AdventureCORPS Presents the Death Valley Century and Double Century, Oct 25, 2008
Furnace Creek Start Line: Photos by Wayne Kostman and Chris Kostman

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_A252907 _A252908 _A252909 _A252910
_A252911 _A252912 _A252913 _A252915
_A252916 _A252917 _A252918 _A252919
_A252920 _A252921 _A252922 _A252923
_A252925 _A252926 _A252927 _A252928
_A252930 _A252931 _A252932 _A252933
_A252934 _A252935 _A252936 _A252937
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dv.022a dv.023 dv.024 dv.025
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