AdventureCORPS Presents 80 For Haiti, supporting Mercy Corps

Preview of the Entire Route: Photos by Chris Kostman

Turn up your speakers to enjoy the music! The images were taken while pre-riding the route on January 29, 2010. Elizabeth rode her 2007 Ritchey BreakAway and wore Ibex wool knickers, Ibex wool Skimmer cap, Ibex Kilometer Gloves, Injinji wool socks, and Earth Wind and Rider wool jersey. Chris rode his 1985 custom Ron Stout and wore Ibex wool bib knickers, Ibex wool glove liners, Injinji wool socks, and a 1994 Castelli wool jersey (for Bridgestone). It was very cold in Pine Valley, but warmed up nicely once we had climbed up out of the town / valley.

Click here to see a traditional slideshow of the entire route from start to finish. Features the same 171 images from this video slideshow.