Race Across America Announces Team Division

By Chris Kostman

Originally published in Oregon Cycling, March 1993

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The Race Across America (RAAM) has always been the ultimate test of a solo rider’s endurance. The top riders cycle more than 20 hours a day, for more than a week, sleeping and eating between each leg of their exhausting journey.

Call it RAAM for the real world, the doable RAAM, the RAAM with sleep, or the affordable RAAM, the race organizers have introduced a less masochistic, more social way to complete the long excursion from Irvine, Calirornia, to Savannah, GA.

A team division has been introduced, and this new class consists of teams of four. Any combination of drafting and relaying during the ride will be allowed. Riders can pedal for as little as an hour or a day at a time—whatever they like. Luxuries like sleeping and eating will be possible when other team members are in the saddle.

The organizers emphasize that the new concept offers some exciting possibilities. The race can be completed by mere mortals in one week, during an average summer vacation. Also, because the teams start two to four days behind the solo and tandem racers, the teams will view the race from the road as it progresses, and even get to pass the leaders along the way. Fundraising is divided among the four riders instead of being the responsibility of one individual. Each rider must come up with only about $2,500 and the team needs just one sag car.

The 1993 RAAM will start August 1

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