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AdventureCORPS®, Inc. Disaster Policy

(Adopted from the Challenged Athletes Foundation Disaster Policy)

General Policy

If an Act of God/Act of Terrorism/Community Disaster occurs leading into or during any AdventureCORPS, Inc. event, we will take the following actions:

  1. We will make decisions based upon the principle of “safety first.”
  2. The event will be altered as necessary, e.g., shortened, modified, or alternate course, or will be cancelled.

What Happens if an Event is Cancelled?

  1. Athletes participating in an event impacted by an Act of God/Act of Terrorism/Community Disaster will have first right to sign up for that same event the next year. A date will be set for them to accept their registration spot.

Financial Ramifications of an Act of God/Act of Terrorism/Community Disaster

  1. AdventureCORPS, Inc. cannot assume the risk of a disaster for everyone. Each athlete needs to accept the risk of his or her entry fee.
  2. There will be NO REFUNDS nor free entries to future events. The money you paid was spent developing the event for which you signed up.
  3. AdventureCORPS, Inc. does not save any money if you do not complete the full course. We pay for all or nearly all event supplies or services associated with an event, regardless of the outcome.
  4. This is not a policy that is unique to AdventureCORPS, Inc.. It is standard procedure in the event business. We must all share the risk.