2010 Hell's Gate Hundred Results, April 3, 2010

Here are some selected shots from the ride. Click any thumbnail. We have over 650 images online from this event! Slideshow links below.


We designed the Hell's Gate Hundred route in 2009 to include locations and sights that are not visited in any other one-day cycling event in Death Valley National Park, including Artist Drive, Hell's Gate, Daylight Pass, and the ghost town of Rhyolite. The full 100.7 mile route features 8600 feet of cumulative elevation gain. As such, we had a truly memorable and adventurous weekend in Mother Nature's Greatest Sports Arena with the 2nd ever edition of Hell's Gate Hundred, held in Death Valley National Park on April 3, 2010.

One hundred and forty-five riders participated in the event, with 106 riders completing the full 101 miles, while many others were challenged mightily by the 79-mile route (turn-around at Daylight Pass) or the 65-mile route (turn-around at Hell's Gate). Attesting to the wide-ranging enthusiasm for riding in Death Valley, we had registered riders aged 21 top 75 (avg of 46.7) from fourteen American States: AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, MA, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, SD, TX, and UT, plus Canada!

Two riders completed the full 100.7 mile distance on Elliptigo bikes: Bryce Whiting and celebrated ultra runner Dean Karnazes. Dean's an eight-time finisher (and 2004 champion) of the Badwater ultramarathon, the 135-mile running race from Badwater to Mt. Whitney which we also organize. Another Badwater finisher, Tim Kjenstad, also completed the full Hell's Gate Hundred. Also of note from the running world, the legendary Ann Trason, the fourteen-time women's winner of Westeran States 100, completed HGH this year. We were also honored to have John Marino, the godfather of ultracycling who created the Great American Bike Race, Race Across America, and Furnace Creek 508, riding HGH for the second year in a row.

We were pleased to once again serve locally grown dates from the China Ranch Date Farm in nearby Tecopa, NV at each checkpoint! Dates are a delicious source of energy for athletes which have been eaten and enjoyed in desert regions for millennia! Hell's Gate riders ate them at each checkpoint and discovered why! Plus, we are excited to support a local business, a fellow member of the Death Valley Chamber of Commerce! Of course, as at all AdventureCORPS the mainstay fuel and hydration sources were HEED, Perpetuem, Hammer Gel, and Endurolytes from Hammer Nutrition.

A Friday CORPSyoga class led by Elizabeth Jefferson and a Sunday morning hike led by Chris Kostman rounded out a superb weekend in Death Valley. Certainly everybody had an adventure and it was a pleasure to spend a fantastic day "out there" with you! Thanks for riding and thanks for joining us!

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who made it all happen!

Check-In: Steve and Elliott Barnes, Jeff Bell, Elizabeth Jefferson, and Chris Kostman

Start Line: Francis Marlon Ignacio, Alan Messara, and Ricky Herrera of Adobo Velo, and Chris Kostman

Artist Palette: Elizabeth Creel, Jeff Bell, and Elizabeth Jefferson

Beatty Cut-Off Road Water Stop: Rich Stuart

Hell's Gate: Francis Marlon Ignacio, Alan Messara, and Ricky Herrera of Adobo Velo

Daylight Pass Water Stop: Robin Stevens with Shiva and Savannah

Rhyolite: Wayne and Shelby Kostman, Steve and Elliott Barnes

Furnace Creek Finish Line: Elizabeth Creel, Jeff Bell, and Elizabeth Jefferson

CORPSyoga on Friday: Elizabeth Jefferson | More Info

Roving SAG: Doug Goodwin, Rich Stuart, and Chris Kostman

Photography: Chris Kostman, Wayne Kostman, Elizabeth Jefferson, Badwater Mayor Ben Jones

Special thanks are also extended to the wonderful people at the Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort, Joe's Sanitation of Pahrump, Liberty Ambulance of Ridgecrest, the National Park Service, and Cal Trans in Bishop.

Images from the Ride, as well as Blog Reports

Show 1: Friday Yoga (4/2), Start Line, Hell's Gate Ascent, and Rhyolite Photos by Chris Kostman
Show 2: Start Line and Artist's Drive Ascent Photos by Wayne Kostman
Show 3: Artist's Palette Checkpoint Photos by Elizabeth Jefferson and Elizabeth Creel
Show 4: Rhyolite Ghost Town Checkpoint Photos by Wayne Kostman
Show 5: Furnace Creek Finish Line Photos by Elizabeth Creel and Chris Kostman
Show 6: Wonders of Death Valley (China Ranch, Flowers, Fish, and Rocks, Echo Canyon) Photos by Wayne Kostman
Wayne has a keen eye for flowers and birds and other interesting smaller details which most people don't even notice. Simply put, he's a world-class photographer. He and Shelby Kostman also ran the checkpoint at the ghost town of Rhyolite during the event as well.
Show 7: Sunday Morning Golden Canyon - Gower Gulch Hike Photos by Chris Kostman
Bonus Show 8: By Badwater Ben Jones: The first series was in the mid-portion of Artist’s Drive and in the Rhyolite area. At the end are scenic shots of the weekend including the cemetery at Rhyolite.
Blog Report: George Red-Eyed Vireo Vargas of EpicTrain
Blog Report: Errin Vasquez of FrontageRoads
Blog Report: Marcus Edvalson of Ride and Ruckus

Awesome, Unsolicited, Totally Appreciated Feedback!

I loved the event. This new route showed me parts of Death Valley I was never exposed to before. Artist Drive was a nice treat. Also knowing that there is a 16 mile climb just 11 miles from the Furnace Creek Ranch is very good for future training. I've been doing the spring and fall double centuries since 2003. I like the diversity of this century route: Great climbs and being able to see riders continuously throughout the route.

I haven't done many organized centuries since 2004 because my training consists of solo centuries as I get ready for the 508. One reason I like doing doubles is so I can work on my nutrition strategy and of course my pacing. But this year my training time, and racing time are both limited. I'm really enjoying doing century routes instead of doubles. One reason would be less gear needed for a century as opposed to a double. I don't need lights, and the staff doesn't have to work the course for 18 hours. As far as training, riding a fast climbing century has plenty of training value and stresses my system just enough but yet I can recover possibly overnight and do another hard century the next day.

Another reason I'm diggin' centuries this year is I'm actually hanging out at the finish line and meeting riders and hearing their stories of their journey. When I finish doubles I am completely spent, as I should be, and don't have the energy to be social. I'm usually off in a corner just trying to recover from the 11 odd hours of punishing my body. You know riding a bike is supposed to be healthy but when I first finish my doubles I swear nothing about it feels healthy ;) - George Red-Eyed Vireo Vargas

Great ride! Have only done one other century in my life and that was >15 years ago. Only did the 100k but that was still a satisfying killer for someone who didn't train. Thanks to all the volunteers and staff. - Andrew Silva

My girlfriend and I just go home (Calgary, AB) from our trip last weekend and just wanted to let you know what a good time we had at the Hells Gate 100 and in Death Valley. The staff and volunteers were awesome. This marked my first event in about year and a half as I had ACL injury over a year ago and surgery last October. It was great to reach my goal of riding the full 100 miles and it would not have been possible with out the aid stations and volunteers. We hope to return again for future event, keep up the good work. - Darren Hirst

My first century and it was a blast. the support staff was great and the course was well worth the challenge. I'm hooked. See ya in the spring! - Todd Turner

AdventureCorps folks. I wanted to thank you for the suffer fest I experienced on Saturday. It was my hardest ride to date, but even after all the pain, suffering and mental anguish, I am left wanting more and harder. There is something about the Death Valley landscape, and challenging events like this that require something more of you than you are perhaps comfortable to give. I know I crossed a line I hadn't ever crossed before. I also wanted to thank you for the amazing support at all the rest stops. I was amazed at how patient people were with me when I kept trying to dig into the HEED and they had to keep reminding me that there were pre-measured cups sitting at the other end of the table. This ride is literally impossible without the help of you find folks. I will be back, you can bet on that. - Marcus Edvalson

Thanks to you and AdventureCorps for a great event this past weekend. I'd been out to Death Valley many times before by motorcycle, but this was my first time on a bike out there. What a different experience! This ride kicked my butt, and in the end, the course won, but I plan to come back next year or maybe October. - Errin Vasquez

Just wanted to thank you for putting on a great century in Death Valley. Even though I couldn't force my body up to Hell's Gate I had a good time and enjoyed our discussion on the side of the road. Every ride I fail at I learn something about myself. I already want to attempt it again and Happy Birthday. Good Job - Bruce Malm

I'm the guy whose tire and tube you changed around mile 95. Just wanted to say thanks again - you saved the day for me!! I was pretty tired at that point, and if that next tube blew again, I think I would have called it quits. I was really happy to be able to finish. You guys put together a really great route and my wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks again! - Evan Thomas

Official Results

First Middle Last Mi's Elapsed Notes M/F City State Bike/Tri Club
James Harrington 101 6:31 M Las Vegas NV
Jennifer Scharf 101 6:42 F Henderson NV
Mark S Pfeil 101 6:48 M Boulder CA
George Sherman 101 6:49 M Newbury Park CA
Troy DeLong 101 6:55 M Elko NV Reno Wheelmen
George Vargas 101 6:55 Late Start M Huntington Beach CA Bike Religion
Robert Fletcher 101 7:05 Tandem M Vacaville CA Davis Bike Club
Brenda Fletcher 101 7:05 Tandem F Vacaville CA Davis Bike Club
Larry Munoz 101 7:14 M San Jose CA Western Wheelers
Russell Glenn Brown 101 7:18 M Santa Fe NM Santa Fe Road Riders
Rene Rodarte 101 7:18 M Irvine CA OC Triathlon Club
Ronald T Iseri 101 7:19 M Camarillo CA
Jonathan Woodbury 101 7:25 M Moorpark CA
Rogelio Pelayo 101 7:27 M Temecula CA
Adam Patrick Sjol 101 7:27 M La Verne CA
Rachel Wexler 101 7:32 F Santa Fe NM Santa Fe Roadriders
Josh Kossman 101 7:33 M Las Vegas NV
Abdolreza Movaghar 101 7:35 M San Diego CA
Todd Turner 101 7:37 First Century M Las Vegas NV GDI
Ann Trason 101 7:50 F Kensington CA
Darren Hirst 101 7:52 First Century M Calgary AB University of Calgary Triathlon Club
Steve Dinsdale 101 8:07 M Agua Dulce CA
Stephen Lebovitz 101 8:07 M Weston MA Motor Mile Racing
Eric D Schlager 101 8:07 M Weston MA Weston Possee
Doug Jeffries 101 8:10 M Loomis CA
Paul James Adamson 101 8:14 M Running Springs CA Bear Valley Bikes
Greg Ryan 101 8:17 M Las Vegas NV
jason l mckee 101 8:18 M martinez CA
Trent Gardiner 101 8:19 First Century M Las Vegas NV
Bob Corbett 101 8:20 M San Clemente CA San Clemente Velo
Kristin Corbett 101 8:20 F San Clemente CA San Clemente Velo
Fred Hoff 101 8:21 M Wellesley MA Weston Posse
Jonathan Riegler 101 8:22 M Templeton CA
Edwin Morando 101 8:23 M San Francisco CA
Jeff White 101 8:25 M Ridgecrest CA High Sierra Cyclists
John J Marino 101 8:26 M Irvine CA
Lorrie Jean Bower 101 8:27 F Middletown CA
Scott Dobson 101 8:29 M Carpinteria CA Santa Barbara Tri Club
Todd Kennedy 101 8:30 M Henderson NV
Jozsef Lore 101 8:33 M Rancho Palos Verdes CA
Stephen John Lis 101 8:36 M Sunland CA
Paul Dennis 101 8:37 M Baldwin City KS
Michael Donoff 101 8:45 Happy Bday! M Laguna Beach CA Laguna Cyclery
Joe Neer 101 8:47 M Denver CO Bike Denver
Mark Anthony Creel 101 8:50 M Fort Irwin CA Fort Irwin Bike Club
Matthew Watson 101 8:53 M Las Vegas NV
Zach Martin Beresford 101 9:04 M Salt Lake City UT Vukins rule
Benjamin Robert Lewis 101 9:04 M Salt Lake City UT Canyon Sports
Matthew Vukin 101 9:04 M Salt Lake City UT
Ron Lester Knudson 101 9:06 M Penn Valley CA PV Velo
Geoffrey Yates 101 9:08 First Century M Los Gatos CA
Sharon Williams 101 9:20 F Santa Cruz CA
Prentice Tom 101 9:26 First Century M Los Gatos CA
Aaron C Hastings 101 9:29 M Las Vegas NV
Melissa Arcella 101 9:34 First Century F Henderson NV
Joseph Benson 101 9:38 M Granada Hills CA
Garett Carlson 101 9:38 M Beverly Hills CA
John Guilds 101 9:39 M Los Angeles CA
Jorge Ayala 101 9:40 M Las Vegas NV bikinglasvegas.com
Chad C Chalfont 101 9:44 First Century M Fort Irwin CA Fort Irwin Bike Club
Bruce Eric Kramme 101 9:48 Recumbent M Las Vegas NV
Louis Nevell 101 9:51 M Los Angeles CA velo club la grange
Joel Slaven 101 9:51 M Los Angeles CA SFVBC
Mike Gray 101 9:53 M Auburn CA
Paul Kemmesat 101 9:54 M Longmont CO
Brett Davies 101 9:57 First Century M San Diego CA
Guerric Sloan 101 9:57 First Century M San Diego CA
Andrew Thomas 101 10:00 M Las  Vegas NV
Donna Ingle 101 10:05 F Las  Vegas NV Las Vegas Valley Bicycle Club
Curtis Ingle 101 10:05 M Las  Vegas NV Las Vegas Valley Bicycle Club
Patsy Moran 101 10:08 F Littleton CO
Tim Kjenstad 101 10:12 First Century M Henderson NV
Leslie Schaaf 101 10:12 F Novato CA Marin Cyclist
Scott Williams 101 10:22 M Santa Cruz CA
Dean Karnazes 101 10:29 Elliptigo Bike M Ross CA
Bryce Whiting 101 10:35 Elliptigo Bike M Encinitas CA
Victor F Caampued 101 10:36 M Walnut CA Adobo Velo
Ed Morente 101 10:36 M CA Adobo Velo
Frank Natividad 101 10:36 M Montebello CA Adobo Velo
Imre Udvardy 101 10:39 M Sagus CA Adobo Velo
Will Cronyn 101 10:44 M San Diego CA San Diego Knickerbikers; Major Taylor Cycling Club San Diego
Rebecca Thomas 101 10:51 F Ridgecrest CA
Evan Thomas 101 10:51 M Ridgecrest CA
Gary Cornwall 79 6:44 M Reno NV Independent
Errin Vasquez 79 8:01 M Alhambra CA
Tim Vaughan 79 8:08 M La Mesa CA
Kerrie Vaughan 79 8:08 F La Mesa CA
Kim Nordquist 79 8:11 F Evergreen CO
John Feir 79 8:12 M Evergreen CO
Al Kenrick 79 8:12 M Palo Alto CA
Ross Zimmerman 79 8:26 M Tucson AZ
Jerry Green 79 8:38 M Aliso Viejo CA
Daphne Gulling 79 8:38 F Santa Cruz CA SCCC
Jim White 79 8:39 Tandem M Roseville CA Sacramento Bikehikers
Tara White 79 8:39 Tandem F Roseville CA Sacramento Bikehikers
Michael Galasso 79 9:08 M Costa Mesa CA
Veronica Brown 79 9:32 Tandem F Sunland CA
Bodee Maxwell 79 9:32 Tandem F Sunland CA
Ramon Pablo Montoya 65 6:02 M Torrance CA
Thomas M Farrar 65 6:06 M Henderson NV Las Vegas Tri Club
Andrew Silva 65 6:14 M Rialto CA
John J Revere 65 6:17 M Helendale CA Adventure Cycling
Dirk C Geib 65 6:53 M Yucaipa CA
Robert Clark 65 6:58 M Denver CO Bike Denver
Deborah Johnston 65 6:58 F Altadena CA Los Angeles Team in Training
Patti Sogaard 65 6:58 F Harbor City CA palos verdes
Kari Noomen 65 7:01 F S. Lake Tahoe CA
Ralph Edward Holmes 65 7:02 M San Diego CA
Steven Demarest 65 7:07 M Portland OR Portland Wheelman
Pam Golden 65 7:08 F Tucson AZ
Margaret Mason 65 7:08 F Wellington NV
David Eaves 65 7:08 M Redondo Beach CA
Leigh Bower 65 7:10 M Middletown CA
Thomas Quick Anderson 65 7:19 M Oxnard CA
Dorian Alexander Young 65 7:22 M San Francisco CA SF
Erin K Dickey 65 7:31 F San Francisco CA
Albert J Klisiak 65 7:31 M San Francisco CA
Kristina Young 65 7:33 F San Francisco CA SF
Katherine Beresford 65 7:41 F Salt Lake City UT Vukins rule
Beth Vukin 65 7:41 F Salt Lake City UT Bonneville cycling club
Ron Siler 65 8:01 M Eagle Mtn. UT Alta Alpina
Carolyn F Noyes 65  ? F San Clemente CA San Clemente Renagades
William R Noyes 65  ? M San Clemente CA San Clemente Renegades
Richard Alan Lavery ? 8:56 M Encino CA san fernando valley bike club
Donna Lynn Barker ?  ? F Gardnerville NV
Chip Chilson ?  ? M Aspen CO Crested Butte Builders / Brick Oven
Oliver Clement ?  ? M Concord CA
Philip H Darst ?  ? M Salinas CA VCM
Carrie Dolmat-Connell ?  ? F Princeton MA Seven Hills Wheelmen, Worcester, MA
Stephanie Dolmat-Connell ?  ? F Goleta CA
Conor Edberg ?  ? M Goleta CA
Marcus Edvalson ?  ? M North Hills CA Ride & Ruckus
MaryKay Grahn ?  ? F Las Vegas NV Las Vegas Valley Bicycle Club
Clarence King ?  ? M Solana Beach CA
Jeffery Roland Langlois ?  ? M Bakersfield CA
Janet Cathleen Mays ?  ? F Littleton CO
John Mays ?  ? M Littleton CO
Steve R Anderson ? NA Recumbent M Tracy CA RUSA
Patricia Burgess ? NA F Loomis CA
Melinda Caron ? NA Recumbent F Eagle Mtn. UT alta alpina
Cary Johnston ? NA M Altadena CA Los Angeles Team in Training
Kathleen M Kinder ? NA F Santa Cruz CA
Bruce Malm ? NA M Los Angeles CA
Lowell Morgan ? NA M Monument CO
Peter Norquist ? NA Recumbent M Pleasanton CA RUSA