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We nearly always need help at our events! We can only put these events on with the help of loyal, trustworthy, motivated individuals running the checkpoints along the way and providing roving SAG along the route. To provide a little incentive, we offer one free entry into the Death Valley Century and Double Century, Hell's Gate Hundred, or Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic (or a $100 credit towards one of the other events, good for one year) if you volunteer. Please use this form to let us know when and where you'd like to help.

Please note: Our Badwater Ultramarathon and Furnace Creek 508 events generally have the same race staff each year, so we are not actively soliciting volunteers for those races, so please do not submit this Volunteer Application for either of those events.. However, both Badwater and The 508 always have entrants in need of dedicated support crew help, providing you with a great opportunity to get involved with either or both races. Please join the Badwater 135 Participants / Crew / Pacers group on Facebook if you want to offer to work on a support crew at the Badwater 135. Use the Silver State 508 Facebook page to connect with 508 cyclists. (Do not write to us.)

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