Yoga For Cyclists and Runners with Laurie Kostman

Most every AdventureCORPS events features a rejuvenating CORPSyoga class taught by your co-host, Laurie Kostman, a fellow cyclist and fitness professional and exercise specialist with over 20 years of experience. Laurie was trained as a yoga teacher at the world renowned White Lotus Foundation and holds a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 instructor certification and Yoga Tune Up® certification, as well as personal trainer, Mat Pilates, and indoor cycling certifications. (Chris Kostman of AdventureCORPS originally trained Laurie to teach "Spinning" back in 1998, so her association with AdventureCORPS goes back a very long time.) As an outdoor athlete, Laurie is a veteran of Hell Week Texas, the 2011 Million Dollar Challenge (San Francisco to La Jolla: 620 miles in seven days on behalf of Challenged Athletes Foundation), and she ran her first marathon during the Ironman Revisited Triathlon in 2005. She serves at Chief Wellness Officer for AdventureCORPS and as a Group Fitness Instructor for Equinox in Woodland Hills, CA.

CORPSyoga is designed for everyone, regardless of yoga background, or lack thereof, and is designed to help athletes unwind from their drive to Death Valley or long day in the saddle, accelerate recovery for the next day's adventure, minimize the chance of injury, and rejuvenate and restore energy balance. It is primarily designed for cyclists, focusing on their tight areas (hips, shoulders and hamstrings), as well as strengthening the core with an emphasis on functional fitness. The yoga sequences will improve cycling performance and one's overall day on the bike. The class is one hour long. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to participate in a yoga class with fellow cyclists. Social time before and after the actual yoga class gives everyone a chance to swap stories while enjoying herbal tea.

Feedback about CORPSyoga

"I haven’t had time to write a thank you note, but the 2013 DVD Spring was a great event. I actually made it in time for the Friday evening yoga class which was taught at the perfect level for big ride the next day. I felt well stretched and relaxed, and activated to ride. Laurie also did a great job explaining postures to the less experienced yogis in the group, so it looked like everyone was benefiting. I have been to competitive yoga classes, and I was worried that this group of super athletes would want a really tough yoga class, so I was really happy with the class offered." - Judy Brusslan

"I think the Yoga thing is amazing. I’ll say the following: Until Friday, that was like, 'you must be kidding,' but with that said my balance, etc. is not great, and I think the comment that bike riding does not take a lot a real balance is the first time I have heard anyone but me say it. It’s pretty easy to balance when you are moving forward at 30 mph on a downhill, but static balance is a totally different story. Long story short, I am now looking to go to at least one or two classes a week. Talk to you soon and I may even get a mat." Best Regards, Scott Palka, 2013 Death Valley Spring Century

"We arrived early on Friday. Rode about 20 miles to stretch our legs, then joined an awesome Yoga session held free as part of the ride goodies. The instructor, Laurie Kostman, talked us through some strong stretches and arm workouts while avoiding the quad-busting moves. Really helped the next day’s ride." - Catherine Gallagher, 2013 Death Valley Spring Century

Here are some shots of recent CORPSyoga classes led by Laurie in Death Valley:

Below: Yoga instructor Laurie in action at Mt. Shasta with her beloved Serotta Fierté.

Below: Laurie and Chris of AdventureCORPS during the Tour de Francis.

Below: Laurie and Chris of AdventureCORPS during the Million Dollar Challenge.