AdventureCORPS Presents a preview of the Rough Riders Rally: Suggested Saturday Ride Route
Photos by Chris Kostman, August 8 & 9, 2009. Rider / Model / Guide: Ed Levinson

This is the main route some will ride during the July 23-25 Rough Riders Rally; specifically, this is the route for Saturday, July 24. You'll note that it is "only" 36.5 miles, however these are 36 and a half of the most beautiful miles one could ever ride, plus it's also an extremely challenging route. Note the total elevation gain of 5,764 feet. Most century cycling events have less climbing than that!

Full routing details, including an interactive map, elevation profiles, and much more, are available on our Garmin Connect page here.

The route features single track, double track, fire road, gravel road, abandoned paved road, and newly paved road. Some consider this "mountain bike territory," but this route is 99% rideable by an accomplished Rough Rider on a road bike with 32mm cyclocross tyres (or on a cyclocross bike), and perhaps 90-95% rideable on a road bike with 28mm road tyres.

Special thanks to my long-time friend and local guide, Ed Levinson, a Furnace Creek 508 veteran who owned and operated a bike shop here for over ten years. (Our host shop for the Rally will be Mt. Tam Bikes at 357 Miller Avenue, as pictured in this slideshow.) Ed helped create this route and accompanied me on two recon rides of the route. The final recon took place on July 26, 2010.

Here is a Pdf of the route sheet. It's extremely detailed as there is a lot of navigating involved.

NOTE: All cycling is optional and is held on open, public roads and trails. All traffic and safety laws, and trail regulations, must be obeyed. All cycling is done at one's own risk. All cycling will be done as if on a personal ride. Rides will not be timed, results will not be posted, we will not be racing, and common sense and road/trail etiquette will rule the day. Registration for the Rally includes participation in the social events, meals, bike show, and goodie bags contents. ALL RIDING IS OPTIONAL, not supported, and entirely self-guided.

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