breaking RAAM 86, Casey Patterson's winning RAAM 87, and Lon and Pete's 87 tandem transcontinental record. She also officiated RAAM 88, two RAAM Qualifiers, and numerous UMCA record attempts. She is originally from Illinois, where she won the April 85 JMO and then went on to crew for Lon Haldeman in RAAM 85.

Teresa DeGraffenreid, Long Beach, CA. (15,041miles) Teresa crewed for her husband Jim's three JMOs (84, 85, 86) and three RAAMs (85, 86, 88), for Chris Kostman's JMO 86 and RAAM 87, and numerous of Jim's and Chris's SF-LA records.

Chris Kostman, Glendora, CA. (14,000+ miles) My idol John Marino recruited me to officiate at the 84 JMO and I have sinced officiated or crewed in nine RAAM qualifiers and RAAMs 85, 86, and 89. I am a proud member of John "RAAM GURU" Wyatt's Bay Area Rent-A-Crew.

Brenda Kish, wife of Rob Kish, Port Orange, FL. (13,582 miles) Back in 85, Brenda and Rob Kish rode their tandem cross-country to California where Rob entered the JMO on a borrowed bike... and the rest is history. Brenda crewed for Rob at that fateful 707 mile JMO, and then RAAMs 85, 87, 88, and 89. This past fall she crewed for Rob's brother Mike at the RAAM Open East.

Fritz Miericke, Urbana, IL. (13,355 miles) Fritz has crewed primarily for Susan Notorangelo throughout her amazing career, including her 82 24 hour record, 82 transcontinental record, 83 24 hour tandem record with Lon, her and Lon's 83 tandem transcontinental, RAAM 85, her and Lon's tandem transcontinental record, and RAAM 86, as well as Patti Brehler and Lou Hotten's 85 24 hour tandem record.

Victor Gallo, Miami, FL. (13,000+ miles) Victor crewed for Susan Notorangelo on RAAMs 85 and 86, Lon and Susan's tandem transcontinental record, Rob Kish's RAAM 87, and has also judged three UMCA records in Florida.

Susan Notorangelo, Harvard, IL. (12,840 miles) Susan has not crewed recently because of her own entry into recent RAAMs, but still has extensive experience. She is also the director of the Women's Cycling Network. Her crewing experience inlcudes her husband Lon's 81 double transcontinental, 81 24 hour track records, and RAAMs 82 and 83.

Peter Moffett, Leesburg, FL. (11,699 miles) Peter has crewed on four RAAMs, including Rob Templin's in 85, 86, and 87, and Rob Kish in 88. Says Peter "In what seems to me to be life spent trying to make the most possible money doing the least possible work, RAAM gives me a chance to speculate as to what modern man in capable of beyond the consumer greed ethic, and the results are fascinating".

Vance Vaughan, Berkeley, CA. (11,300 miles) Vance gave Elaine Mariolle his last cookie during California's infamous Death Ride and the rest is history. He crewed for Elaine on JMO 84, RAAM's 85, 86, and 87, and her Seattle to San Diego record. He's one lucky bum, if you ask me!

Roger D'Errico, Santa Monica, CA. (10,540 miles) Roger is one of the most experienced UMCA judges and crew members. He has 9080 miles of judging experience, including Hugh Culverhouse's one legged transcontinental record, Robert Richardson's east to west transcontinental, as well as numerous point to point records and also Jonathan Seutter's three UMCA-sanctioned roller skating records. Roger also crewed for Belgian rider Herman DeMunck in RAAM 84.

John "RAAM GURU" Wyatt, Foster City, CA. (10,500+miles) John is one of the most sought after, dedicated, and experienced crew chiefs around. He has developed the most ear-bleeding 200 watt ultra-mega sound systems for support vehicles to keep his riders (and crews, and other riders, and every local farmer within ten miles) entertained. His electronic wiring prowess, Indy-car driving abilities, and dynamic leadership skills are truly one of a kind. He is the founder of Bay Area Rent-A-Crew and has personally crew chiefed at seven RAAM qualifiers and four RAAMs. Riders interested in hiring the best of the best, send your resumés to John at 1200 E. Hillsdale Blvd. Apt. 1B Foster City, CA 94404 (415) 573-5996.

Len Bertain, Piedmont, CA. (10,000 miles) Another Bay Area Rent-A-Crew member, with crewing experience at seven qualifiers and Georges Helaouet's RAAM 86, Rob Templin's RAAM 87, and Chris Kostman's RAAM 88. He admits to having "crewed for both cycling legends and fredcyclists."

Julie DeGraffenreid, Los Alamitos, CA. (9,760 miles) Julie has crewed extensively for her brother Jim in his three RAAMs (85, 86, and 88) and Jim's JMOs 84 and 85.

Gary Meyer, Novato, CA. (9,590 miles) Gary crewed for Dennis Bock on RAAM 85 and officiated RAAMs 87 and 88 and crew chiefed for Tony Johndrow at his 87 Qualifier and Bindy Beck's Trans-Cal record. He works for Lucas Films, Ltd. in Marin County.

John Kiegel, Tucson, AZ. (7,750 miles) John has crewed extensively for his good friend Marvin Christy, including at Marvin's JMO 85, RAAM 85, RAAM 86, and Marvin and Linn Hoover's tandem San Diego to Tucson record.

Ed Levinson, Oakland, CA. (6,300 miles) Ed is another proud member of John Wyatt's Bay Area Rent-A-Crew. He has crewed and officiated at four Qualifiers and two RAAMs (Rob Templin in 87 and Chris Kostman in 88).

It would seen that there is one common denominator among these support team members: they are totally dedicated to their riders. Many of them are family members of various ultra-marathon cyclists, many are cyclists themselves, but all share a dedication to helping their rider cross the finish line as quickly, safely, and comfortably as possible. The UMCA applauds their efforts and encourages these Famous Crew Members to keep the keep the UMCA posted as to their continuing experience and also would encourage other potential Famous Crew Members to send in their crewing resumés to be added to this growing and impressive list. Maybe some day we will have a Crew Members' National Points Challenge!

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