April 17, 2010 Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic Results

Here are some selected shots from the ride. Click any thumbnail. We have over 450 images online from this event! Slideshow links below.


We are pleased to announce the results for the inaugural Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic, the newest AdventureCORPS cycling event, featuring 101 miles with over 10,000 feet of climbing and three different ascents of San Diego County's Mount Laguna! Participants climbed San Diego's highest point via Sunrise Hwy from the north, via the fabled and car-free Kitchen Creek from the south-east, and via the little-known and truly epic Pine Creek drainage from the west. There are just three stop signs and NO traffic lights on this incredible route which starts and finishes in Pine Valley, CA!

In the official results below, elapsed time is listed for 101-mile finishers only. Congrats to the overall men's champion, Drew Peterson, and overall female champion, Janet Christiansen, as well as the Club Challenge Champions from World Cycles, Alex Estrada and Deya Guerrero on tandem, along with Gordon Smith!

We also salute 11-year-old Moriah May Swan and her 13-year-old sister Hannah Swan, our youngest 101-mile finishers. As local riders from Alpine, CA who know these roads very well, they rode with their father, Richard Swan, age 41, and completed the 101-mile route in 9:06. Besides being so young, they ride absolutely beautifully with real passion and excitement for the sport, as well as for the challenges which these roads offer. On a different end of the age spectrum, two riders, both aged 69, also completed the full 101-mile distance: Andrew Gustafson of Ojai clocked an 8:34 finish and Jon Meyer Robins of La Jolla clocked a 9:48 finish.

We also thank Bill Walton for serving as the Chairman of Good Times, Social Affairs, Customer Relations and All Things Fun. Bill was on hand for all the wave starts in the morning, and then he rode the Lake Cuyamaca and Kitchen Creek loops. After his ride, he spent the afternoon at the finish line, posing for photographs and congratulating riders. What a great friend we have in Bill Walton!

A total of 131 riders (17 females, 114 males) completed all three loops for 101 miles, 54 riders (12 females, 42 males) completed two loops for 77 miles, 3 (all female) riders completed the first loop, and 12 riders completed an unknown number of miles and loops. (If you are listed as unknown, but did complete the three-loop route, please contact us with the following: your bib number, wave start time, finish time, and the name of anyone with whom you finished, if any. If you have your bib number and can scan it, please send that along, too.)

Thanks to all the riders and volunteers for making the inaugural Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic a huge success! We look forward to sharing this experience with you again in 2011! Between now and next April, we plan to offer some excellent training and adventurous riding opportunities in the Mount Laguna area. We will post those to our Blog, as well as our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

We also hope you will join us in October this year for Furnace Creek 508, and/or the Death Valley Century and Double Century.

Please Note: The 2011 Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic will be held April 16, 2011. Mark Your Calendar!

Links to over 450 Images from the Ride, plus Blog Links and Media Coverage

Show 1: Photos by Chris Kostman: Pine Valley start, Lake Cuyamaca, Sunrise Hwy, Red-Tailed Roost, Kitchen Creek
Show 2: Photos by Ingo Neumann: Early Morning turn onto 79, then Red-Tailed Roost
Show 3: Photos by Chris Kostman: Pine Creek (Loop Three) Ascent!
Show 4: Photos by Michael Angelos: Pine Creek (Loop Three) Ascent!
Show 5: Photos by Elizabeth Jefferson: Pine Valley Finish Line
Blog Report: George Vargas
Blog Report: Jerald Cook
Blog Report: Errin Vasquez
Blog Report: Ryan Denner
Blog Report: Adam Bickett (fixed gear)
Blog Report: Bill Onager Osborn
Video Report: Jeff Jaguar Martin and Jo Carmichael (2nd place tandem)
Media: This event was featured on Xtremesport4u.com!
Media: "Cycling in the Lagunas Well Worth the Ride," San Diego Union Tribune, April 23, 2010

Let's Give a Big Round of Applause to all the Fantastic Volunteers! (Listed by Saturday assignment):

Roving SAG: Les Campbell from Cyco-Path Bicycle Shop in Temecula

Marking the Turn onto Hwy 79: Ingo Neumann, Sabine Neumann, and Mike Hooper

CP1 / Lake Cuyamaca Store: Mike Angelfish Angelos, Steve Protoceratops and Elliott Barnes, John Byrne, and Kathy Stadler

CP2/4/6 / Red Tail Roost atop Mount Laguna: Tim Kjenstand, Kevin Goins, Yoana Georgieva, Steven Ward, Ingo Neumann, Sabine Neumann, and Mike Hooper

CP3 / Kitchen Creek:, Joe Poma, Ryan Crane, and Tina Angeles

Pine Creek Water Stop (Loop 3): Mike Angelfish Angelos and John Byrne

Finish Line / Timing / Food: Steve and Elliott Barnes, Francis Picachu Ignacio, Scott Palka, Kathy Stadler, Steven Ward, Tina Angeles, Kassidi & Nathan Jeppesen, Elizabeth Jefferson, and, I'm sure, several others!

Special Note: Francis Picachu Ignacio, a four-time Furnace Creek 508 solo finisher, was up all of Friday night, cooking the super popular adobo Filipino food (chicken, rice, veggies, plus custard, and more!) for all the riders, then he spent all of Saturday working the finish line and keeping his home-cooked food warm and ready to serve. And now you know why his LA-based cycling club (which is open to riders from anywhere) is called Adobo Velo! (Four Adobo Velo riders participted. They are a regular fixture at AdventureCORPS events: riding, volunteering, or both.)

We also want to thank the folks at Pine Valley Store (the "gas station / mini mart" immediately next to the park entrance) for their all-afternoon-long friendly, great service and pizza baking! Additionally, Linda and the San Diego County Park staff were very supportive and we thank them for allowing us to hose the startfinish for this event at Pine Valley County Park. Finally, we thank the United States Forest Service and the County of San Diego for issuing the permits and allowing us to host this event on the roads which they oversee. This is a spectacular route and we thank them for taking good care of this superb cycling region!

Lost & Found: If you left clothing at the event, please email us with a description and your mailing address, or arrange to meet us tomorrow in the UTC area of La Jolla at Infusions of Tea.

Awesome, Unsolicited, Totally Appreciated Feedback!

I really enjoyed the ride. Well done. There's never a bad reason to head out to Laguna. And Pine Creek is ridiculous. Just from looking at the elevation data from online gps mapping tools, I thought I had a chance at riding the climb fixed. I had no idea what was in store for me! I really have to return with gears! - Adam Rock Rabbit Bickett

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a great ride on Saturday. It was a truly beautiful day, and an epic ride. And a couple of times during the day I ran into other riders along the route that brought up (without me asking) how well run the ride was, how nice the staff was, how good the food selection was, etc. Not a discouraging word. - Regards, Jack Blackbird Bochsler

Chris, you’ve outdone yourself. Since I did the first Death Valley Double it was always my favorite ride. I think it has now been replaced by Mount Laguna. The scenery, the support and the course were awesome. That dreaded third loop which needs a nickname will surely become a classic for anyone who thinks digging deep into their physical and mental wells is “fun”. In the nearly 20 years I’ve been doing endurance cycling events that loop is arguably the hardest stretch I’ve done. I can see many of us coming back not simply to complete it but to reduce the number of times we have to come off the bike due to those grades. Finally, I don’t know how popular it was with others but in the future if you continue to have chicken and rice at the end I will make that my first stop at the end. Great job as always. My brother and my friends are already talking about next year. - Ron Sparrow Shepston

Wow - THAT was EPIC! From the pre-event communication, to the on-course support and to the course itself and lastly but not leastly to the post ride food and atmosphere - this event was fantastic. It will be a quick sell out for years to come. That last loop was one for the record books in its difficulty. I highly recommend every rider that is looking for a real challenge they give this a go! - Cliff Clermont

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to shake your hand and say thanks for an EPIC event on saturday. This was truly a GREAT course, with great support! The third loop was definitely no joke, and was a killer way to end the course. Ball buster for sure! Thanks again for a great race. - Ryan Denner

I just wanted to thank you again for an epic and amazing day on Laguna. I think it might be the best event i have ever participated in. The aid stations were excellent, timing well done, atmosphere positive (competitive but friendly) and course challenging; It was an inspirational day! I am so thankful you let me do it and already have fond memories of it. Also thanks for the nice jersey. I hope to get out there again and ride with you guys. - Take care, Drew Peterson

Thanks for creating such an epic event. Until Saturday, San Diego County really had no challenging cycling events until this one. Thanks for everything. - Take care out there, Jay Nielsen

Thanks for the great event -- the course was fantastic (if a little cruel going up Pine Valley)... - Kind regards, Andrew LeBeau

Just wanted to say that I had a great time yesterday. It was my first time down in that area and I can't wait to get back down there and explore some more. The ride was both challenging and rewarding at the same time. I only completed 2 loops, but I rode them at a faster pace than I did the 80 miles in Death Valley, so it was great day for me. Thanks to you and your volunteers for putting this on. Thanks again, - Errin Vasquez

Thanks for putting together a fantastic event. Funny how it’s tough for many to complete, hard to imagine doing it again as you push to finish, yet it seems like fun in the days following the event. Should have been named the Mount Laguna Bicycle Challenge, because that was a tough ride. Very well supported ride with a fun group on a challenging course and Bill was great fun to have in customer service too. - Gregg Sprosty

Thanks for the great event. This was only my second organized event, and I found completing 2 loops very difficult but rewarding. - James Eitelberg

Hi, I had a great time at the Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic! - Thanks, Scott Boniface

I wanted to let you know that I had a great time volunteering. Thanks for letting me do that. I really hope that I will be able to ride Mt. Laguna next year. I also wanted to let you know that I heard tons of positive, glowing feedback from the riders. Almost everyone with whom I interacted had fabulous things to say about the ride, the organization, and the overall experience. - Thanks again, Kathy Stadler

Mount Laguna was probably the best route I have ridden. The after-ride dinner was great. I know a lot of thought and effort went into planning this event. - Thank you, Gary Brownlee

Thanks for a beautifully organized and beautifully scenic ride. The three progressively more difficult climbs with a bailout option on the first two, plus safe and easy descents provided something for everyone, although the third climb was suitable only for the truly masochistic. Your highly supportive volunteers were great too. - Andrew Gustafson

Thanks for the update and thanks again for a great event. BTW, if you had seen me doing my Quasimodo walk up part of that last climb, you would have had no trouble believing my age. I'm debating whether I should come back next year for a try at being your first 70-year-old finisher or just stick to the relatively easy stuff like Everest Challenge. - Andrew Gustafson (age 69)

Thanks for allowing me ride and participate in the pre-ride for the Mt. Laguna Classic last November. Like the pre-ride, I chose to make the actual event a double century ride - commuting to and from Pine Valley from Bonita, CA. Although I was slow and methodical on the first climb, I really got moving up Kitchen Creek. The first half of Pine Creek Road was powerful as I continued to work my way back up to what could have been a 7hr. 30 minute ride. Unfortunately, I bonked at the 18-22 percent grades and suffered some bad cramps and nausea. Thanks to your wonderful support, I was able to take my near hour off the bike, suck down some oranges and then very slowly lumber up the rest of the ascent. Although I was offered a ride to the summit, I adamently refused. I am 0 for 2 in 508s, and wanted very badly to get through my first AdventureCorps event. I was able to finish under 9 hours, barely ahead of the Swan girls!!! They are awesome!! After Picachu's Chicken Adobo, I actually made a rapid descent, breaking 3 hours for my final 50 miles back to Bonita. (Still not up to Drew Peterson's climbing pace....but I was satisfied) Hope to be back at the 508 within the next few years. - Greg "Great Dane" Sherman

You guys are awesome. You really ran a smooth event. A challenging route, great support, and a beautiful day. I'm already recruiting some friends to ride it next year. - Adam Pacal

I just wanted to thank you all for organizing and executing a truly epic and incredible ride! Once again, many thanks...and looking forward to next year's ride already! - Peter Sroka

Great ride. Overheard another rider at the local 24Hr Fitness who was bragging about it to his work out pals (his version was very colorful) down here in Rancho Bernardo. Sure to be one of the “monuments” on the SoCal calendar! - Janet Osprey Christiansen

Thanks for putting on a well supported event today! - Thank you, Scott Gilbert

Thank you for such an excellent event. You really do have this down to a science and you have an excellent group of people working with you. Thank you for blessing the girls with the jerseys and attention. They had a great time, and yes, they did Pine Creek without walking :^) Listed below is my Garmin Edge 705 data just for another reference on elevation. - Sleeping good tonight, Richard Swan (father of Moriah and Hannah)

What a stellar venue for a ride. Your support crews were awesome and always offering to help. Loop 3 was incredible. (So, were loops 1 & 2.) My brother Ron and I are already talking about training for next year’s ride. (Including losing those extra pounds that aren’t fun to climb with…..) When we finished, I was talking to Elizabeth, when my wife returned my call to ask me how it went. I said, “It was awful!”. Or, something to that effect. Elizabeth was taken back and asked if we’re coming back. I tried to explain that awful means awesome. You know what I mean. The more painful it is, the more we love it, right? - Thanks again, Mike Shepston

Great event! I had a blast, and hope to do more AdventureCORPS events. - Jerald Cook

Congrats again to you both on a wonderful inaugural event. This will be a "must" for us in Southern California in future years and will likely draw folks from far and wide. - All the best, John A.T. Young

Fantastic ride on Saturday! You've created a must-do, classic San Diego event. Thank you! It was great meeting you and doing my *first* AdventureCorps event. - Regards, Amy Snyder

Thanx, to Chris & all the volunteers. Great Ride! Stops were situated perfectly & people were positive. I had the 'honor' & distinction for earning the Red Lantern. When I passed by the park at 2:25pm I knew I was making a large comittment for the RL trophy, but it felt great anyway finishing a shade before 6 or whenever. - Tor Ueland PS Special thanx to Les of Cycopath Cyclery of Temecula for your support at the end...

Just got home and wanted to say thanks for letting me help out last week. I really enjoyed it. Kevin did too. We rode the Kitchen loop the next day and what a beautiful ride. Thanks again, see you at BW. - Tim Kjenstad, Mount Laguna volunteer

Official Results - 2010 Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic:

Time First Middle Last Club M/F Age City State
5:22 Drew Peterson M 38 El Cajon CA
5:39 Clifford Clermont Celo Pacific M 40 Carlsbad CA
5:39 Adam Rodger Pacal M 36 San Diego CA
5:48 Jeff Lawler Swarm! M 40 Los Angeles CA
5:50 Alex Tandem Estrada World Cycles M 41 Spring Valley CA
5:50 Deya Tandem Guerrero World Cycles F 34 Spring Valley CA
5:56 Joseph Pinkerton Natural Grocers p/b XP Companies Cycling M 28 Lake Forest CA
6:02 Hans Anton Nygaard Gentofte Hospital Bicycle Club M 34 Copenhagen Denmark
6:02 Ton Desert Fox van Daelen Ranchos M 42 San Diego CA
6:03 David Holstein Haase Attitude Sports Racing M 42 Fond du Lac WI
6:04 Steven Green Edge M 45 Orange CA
6:09 Rich Strauss Endurance Nation M 42 Monrovia CA
6:13 Jerald Cook San Diego Randonneurs M 41 San Diego CA
6:14 George Red-Eyed Vireo Vargas Bike Religion M 44 Costa Mesa CA
6:17 Jim Knight Shadow Tour M 49 San Diego CA
6:20 Mark P. Simons Hammer Nutrition M 32 Chula Vista CA
6:22 Tommy Brown Canari-Navy Cycling M 25 Coronado CA
6:26 Adam Rock Rabbit Fixed Gear Bickett Hammer Nutrition M 26 La Jolla CA
6:26 Ryan Denner Triathlon Club of San Diego M 29 Solana Beach CA
6:27 Nicholas Stoner Canari-Navy Cycling M 25 Cardiff CA
6:28 Justin Hoblet M 31 San Diego CA
6:35 Janet Leigh Osprey Christiansen F 49 San Diego CA
6:36 Gordon Arthur Smith World Cycles M 41 El Cajon CA
6:37 Steve Boniface M 28 Irvine CA
6:38 Matt Desert Locust Ruscigno Swarm! M 31 Los Angeles CA
6:42 Kent Sobin Team Velosport M 45 ladera Ranch CA
6:44 Andrew LeBeau Ranchos Cycling M 41 San Diego CA
6:47 Eric Stedje-Larsen Rough Riders M 39 Coronado CA
6:49 Thomas Nelson Endurance Nation M 40 Carlsbad CA
6:50 Brian Sloan M 31 Phoenix AZ
6:51 David Elsberry Veloce Santiago M 58 Laguna Niguel CA
6:55 Jack Black Bird Bochsler M 50 San Diego CA
6:57 Matthew Dixon Triathlon Club of San Diego M 29 san diego CA
6:57 Stephen Lamb M 53 La Mesa CA
6:59 Rod Palomino American Interbanc Tri Club M 41 Newport Beach CA
7:00 Aaron Ewing Vistancia M 39 Peoria AZ
7:04 Garet Heintz World Cycles M 32 La Mesa CA
7:06 Mark Joseph Ryan M 48 Phoenix AZ
7:08 James Michael Rock Cascade Bicycle Club M 49 Poulsbo WA
7:11 Kimball Converse Pier F 52 Olympic Valley CA
7:12 Chris Michael Schott M 32 San Diego CA
7:14 Bob Harrier Harting M 61 San Diego CA
7:15 Angelene Diaz World Cycles F 38 El Cajon CA
7:17 Raul Del Rio Trek San Diego M 53 San Diego CA
7:17 Tim Scovel Team Velosport M 62 Ladera Ranch CA
7:19 Scott Daniel Gilbert House that Merckx Built M 47 San Diego CA
7:20 Jim Kelly Eastside Velo M 52 Mammoth Lakes CA
7:22 William Aligue Adobo Velo M 40 Duarte CA
7:22 Robert Brown North County Cycle Club M 43 San Marcos CA
7:22 Anthony DeLellis Cyclo-Vets M 53 La Jolla CA
7:24 Bradley Zlotnick Rough Riders M 48 San Diego CA
7:27 Peter Sroka M 47 San Diego CA
7:29 Michael Thompson Cyclo-Vets M 47 San Diego CA
7:31 Noel Javier Palm Desert Bike Club M 21 Indio CA
7:38 John Roy M 49 Long Beach CA
7:39 Michael W Burton Kaizen Endurance M 43 San Juan Capistrano CA
7:40 Jeffrey Mendoza U.R.A. M 27 Chula Vista CA
7:40 Francis Orrantia World Cycles M 60 Chula Vista CA
7:40 Gregg Sprosty M 50 San Diego CA
7:40 Gabriel Virissimo World Cycles M 34 Spring Valley CA
7:41 Steven A Tiede M 54 Bishop CA
7:42 Bruce Bachen Cascade Bicycle Club M 58 Bainbridge Island WA
7:42 Vern Ellicott M 55 Moorpark CA
7:42 Jeffery Rogers Eastside Velo M 38 Bishop CA
7:44 Jeff Bean BikeCrave of San Diego M 48 San Diego CA
7:44 Jorge A Torres M 31 San Diego CA
7:50 Steve Fenn World Cycles M 61 Coronado CA
7:57 Clark Earl Dicus Veloce Santiago M 56 Orange CA
7:57 Kate Dimeo Triathlon Club of San Diego F 45 Carlsbad CA
7:58 Jesse Santamaria Adobo Velo M 49 Norwalk CA
7:59 Dan Squiller Triathlon Club of San Diego M 52 San Diego CA
8:01 Linda Barrett Valadez Crown City Cyclists F 57 Imperial Beach CA
8:04 Sean Crow Cuddihy M 41 Long Beach CA
8:10 Scott Joseph Mule Martinmaas M 47 Peoria AZ
8:11 Mike Hazelton M 44 Oceanside CA
8:11 Joseph M Hines M 47 Anchorage AK
8:11 Jeffrey Jaguar Tandem Martin M 48 Antioch CA
8:11 Jo Tandem Carmichael F 55 Antioch CA
8:11 David Rideout North Coast Velo M 55 Fallbrook CA
8:11 Lauren F. Stearley Crown City Cyclists M 66 Chula Vista CA
8:13 Manuel Calixto Monroy Crown City Cyclists M 55 National City CA
8:13 John F Moran San Diego Wheelmen M 48 San Diego CA
8:20 Jeff Henley Lone Riders M 39 Glendora CA
8:20 T Waltz M 49 La Jolla CA
8:22 Tim Allan Zaspal Jr Triathlon Club of San Diego M 28 San Diego CA
8:22 Craig Pawley M 31 Lake Forest CA
8:24 Scott Boniface M 49 Santa Barbara CA
8:24 Bill Onager Osborn M 39 Escondido CA
8:34 Patrick Dawson Moonlight Velo M 29 San Diego CA
8:34 Andrew B. Gustafson Channel Islands Bicycle Club M 69 Ojai CA
8:34 Rich Koenig M 55 El Cajon CA
8:36 Larry Ray Bricker M 64 El Cajon CA
8:44 William Lefkovics Las Vegas High Rollers Bicycle Club M 43 Las Vegas NV
8:46 Michael Donoff Laguna Cyclery M 66 Laguna Beach CA
8:46 Frank Quan North County Cycle Club M 51 CARLSBAD CA
8:47 Robert Abraham North County Cycle Club M 31 Escondido CA
8:47 Maureen Palomino American Interbanc Tri Club F 40 Newport Beach CA
8:49 Greg Great Dane Sherman San Diego Randonneurs M 43 Chula Vista CA
8:57 Jay Nielsen M 45 San Diego CA
9:00 Derek Marich M 39 San Diego CA
9:04 Ian M Dacanay M 44 San Diego CA
9:06 Hannah Swan F 13 Alpine CA
9:06 Moriah Swan F 11 Alpine CA
9:06 Richard Swan M 41 Alpine CA
9:08 Rick Nielsen M 58 Escondido CA
9:08 Amy V Snyder San Diego Bicycle Club F 50 La Jolla CA
9:09 John J. Hawk Marino Rough Riders M 61 Irvine CA
9:10 Douglas Edward Morgano M 40 Ramona CA
9:10 Robert Squibb M 43 Lakeside CA
9:13 Steve Ralston M 36 El Cajon CA
9:15 Jose E Munoz Jr M 64 San Diego CA
9:29 Glenn Buberl Triathlon Club of San Diego M 42 San Diego CA
9:29 Samuel L. Pfaff San Diego Bicycle Club M 49 San Diego CA
9:29 John Young M 49 San Diego CA
9:31 William Murphy Orange County Wheelman M 58 Long Beach CA
9:37 Michael James Shepston M 53 Cave Creek AZ
9:37 Ron Sparrow Shepston M 63 Silverado CA
9:38 Steve Ring M 60 san diego CA
9:41 Roy W. Wallack San Diego Randonneurs M 53 Irvine CA
9:46 Jiea Kim Triathlon Club of San Diego F 41 La Jolla CA
9:48 Jon Meyer Robins Triathlon Club of San Diego M 69 La Jolla CA
9:48 Stephanie Robins Triathlon Club of San Diego F 48 La Jolla CA
10:07 Jerry Romero M 55 Riverside CA
10:13 Rosalie S Kneebone Adobo Velo F 40 Moorpark CA
10:13 Julie Marie Tiede F 53 Bishop CA
10:15 Joy Muehlenbein Velo Bella F 39 San Diego CA
10:24 Robert Owen Color Country Cycling Club M 50 St. George UT
10:45 Debbie La'O Channel Islands Bicycle Club F 52 Ventura CA
11:16 Ed Shepherd Cyclo-Vets M 63 San Diego CA
11:18 Raul Andino Palo Alto Cycling M 53 Stanford CA
11:18 A. Tor Ueland M 55 San Diego CA
1 loop Rebecca Eitelberg F 44 Santee CA
1 loop Kayleen Kawaguchi F 33 San Diego CA
1 loop Christine Quilici Rough Riders F 25 San Diego CA
2 loops Tom Atwell California Bycles M 43 La Jolla CA
2 loops Derek Lyle Baggerly Triathlon Club of San Diego M 41 San Diego CA
2 loops Ross Barrett M 53 Santa Barbara CA
2 loops Joseph Baumgaertner M 56 claremont CA
2 loops William G Baumgaertner M 60 Los Angeles CA
2 loops Steve Bradley Descenders M 48 San Diego CA
2 loops Diane Brown CAF F 47 San Diego CA
2 loops Kirsten Browne Triathlon Club of San Diego F 50 San Diego CA
2 loops David Browning San Diego Bicycle Club M 53 San Diego CA
2 loops Gary Brownlee M 52 Colfax CA
2 loops Pat Campbell M 48 San Diego CA
2 loops Christopher Alan Carter Team Waste Management M 25 Fountain Hills AZ
2 loops William Cashel M 57 Santa Monica CA
2 loops Mark Chandik 949 Racing M 49 Dana Point CA
2 loops Terry L Corl San Diego Bicycle Club M 54 San Diego CA
2 loops Roman de Salvo M 44 San Diego CA
2 loops Dee Dee Lynn Devin Santiago Cyclery F 50 Dana Point CA
2 loops Hans Dieben USA triathlon M 71 Chula Vista CA
2 loops Paul Duddles M 46 San Diego CA
2 loops John Charles Edwards M 62 San Diego CA
2 loops James Eitelberg M 42 Santee CA
2 loops Steven Fox San Diego Bicycle Club M 50 San Diego CA
2 loops Dan Goese San Diego Bicycle Club M 51 La Jolla CA
2 loops Nancy Grais TNT F 56 San Diego CA
2 loops Bruce Gungle Team Coonhound M 51 Tucson AZ
2 loops Bob Hartman San Diego Randonneurs M 62 San Diego CA
2 loops Linda Hernandez Cyclo-Vets F 60 San Diego CA
2 loops Reginald Holden Triathlon Club of San Diego M 45 San Diego CA
2 loops Ralph Edward Holmes M 66 San Diego CA
2 loops Jan Hughes Triathlon Club of San Diego F 56 Rainbow CA
2 loops Tom McAleer Granfondo Imports M 42 San Juan Capistrano CA
2 loops John Nowoslawski Triathlon Club of San Diego M 28 La Jolla CA
2 loops Kenneth Person M 46 Yucaipa CA
2 loops Steven Person M 55 San Diego CA
2 loops Frank J Peters North County Cycle Club M 53 Fallbrook CA
2 loops Brian Quan Moment Cycle Sport M 27 San Diego CA
2 loops Kathryn Reid F 37 San Diego CA
2 loops Darren Santos M 36 Irvine CA
2 loops Ken Schulte World Cycles M 43 San Diego CA
2 loops Cami Stark Triathlon Club of San Diego F 40 San Diego CA
2 loops Patricia Thomas San Diego Bicycle Club F 51 La Jolla CA
2 loops Christian Tresize M 55 San Diego CA
2 loops Imre Udvardy Adobo Velo M 56 Saugus CA
2 loops Teresa Ulrich F 28 Del Rio TX
2 loops Karen Urman F 48 Irvine CA
2 loops Ron Urman M 48 Irvine CA
2 loops Errin Vasquez Rough Riders M 36 Alhambra CA
2 loops Doug Vermillion ORCA Cycling M 53 Anchorage AK
2 loops Patrice Vermillion ORCA Cycling F 52 Anchorage AK
2 loops Bill Walton Rough Riders M 57 San Diego CA
2 loops Justin Wehner M 30 Goleta CA
2 loops Mike Wexler M 61 San Diego CA
2+ loops David Huntley Triathlon Club of San Diego M 60 San Diego CA
Unknown Kevin Childre Canari-Navy Cycling M 48 San Diego CA
Unknown Adrian Cyhan San Diego Bicycle Club M 41 San Diego CA
Unknown Shawna L Davis San Diego Bike Girls F 41 San Diego CA
Unknown Henry DeGroot M 57 La Mesa CA
Unknown Mark Fackler Triathlon Club of San Diego M 52 La Jolla CA
Unknown Jeffrey Felz LaGrange M 62 Los Angeles CA
Unknown Mandy Gennato Adobo Velo M 49 San Gabriel CA
Unknown Kebby Holden Triathlon Club of San Diego F 37 San Diego CA
Unknown Cameron Jackson Bike Religion M 36 Irvine CA
Unknown Dean Jarmusch M 44 San Diego CA
Unknown Randolph Laub LaGrange M 62 Los Angeles CA
Unknown Stephanie Tobin F 28 San Diego CA
Unknown Richard R Vance M 64 Altadena CA