AdventureCORPS Presents 2009 Death Valley Century and Double Century - Spring

Show 1: By Wayne Kostman: Furnace Creek on Friday PM and Saturday AM
Show 2: By Wayne Kostman: Ashford Mill
Show 3: By Chris Kostman: Jubilee Pass
Show 4: By Joe Garza: Jubilee Pass
Show 5: By Chris Kostman: Salsberry Pass, Stovepipe Wells, and beyond
Ride photos by Badwater Ben Jones, mostly at Ashford Mill
Video slideshow by rider Ryan McPherson of Buffalo, NY
Blog report by rider Franz Kelsch, a 508 veteran (2x Team Prairie Dog)

Here are just a few highlights of the 437 photos we have online here from this ride
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DSC00655 DSC00659 DSC00664 DSC00672

We had truly EXCELLENT weather in Mother Nature's Greatest Sports Arena during the second AdventureCORPS event of 2009, the Spring Death Valley Century and Double Century on February 28. It was a perfect day for all the riders: Temps never even got above 80 and there was light cloud cover almost the whole time.

Of special note was Michael Emde, the three-time Furnace Creek 508 solo champion, who set a new course record for this event with a time of 9:47. Michael was in Death Valley all week with us, as he also participated in our CORPScamp Death Valley prior to the double century. We also want to salute the two handcyclists who participated, the first to ever do so: Marc Aten is a CAF-sponsored athlete who has completed the Hawaii Ironman three times and Chris Houde is a hand cyclist who supports CAF. Awesome Support CAF NOW!

Attesting to the wide-ranging popularity of this ride, we had over 290 riders aged 6 to 75 from Canada, France, Switzerland, and no less than 19 American States: AZ, CA, CO, ID, IL, KS, MD, MO, NM, NV, NY, OK, OR, PA, TX, UT, VA, WA, and WI! There were 152 century riders, 29 completed the 150 mile route, and 117 completed the double century.

Certainly everybody had an adventure and it was a pleasure to spend a long day "out there" with you! Thanks for riding and thanks for supporting this event!

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who made it all happen!

Badwater: Esther Merki, Rich Elam, Kiyo Arai, Nancy Durano, Ginger Kuhn, Alice La Rue, Julia Walker, and Chris Knoche

Ashford Mill: Wayne and Shelby Kostman, Sponge Bob Paxson, Bob Hartman, and Elaine Lauer

Jubilee Pass Century Turn-Around: Joe Gargoyle Garza

Salsberry Water Stop: Bruno George and Ken Orr

Shoshone: Tim Kjenstad, Robin Stevens, and Rich Stuart

Stove Pipe Wells: Bruno George and Ken Orr

Furnace Creek: Elizabeth Jefferson, Steve Giant Water Bug Gray, Karen Gray, Gerd Rosenblatt

Check-In: Sponge Bob Paxson, Elaine Lauer, Chris Kostman, Elizabeth Jefferson,

SAG: Lee Maggot Mitchell, Mike Angelfish Angelos, Bob Hartman, and Chris Kostman

Subway Special Delivery: Joe Gargoyle Garza

Special thanks are also extended to the wonderful people at the Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort, Joe's Sanitation of Pahrump, the Subway of Pahrump, Liberty Ambulance of Ridgecrest, the National Park Service, and Cal Trans in Bishop.

Awesome, Unsolicited, Totally Appreciated Feedback!

The Death Valley Double was the best weather I've ever seen for my favorite place to ride. The support was the best!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ... Isabelle Drake

Thank you for an experience at CORPScamp Death Valley and the Death Valley 200 that managed to both capture the exceptional beauty of the landscape and offer an opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow cycling enthusiasts. I would certainly like to single out the contribution of Elizabeth and the restorative effects of CORPSyoga. I KNOW that I would not have felt as strong, refreshed, and healthy had it not been for Elizabeth and her patient instruction. I plan on continuing to learn more about yoga and will definitely continue to utilize it with my training. Big, BIG Thanks!

As for the rest of the camp: I had fun, rode hard, learned some things and met some inspiring folks! What else could anyone ask for? I recommend AdventureCORPS to everyone who wants to experience some ‘real life’ on and off the bike!

Thanks to you personally, for creating these unique events and making them so memorable. You, your staff, volunteers and anyone and everyone associated with AdventureCORPS are truly “Out There!” See you at The 508! - Best, Rob Treadwell

I wanted to thank you for putting on a great event. The staff & help was really great, everything ran very smooth. I was just wondering when the finish times will be posted for this event. Once again you and your staff did a great job with this event and I will be back to do it or one of your other events again. - Best Regards, Brent Robinson

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for another awesome event! This was my first Spring century in DV, and I had a blast! Your events are always very well organized and the people at the rest stops are outstanding! Visiting Death Valley in Spring was a different experience. I have been there in the Summer and in the Fall and it is amazing how different the seasons are. This time I brought the family and we spent Sunday sightseeing. We drove Artist's Drive and realized what an awesome route the Hell's Gate Hundred will be. I won't be able to come for that one but will be back in the fall DV100 and hopefully also at the 508! - Ride safely, Per Asberg

Thank you, for having me at the AdventureCORPS Camp and the Death Valley Spring Double Century! It was an awesome experience for me and I hope I was able to contribute to your events. It was also great to have conversations with you and to meet your parents. Death Valley is truly an amazing place and there is lots of history to discover! - Michael Emde

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for putting on a really good "show" Saturday. I'm *VERY* glad that you solved the weather issue this year! Could not have been a better day for riding in the valley this year. Support and provisions were all that a rider could need, or ask for. See you in the fall. - Thanks, Doug Goodwin

Another great weekend-another great ride! Thanks for not turning on the wind machine! Hope to see you again! Ride 'em while you can! - Dave Clemes

Just got back from Death Valley. I had a great time doing my first double century. I just wanted to pass along praise for such a well-run event. I've done many century rides, but the 2009 Spring Death Valley Double Century was the best supported ride I have ever done. The planning was incredible, and the staff and volunteers were simply amazing. At every rest stop, someone was there to ask if they could take my bike for me, fill up my bottles, etc. I felt like a professional athlete with all of the pampering I received. Thanks so much, and I look forward to my next AdventureCORPS event. - Jack Alexander

Your group did a nice job with the event. Being from Kansas City, the 20 hr drive was still worth it. Will look to do other events you host -- Patrick Bates is my neighbor and I came out on his recommendation - Regards, Paul Tabaka

Just wanted to say thank you for such an awesome event! This was my first time ever doing a century ride, let alone visiting Death Valley. All of the volunteers were great, and every checkpoint had everything we needed. Kudos to everyone! - Randy Garcia

Thank you and the volunteers very much for a fantastic event. It was a wonderfully well run event. (Big thanks to your Mom & Dad, too.)

I doubt could have had a better time. Watching the stars at 4:30AM while drinking coffee, watching the sunrise. It was all incredible. The family enjoyed the Furnace Creek Ranch along with their other sight seeing while I was "out there". - Kristin McCullough

I had a great time at my first Death Valley Century. The weather, curse and support were terrific. From looking at pics of previous events I had an idea of what to expect, but being in the Valley and riding through the scenery was much more special than I imagined. A windless day certainly helped. Hopefully next year I can come down to do the Double. - Thanks again, Mike McGuire

Thanks once again for hosting the Buffalo, NY crew at this year's double. It was my second and it just keeps getting better and better. I've enjoyed keeping tabs on AdventureCORPS and appreciate everything you've done to keep pushing the limits while promoting a very inclusive touch. Thanks again for organizing such a great event. Thought you might like to see a brief short video. - All the best, Ryan McPherson

The DV ride was a great experience on many, many levels - thanks for putting it together in the first place and thanks again for letting me ride! - Mitch Flynn

After last spring's winds, this year was just the cursed antidote needed to make coming back to Death Valley inevitable.


Two hundred miles on a bike in the desert is not supposed to be something a person does on purpose, or enjoys, or does on purpose after becoming wise.

But then the visions of distant bike lights floating across the pitch black space of that endless valley night whisper from your memory . . . and you have to wonder what will it be like next time?

Thank you . . . I guess . . . for helping me (and all the other riders) get to this wonderful, slightly crazy place. - Steve Sorensen

I enjoyed riding where there was neither a fence nor a cow for 200 miles. (nor a tree, but that’s a different story….) What a beautiful place. Meanwhile my husband and daughter had a great time hiking everything possible. - Vickie Backman

Final Results

Elapsed First Middle Last Category Notes M/F
5:44 Michael Carlson Century M
5:46 Bill Albers Century Tandem M
5:46 Debbie Albers Century Tandem F
6:12 Jim Fuller Century M
6:20 Don Clark Century M
6:25 paul krieg Century M
6:26 Geoffrey A Harris Century M
6:27 Bruce Cunningham Century M
6:34 Juana Diaz Century F
6:41 paul hardy Century M
6:43 Alan David Hall Century M
6:43 Scott A Cross Century M
6:46 Ramiro Alvarez Century M
6:46 Christopher J Stevens Century M
6:47 Per Asberg Century M
6:49 Michael Barry Century M
6:59 Mike Macey Century M
7:01 John Stallone Century M
7:01 gavin helton Century M
7:07 Larry Gleason Century M
7:11 Gerd Rosenblatt Century M
7:13 Ron Gerber Century Tandem M
7:13 Dixie VanOrnam Century Tandem F
7:16 Mark A. Lyon Century M
7:19 Michael McGuire Century M
7:22 Deirdre Malone Greenholz Century F
7:22 Yigit S Guner Century M
7:23 Andy Smith Century M
7:23 Mark Smith Century M
7:26 Bruce Comer Century M
7:27 Laurie Dewey Century F
7:27 Thomas Dewey Century M
7:34 glen johnson Century M
7:38 Harold Bilich Century M
7:40 diane clark robinson Century First Century Ever! F
7:46 Dan Clark Century M
7:49 David Hunter-Inman Century M
7:49 Bryan Yates Century M
7:50 neal genda Century M
7:56 ELAINE BERNAL Century F
7:58 Charles Duke Aldridge Century M
7:59 Alisa Arkebauer Century F
8:02 Cathy B Davis Century F
8:03 Michael Gilb Century M
8:03 Mark D Young Century M
8:04 Garett Carlson Century M
8:06 Greg Ryan Century M
8:07 Keith Primdahl Century M
8:10 Gary Arce Century M
8:13 Dennis Henry Century M
8:14 Jim Roache Century M
8:15 Aminda Roache Century F
8:16 Mary Klaassen Century F
8:16 saralie liner Century F
8:20 marianne biner Century F
8:20 George Bowden Century M
8:20 James Parisi Century M
8:24 George H Gates Century M
8:25 Frieda McKaughan Century F
8:26 Gregory H Nelson Century M
8:27 james brian james Century M
8:29 Mitch Flynn Century M
8:31 Patricia S Shackleton Century F
8:32 Donald Russell Lowe Century M
8:36 NANCY ANDREW Century F
8:36 bruce Hoyle Century M
8:36 Christina Ko Century F
8:37 Bruce Gracy Century M
8:39 Melissa Griffiths Century F
8:39 Andrew Griffiths Century M
8:41 Larry Lyons Century M
8:45 robert rankin Century M
8:46 Michael Beauregard Century M
8:46 Tom Bonomo Century F
8:46 Julie Bonomo Century F
8:49 Theresa Guralnik Century F
8:49 Ken Guralnik Century M
8:50 John Albert Long Century M
8:54 Colette Wiseman Century F
8:54 Robert Zeithammer Century M
8:55 Marc Aten Century Hand Cyclist! M
8:55 Tiffany Brenneman Century First Century Ever! F
8:57 Tom Dougan Century M
9:00 MJ Moran Century F
9:00 Jack L Kerin Century M
9:01 Douglas R Rawson Century M
9:05 Arya John Abadsafian Century First Century Ever! M
9:05 Darryl Dalcin Century M
9:05 Sean Fenner Century M
9:05 Franklin Dean Johnson Century M
9:10 Jim Benton Century M
9:10 Kristin McCullough Century F
9:12 Mark Eggimann Beckett Century First Century Ever! M
9:12 Shelley Hinch Century F
9:15 D Steven Fox Century M
9:17 Cheryl Ann Dere Century First Century Ever! F
9:17 Debbie Breitenstein Century First Century Ever! F
9:17 Mike Eberts Century M
9:18 Paul Frederic Mc Kenna Century M
9:19 Gerard Brendan Serapiglia Century M
9:21 Laura M McGrath Century First Century Ever! F
9:21 alan scott pinkerton Century M
9:21 Howard VanderMeer Century M
9:21 Richard J Wimmer Century M
9:21 Elizabeth J Anderson Century First Century Ever! F
9:21 Donna Mooney Century First Century Ever! F
9:22 aren hansen Century First Century Ever! M
9:22 George Perez Century First Century Ever! M
9:22 sharon shearer Century First Century Ever! F
9:22 Dean Svoboda Century M
Lauren Walz Century First Century Ever! F
9:22 Patrick Walz Century First Century Ever! M
9:30 Randy Klassen Century M
9:30 Andrew Mitchell Century M
9:32 Eric V. Dalcin Century M
9:34 Ann A Cooper Century F
9:38 Simon Kann Century M
9:38 Kenneth Lyle Kann Century M
9:41 Tami Colbert Century F
9:49 McGraw Lenn Century M
9:49 Florian Joseph Maurer Century First Century Ever! M
9:49 Joseph Maurer Century M
9:53 Pam Golden Century F
9:53 Ross Zimmerman Century M
9:55 Stephen Greenholz Century M
9:56 Paul Tabaka Century M
10:00 Deanna Cox Century F
10:02 Chandler Liberty Century First Century Ever! F
10:02 Kirk Rhinehart Century M
10:03 christi l bates Century F
10:03 Kirt Thomason Century M
10:24 Valerie K Hwang Century F
10:24 Allen Hwang Century M
10:30 margaret mason Century F
10:58 Evan N Cooper Century First Century Ever! M
11:39 Anthony Orler Century First Century Ever! M
Rider Alyssa Marie Beach Century F
Rider Randy Garcia Century First Century Ever! M
Rider Chris Houde Century Hand Cyclist! M
Rider Barbara Hunter Century F
Rider Lee Liu Century M
Rider Christine McBride Century F
Rider Susan Rosenblatt Century F
Riders Louis W. Durano and sons Andy, 6, and Lou Gianni, 8 Century M
 ? Bob Clarke Century M
 ? Scott Hipsley Century M
 ? Eva Hirt Century F
 ? Tom Miller Century M
 ? Maribel Nuno Century F
 ? Karen A OConnell Century F
10:12 Don Wayne McKaughan 150 M
10:22 Tone Olafsson 150 F
10:26 Kevin Lutz 150 M
10:46 gwynne axelrod 150 F
10:50 Scott Lewis 150 M
11:10 JOHN J BALDWIN 150 M
11:12 Thomas Malamute Miller 150 M
11:32 joe zimmerman 150 M
11:43 john nicholson 150 M
11:47 Stephen Dewey Godfrey 150 M
11:49 Barry Marcus 150 M
11:53 Allen Boxall 150 M
11:55 Dayna Bergstrom 150 F
11:55 Tommy Potter 150 M
11:55 Lionel Senes 150 M
11:56 Aaron Christopher Brooks 150 M
11:58 Julie Stokes 150 F
12:04 David P. Groat 150 M
12:05 Gordon Craig 150 M
12:06 John B Roy 150 M
12:08 Christina Waitzman 150 F
12:19 Jay Carroll 150 M
12:37 Jonathan F Peabody 150 M
12:47 Milagros M Valdes 150 F
12:49 Thomas Clifford Potter 150 M
13:08 Jim Kohlenberger 150 M
15:33 Rob Fleskes 150 M
15:33 Joanna Fleskes 150 F
9:47 Michael Alpine Ibex Emde Double Century New Course Record! M
10:18 Bill Brier Double Century M
10:29 Robert Loggerhead Shrike Treadwell Double Century M
10:34 Wade Wren Baker Double Century M
10:38 Bob Fisher Double Century M
10:56 Paul Trogon Danhaus Double Century M
11:18 Gary Doren Franck Double Century M
11:23 Ton van Daelen Double Century M
11:28 Graham Python Pollock Double Century Tandem M
11:28 Craig Robertson Double Century Tandem M
11:49 mark king Double Century M
11:55 roger D hogan Double Century M
11:58 Robert B. Morris III Double Century M
11:58 Michael Svihura Double Century M
12:07 Michael BullShifter Sturgill Double Century M
12:08 Graham Hallward Double Century M
12:08 Richard Hoff Double Century M
12:08 Karl Kuhn Double Century
12:08 Ric Desert Rat Schrank Double Century M
12:19 John Lauer Double Century Recumbent M
12:19 Timothy Werewolf Woudenberg Double Century Recumbent M
12:30 Alan Beauregard Double Century M
12:30 Brent Robinson Double Century M
12:36 Janet Osprey Christiansen Double Century
12:41 Marlies Radtke Double Century Tandem F
12:41 Patrick Seely Double Century Tandem M
12:51 Chris Meewes Double Century M
12:53 Anna Stewart Double Century F
12:53 Rick Stewart Double Century M
12:56 Kerin Huber Double Century F
13:06 Isabelle Liger Drake Double Century F
13:08 Steve Burns Double Century M
13:12 Tom Roseman Double Century M
13:14 Anthony DeLellis Double Century M
13:15 Peter Spahr Double Century M
13:16 Colin Stokes Double Century M
13:17 Joshua Talley Double Century M
13:17 Michelle West Double Century F
13:22 Franz Kelsch Double Century M
13:24 Steve Cottle Double Century M
13:37 Robert Brown Double Century M
13:37 Andrew LeBeau Double Century M
13:37 Jim Stites Double Century M
13:38 Steve Desert Duck Teal Double Century M
13:52 mark anders Double Century M
13:52 Ryan Andrew McPherson Double Century M
13:52 Bernie Rohrbacher Double Century M
13:55 Jack Alexander Double Century M
14:07 David Patrick O'Brien Double Century M
14:08 Philip J Auriemma Double Century M
14:10 Robert F James Double Century M
14:10 Jerry Brown Double Century M
14:10 Bradley Zlotnick Double Century M
14:11 Alex Blease Double Century M
14:12 Blake Anderson Double Century First Double Ever! M
14:12 Al Ceron Double Century M
14:12 Mark A Dolginoff Double Century M
14:15 William Deich Double Century M
14:15 Bruce McNab Double Century M
14:17 Frederick Ellis Fritzen Double Century M
14:19 Christie Clark Double Century F
14:19 Rob Schmidt Double Century Tandem M
14:19 Mayumi Schmidt Double Century First Double! Tandem F
14:21 Joe Burton Double Century M
14:21 Charles Edward Graney Double Century M
14:28 David E Holdeman Double Century M
14:30 Craig Russell Wilson Double Century M
14:31 Ken Shoemaker Double Century M
14:31 Joe Williams Double Century M
14:33 Andrew Snyder Double Century M
14:42 Louise McCracken Double Century F
14:50 Tom Tittle Double Century M
14:51 John Lucien Leroux Double Century M
14:51 Jeffrey K Nickell Double Century M
14:51 Robert Shedden Double Century M
14:51 Russell Michael Tuazon Double Century M
14:52 Brandy Deluca Double Century Tandem F
14:52 George Vargas Double Century Tandem M
14:53 Peter Fenczik Double Century Tandem M
14:53 Kristina Isberg Double Century Tandem F
14:57 joe haberman Double Century Recumbent M
15:01 Patrick Charles Griffith Double Century M
15:01 johnnie W seward III Double Century M
15:27 Victor F Caampued Double Century First Double Ever! M
15:27 David Walker Double Century M
15:33 Eric Anderson Double Century M
15:36 Francis Picachu Ignacio Double Century M
15:36 ROSALIE S KNEEBONE Double Century F
15:36 John Trevor Clare Double Century M
15:36 Chris Eisenbarth Double Century First Double Ever! M
15:36 Kevin Fitzpatrick Double Century First Double Ever! M
15:37 Melanie Boxall Double Century F
15:37 Scott Greene Double Century M
15:37 Roger Nakashim Double Century M
15:37 Eugene Pori Double Century M
15:40 Richard Pace Double Century First Double Ever! M
15:47 Oliver Werther Double Century M
15:52 Victor G Cooper Double Century M
15:52 Jason Feldmar Double Century First Double Ever! M
15:53 Patrick A Bates Double Century M
15:57 Doug Goodwin Double Century M
16:00 Dave Clemes Double Century M
16:03 Steve Sorensen Double Century M
16:07 Michael Morrill Double Century M
16:08 Dustin Harder Double Century First Double Ever! M
16:11 Jorge Cruz-Rios Double Century M
16:13 Dan Hertlein Double Century M
16:14 Mel M. Cutler Double Century M
16:24 Erhard Desert Mouse Weiss Double Century M
16:27 Robert May Double Century M
16:28 Vickie Backman Double Century F
16:29 William Godfrey Migely Double Century M
16:33 Gopaul Kotturi Double Century First Double Ever! M
16:33 Audrey Sato Double Century F
16:39 Paul Ries Double Century M
16:50 Mark A. Martinez Double Century M
17:00 Jim A. Brewer Double Century Lantern Rouge! M
 ? Aaron Branham Double Century M
DNF David e Foss Double Century M
DNF Chip Keyes Double Century M
DNF Keith Laird Double Century M
DNF Curtis Moran Double Century M