AdventureCORPS Presents 80 For Haiti, supporting Mercy Corps

Preview of the Entire Route: Photos by Chris Kostman

The images are in sequential order, exactly as if riding the event.

The images were taken while pre-riding the route on January 29, 2010. Elizabeth rode her 2007 Ritchey BreakAway and wore Ibex wool knickers, Ibex wool Skimmer cap, Ibex Kilometer Gloves, Injinji wool socks, and Earth Wind and Rider wool jersey. Chris rode his 1985 custom Ron Stout and wore Ibex wool bib knickers, Ibex wool glove liners, Injinji wool socks, and a 1994 Castelli wool jersey (for Bridgestone). It was very cold in Pine Valley, but warmed up nicely once we had climbed up out of the town / valley.

Click here for a less than six-minute video slideshow of the entire route from start to finish. It is compiled from the same 171 images featured on this page. Turn up your speakers to enjoy the music!

80_650wide 80_map AHaitiFlag DSC02988
DSC02989 DSC02990 DSC02991 DSC02992
DSC02993 DSC02994 DSC02995 DSC02996
DSC02997 DSC02999 DSC03002 DSC03003
DSC03004 DSC03006 DSC03007 DSC03008
DSC03009 DSC03010 DSC03011 DSC03015
DSC03020 DSC03022 DSC03023 DSC03024
DSC03026 DSC03028 DSC03029 DSC03030
DSC03031 DSC03032 DSC03036 DSC03037
DSC03038 DSC03039 DSC03040 DSC03042
DSC03043 DSC03044 DSC03045 DSC03046
DSC03051 DSC03052 DSC03053 DSC03054
DSC03055 DSC03058 DSC03059 DSC03060
DSC03061 DSC03065 DSC03066 DSC03067
DSC03068 DSC03069 DSC03070 DSC03071
DSC03072 DSC03073 DSC03074 DSC03075
DSC03076 DSC03079 DSC03081 DSC03082
DSC03083 DSC03084 DSC03085 DSC03086
DSC03088 DSC03091 DSC03096 DSC03098
DSC03099 DSC03105 DSC03106 DSC03107
DSC03110 DSC03114 DSC03115 DSC03116
DSC03117 DSC03118 DSC03119 DSC03120
DSC03121 DSC03122 DSC03123 DSC03124
DSC03125 DSC03128 DSC03131 DSC03132
DSC03133 DSC03134 DSC03135 DSC03136
DSC03137 DSC03138 DSC03141 DSC03143
DSC03144 DSC03145 DSC03146 DSC03147
DSC03148 DSC03149 DSC03150 DSC03152
DSC03153 DSC03154 DSC03156 DSC03158
DSC03159 DSC03160 DSC03161 DSC03162
DSC03163 DSC03166 DSC03167 DSC03169
DSC03171 DSC03172 DSC03173 DSC03174
DSC03175 DSC03176 DSC03177 DSC03178
DSC03179 DSC03180 DSC03182 DSC03183
DSC03184 DSC03185 DSC03186 DSC03187
DSC03188 DSC03189 DSC03190 DSC03192
DSC03193 DSC03194 DSC03195 DSC03196
DSC03197 DSC03198 DSC03200 DSC03202
DSC03203 DSC03204 DSC03206 DSC03208
DSC03209 DSC03210 DSC03211 DSC03212
DSC03213 DSC03214 DSC03215 DSC03218
DSC03219 DSC03222 DSC03223 DSC03224