Hell's Gate Hundred: Route Description

Route: Furnace Creek - Artist Drive Loop - Artist Palette (mile 14.1) - Furnace Creek (24.6) - Hell's Gate (45.5) - Daylight Pass (51.7) - Rhyolite (62.7) - U-Turn - Daylight Pass (73.6) - Hell's Gate (79.8) - Beatty Cut-Off - Hwy 190 (mile 89.7) back to Furnace Creek. (Those wanting to complete the Helll's Gate 100K will ride the same route as the 100M, but will turn around at Hell's Gate (and not go over Daylight Pass to Rhyolite), completing a 65 mile ride.)

Total Distance: Approximately 100.7 miles with approximately 8,500 feet of elevation gain.

Checkpoint Locations: CP1 at Artist Palette, H2O stop on Daylight Pass Rd near Hwy 190, CP2/4 at Hell’s Gate, H2O stop at Daylight Pass, CP3 at Rhyolite, CP2/4 at Hell’s Gate, plus the finish line in Furnace Creek.

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"Experienced travelers know that the best way to experience the park is to get out of the vehicle and go for a hike." We would argue that getting off the bike is also crucial! That's why we designed the Hell's Gate Hundred route to include locations and sights that are not visited in any other one-day cycling event in Death Valley National Park, including Artist Drive, Hell's Gate, Daylight Pass, and the ghost town of Rhyolite. That's also why we are hosting an outdoor yoga classes on Friday and it's also why we are STRONGLY encouraging EVERYONE to visit the Visitor's Center / Museum / Bookstore in Furnace Creek, the Borax Museum on the Furnace Creek Ranch, to attend the Ranger Program on Saturday evening, AND to enjoy a hike in Golden Canyon on Sunday morning! This beautiful, wonderful, one-of-a-kind National Park belongs to all of us. Please maximize your time in Death Valley to have a broad and rewarding experience that includes fantastic cycling AND much more!

Below: Special thanks to Bill Oetinger for the map of the route (and the HGH logo) and Doug Dog Sloan for the elevation profile and 3D aerial views of the route!

Above: Elevation Profile of the 100 mile route.

Above: Aerial 3D view of most of the 100 mile route, looking north from south of Artist Drive.

Above: Aerial 3D view of the entire 100 mile route, looking south east from north of Hell's Gate.