Chris Kostman, athlete, adventurer

Chris Kostman, athlete, adventurer, and President
of AdventureCORPS, at a glance

As an athlete, Chris specializes in ultra endurance and wilderness events and competes at a world class level in ultra endurance cycling, triathlon, and snowshoe racing.

Chris Kostman got his start early in ultra sports: He set world ultra cycling records in high school in 1984 and 1985 while riding against the clock from San Francisco City Hall to Los Angeles Cith Hall. At age 20 in 1987, he became the youngest ever finisher of the 3127-mile, eleven-day Race Across America bicycle race, a distinction he held until 2005. Those accomplishments were a springboard to competing in events as diverse as the Triple Ironman in France, the 6.5-mile Skaha Lake Ultra Swim in Canada, numerous winter ultras on mountain bike or snowshoes in Alaska, and scores of 24-hour mountain bike races and 200-mile or longer road bike races. Chris is also a trained technical scuba diver and backcountry adventurer. His competitive highlights:

Chris' Major Road Cycling Competitions:
-Race Across AMerica bicycle race, 6/88, SF to DC course, completed 1691 miles, DNF due to injury.
-Race Across AMerica bicycle race, 6/87, SF to DC course, 3,127 miles in 10:23:58:30, 9th, youngest finisher ever, then and now.
-John Marino Open bicycle race, 10/86, Hemet, CA, 542 miles in 34:34, 7th.
-John Marino Open bicycle race, 5/85, Tucson, AZ, 707 miles in 56:44, 12th.

Chris' Major Mountain Bike Competitions:
-24 Hours of Adrenalin Mountain Bike Race, Idyllwild, CA, 9/99, 2nd of 22, solo div, 144 mi.
-24 Hours of Adrenalin Mountain Bike Race, Laguna Seca, CA, 6/99, 7th of 25, solo div, 187 mi.
-24 Hours of Canaan Mountain Bike Race, 6/93, Canaan, West VA, 195.5 miles in 24 hours, 3rd of 92 relay teams, with John Stamstad, Gene Oberpriller, and Harry Winand, of the Bridgestone team.
-Iditasport Mountain Bike Race, 2/91, 200 mi. on Iditarod Trail in 58:36, 10th.
-Iditabike Mountain Bike Race, 2/89, 200 mi. on Iditarod Trail in 41:20, 21st.
-Iditabike Mountain Bike Race, 3/88, 200 mi. on Iditarod Trail in 45:54, 11th.

Chris' Major Triathlon Competitions:
-Ironman Revisited Triathlon, Oahu, HI, 8/07, 2.4mi. swim/112mi. bike/26.2mi. run in 15:57, 5 of 10.
-Ironman Revisited Triathlon, Oahu, HI, 8/04, 2.4mi. swim/112mi. bike/26.2mi. run in 14:35, 7 of 16.
-Ironman Revisited Triathlon, Oahu, HI, 8/03, 2.4mi. swim/112mi. bike/26.2mi. run in 13:03, 3 of 24.
-Ironman Revisited Triathlon, Oahu, HI, 8/02, 2.4mi. swim/112mi. bike/26.2mi. run in 13:25, 9 of 24.
-Earth Journey Triathlon Stage Race, 9/96, Middlebury, VT, 1st place team, course record 26:19:33.
-Earth Journey Triathlon Stage Race, 9/95, Middlebury, VT, Day1=5.5 mi. swim & 95 mi. bike; Day2 = 168 mi. bike; Day3 = 51 mi. run; total time = 34:18, 4th.
-Triple Ironman Triathlon (Le Defi Mondial de l'Endurance), Fontanil, France, 5/93, 7.2mi. swim/336mi. bike/78.6mi. run in 53:27:40, 17th of 29.
-Ironman Canada Triathlon, 8/91, 2.4mi. swim/112mi. bike/26.2mi. run in 10:57:30, 281 of 1100+.
-Ironman Canada Triathlon, 8/90, 2.4mi. swim/112mi. bike/26.2mi. run in 11:39:12, 319 of 946.

Chris' Major Snowshoe Competitions:
-Iditasport Extreme Race, 320 mile snowshoe and mountain bike race on Iditarod Trail, 2/97, DNF.
-Iditasport Snowshoe Race, 2/96, 100 mi. on Iditarod Trail in 31:56, 5th of 12.
-Iditasport Snowshoe Race, 2/95, 100 mi. on Iditarod Trail in 34:38, 4th of 7.
-Iditasport Snowshoe Race, 2/93, 100 mi. on Iditarod Trail in 32:00, 4th of 10.

Chris' Other Major Competitions:
-100th Boston Marathon, 26.2 miles, America's oldest running race, Boston, MA, 4/96, finisher.
-Bridge to Bridge Swim, 9/94, Golden Gate to Bay Bridge, San Francisco, 7 miles in 2:24, 30th of 50.
-23rd Annual Ride & Tie World Championships, Arroyo Grande, CA, 7/93, 36.5 miles in 5:39, 45th of 85 teams, with Chuck Stalley and "Fanci."
-Skaha Lake Ultra Swim, Penticton, B.C., Canada, 8/91, 7.4mi. in 4:52:21, 45th.

Chris' World Cycling Records:
-24 Hour Off-Road Tandem cycling record, 11/90, 245.23 miles, with Ed Levinson.
-24 Hour Off-Road cycling record, 11/89, 242.041 miles.
-San Francisco to Los Angeles Two Man Drafting cycling record, 6/88, 395 miles in 21:35, with Jim DeGraffenreid.
-Death Valley Double Crossing cycling record, 5/87, 222 miles in 13:29.
-Trans-California cycling record, 4/87, 241 miles in 12:53.
-San Francisco to Los Angeles cycling record, 4/85, 429 miles in 22:38.
-San Francisco to Los Angeles cycling record, 4/84, 472 miles in 31:13.

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