2003 Ironman Revisited

We followed the original 1978 route that utilized the race course from the Waikiki Roughwater Swim, Around Oahu Bike Race, and Honolulu Marathon, Aug 17, 2003

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aaDSC01119 aDSC01118 aDSC01122 aDSC01124 bP1010024 bP1010028
bP1010029 bP1010030 bP1010031 bP1010032 bP1010033 bP1010034
bP1010035 bP1010036 bP1010037 bP1010038 bP1010039 bP1010040
bP1010041 bP1010042 bP1010043 bP1010044 bP1010046 bP1010047
bP1010048 bP1010050 dP1010053 dP1010072 dP1010073 dP1010075
dP1010076 eDSC01125 P8170001 P8170002 P8170004 P8170009
P8170010 P8170011 P8170012 P8170013 P8170014 P8170015
P8170016 P8170017 P8170018 P8170019 P8170021 P8170022

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