Fuel for the Finish Line:
Eight Lessons to Get You There

Originally published in Swedish in MultiSPORT Magazine, Sweden, premier issue, April 1999. Later published in Marathon & Beyond, July 2007. RABBIT LAKE, ALASKA, 1993 I awakened at sunrise in a cozy sleeping bag in the Alaskan wilderness. It was -14 degrees out and I was 100 kilometers and 24 hours into a 160 km snowshoe

In Search of Epic

Originally published in Endurance News, #61, January 2009. “Epic” is defined at www.dictionary.com as “heroic; majestic; impressively great” and “of unusually great size or extent.” To live on the endurance path is to live in search of epic experiences. What does it mean for a ride, a run, a swim, a ski, or other type

Pain and Suffering: a Blueprint for Mastery

Originally published in Endurance News, #60, October 2008. (Originally published in MultiSPORT Magazine, Sweden, premier issue, April 1999.) Regardless of sport, all athletes must cross metaphorical rivers which represent the one experience, the one feeling, the one thought, the one focus of awareness that is central to every athlete’s experience: the pain through which we

Ten Steps on the Endurance Path: 
A Prescription for a Long Life on the Long Road

Originally published in Marathon & Beyond Magazine, July / August 2008. (An alternate, multi-sport version was also published in Endurance News, #58, April 2008.) The sequel to this article, “The Endurace Path Revisited: Dumb Things Cyclists & Other Ultra Athletes Think and Do,” was published in Endurance News, #59, July 2008. For twenty-five years, I have seen people

The Way of the Outdoor Athlete

Published in Endurance News, #62, March 2009. (Originally published in 1993 in Biosphere II Newsletter, Triathlete, and ULTRA Cycling, then in Fitness Magazine, Sweden, May 1999.) Ask any average cross-section of the populace whether they are an athlete and few will respond in the affirmative. However, many will explain that they are into running, skiing, cycling,

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