2007 Ironman Revisited, to benefit Challenged Athletes Foundation
Photos by Chris Kostman and Rex Vlcek, Oahu, Hawaii, August 9-13, 2007

Aug 9-10: Dave Scott Triathlon Clinic; Aug 11: Pre-Race Banquet;
Aug 12: Race Day; Aug 13: Awards

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My Day in the Sun, Ironman Revisited 2007 by Chris Kostman

Also published in Endurance News. Click here to download that.

Aloha! I recently retuned from the Ironman Revisited Triathlon on behalf of Challenged Athletes Foundation. Held Sunday, August 12, 2007 it was a remake of the original Ironman on the original route in the original format. Even the legendary Dave Scott, the six-time Ironman champ who first won the race on this very route in 1980, was there. But Ironman Revisited is much more than a race or an exploration of triathlon’s origins, it’s a fundraiser for Challenged Athletes Foundation. 

Our goal this year, here at AdventureCORPS, has been to raise $25,000 for Challenged Athletes Foundation, the organization which was created on the belief that people of all abilities should have the opportunity to pursue a life full of physical activity and of sports. Be they recreational or in pursuit of a gold medal at the Paralympic Games, people with a physical disability are limited only by their access to funding.

Prior to Ironman Revisted, many of you helped us raise over $16,000 for CAF. Thank you! That was just absolutely incredible! Then, just before the race I asked for more support via our email newsletter and the response was overwhelming! By the time the race began we had raised over $26,000 for this incredible cause!

With that show of support, there was no way I was going to let anybody down as I participated in this race. I hadn’t trained for this event this year, so I pulled out all the stops in the days leading up to the race and during the race itself to make sure that I crossed the line safely and soundly.

For starters, I was extremely fortunate to round up a phenomenal support crew: 2007 Kiehl’s Badwater Ultramarathon entrant Don Fallis, who raced Badwater on behalf of CAF in July of this year, and Rex Vlcek, a veteran of the 2003 Ironman Revisited and the 2004 Hawaii Ironman. They were assisted part-time by Badwater and Ironman Revisited crew veteran Cheryl Loomis and by Badwater journalist Heather Spencer. What a lucky stroke for me! 

Next, I asked Hammer Nutrition for a complete fueling and supplementation protocol which I followed to the letter. For the four days leading up to the race, I used Race Day Boost, as instructed, and memorized the exact protocol I would use during the race. This would include supplementation with Endurolytes, Anti-Fatigue Caps, and Energy Surge while consuming Perpetuem and Hammer Gel. (In my daily life, I already take several Hammer supplements on a daily basis: Premium Insurance Caps, Race Caps Supreme, Mito Caps, Phytomax, Chromemate, and Tissue Rejuvenator. 

Step three was to attend the two-day triathlon clinic held by the legendary Dave Scott before the race. I learned an incredible amount in just two afternoons with Dave, from swimming technique to running technique to nutrition, hydration, and more. Plus, Dave is an incredibly nice and friendly guy and it was fun, and an honor, to spend two days with him and a small group of triathletes.

Step four was getting into “Magnum Mode” by donning the appropriate Hawaiian shirt and Detroit Tigers hat in the days leading up to the race, plus watching a few episodes of the classic television documentary about Hawaii’s legendary private investigator, Thomas Magnum, who used to live literally right on the race route of Ironman Revisited.

You see, almost everything one needs to learn in life was covered in that documentary. Heck, Magnum even did the Ironman in one episode, solving a case in the process. Magnum, p.i. ran originally from 1980 to 1988, but the show, the wisdom, the philosophy, and the lifestyle, they all live on today! 

Finally, it was race day: We would be swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles, and running 26.2 miles. There would be no road closures, no aid stations, no crowds, no media coverage. But we would be touring a gorgeous Hawaiian island and following in the footsteps of the original Ironman pioneers from 1978 through 1980.

It was a tough day out there: We entered the water at San Souci Beach to swim the length of Waikiki. After heading out from shore a few hundred yards, we turned right and immediately swam straight into a major current for the entire 2.4 mile distance. It took me two hours and fifteen minutes to complete (compared to my usual 1:20 to 1:30). It is a beautiful swim, though, with fish, sea turtles, and corral beds to enjoy along the way. 

Next was the 112 mile bike course which circumnavigates the island in a counter-clockwise direction. During that we had a headwind for at least 80 of the 112 miles. (I’m not sure how that is possible while circumnavigating an island, but it's true). I love cycling, though, even when I’m fatigued from swimming and dealing with headwinds.

Back in Honolulu, getting off my bike by the Aloha Tower, I was just plain not looking forward to the marathon, having only run a total of maybe ten, yes ten, miles this year 

But the most amazing thing had been happening all day. My energy was the most consistent of any of these Ironman races I've done. There were no peaks and valleys. My muscles didn't get more and more fatigued as the day, and the heat, and the winds wore on. I just kept cruising along - not fast, my lack of training made sure of that - and I felt amazing! Fuel-wise, I was taking three Endurolytes and one Anti-Fatigue Cap per hour, plus one Energy Surge under my tongue every two hours, while consuming Hammer Gel and Perpetuem at a rate of 200-300 calories an hour. But I was also racing on the “fuel” provided by this great cause and by the outpouring of support I’d received prior to the race.

When I hit the marathon course, I started walking. My back was a mess from that rough swim and from fighting headwinds on my aerobars all day. But after ten miles of walking I decided I didn't want to be out there "forever", so I started running. And I was shocked at how good my legs felt and how fast I could run! I've NEVER felt that good while running during the marathon at this race. This was astounding to me. (My feet felt great, too, and remained “happy” and blister-free thanks to my Injinji five-toe performance socks!)

Don and Rex were a fantastic crew, especially during the marathon when they took turns running with me. (Use of the support crew is how the original Ironman was held.) I was extremely fortunate that they are both not only very nice, amiable guys, but also “real runners” who helped me run properly and a decent pace (when I wasn’t walking). Having been dreading it all day, the marathon ended up being the most fun part of the race!

And so it was that after nearly 16 hours on the race course, in the slowest Ironman I’ve done in seventeen years since my first one in Canada in 1990, I had a fantastic day “out there” in pursuit of funds and awareness for Challenged Athletes. It was a success in every way and I am grateful for the opportunity to be there and for the tremendous support I received before and during the race.

Thank you, everyone!

PS I’m not done fund-raising yet! There’s more money to be raised! Click here if you would like to support the cause.

Results, 2007 Ironman Revisited

First Last Swim Finish Bike Finish Run Finish
Team Navy-Coast Guard:
Andrew Baldwin and Mike Ferreria
Two-Person Team 1:14 6:20 9:57
Team CAF Revisited:
Dave Scott, Ryan Scott, and Drew Scott
Three-Person Team 1:16 7:06 10:17
Team Dodge Bolder Break:
Jess Core, Phillip Sutherland, Dan Wallace, Blake Carter, Kyle Keene, and Michael Young
Six-Person Team 1:24 8:53 12:20
David Guarriello 1:24 7:45 13:33
William (Cory) Foulk 1:49 8:12 14:39
Ken Peschel 2:15 9:00 14:44
Junior Cachero 2:15 9:42 15:23
Chris Kostman 2:15 9:52 15:57
Matthew Kresser 1:36 8:20 16:06
Greg Markus 2:21 9:43 16:12
Christina Hijjawi 2:39 10:50 16:47
Sid Jensen, Jr. 2:15 DNF 19:33
Michael Sicard 2:25 12:00 19:33

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