Death Valley Century and Double Century
October 28, 2006 Results

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Slideshow 1: Start Line, Side Of The Road CP, and H20 Stop
Slideshow 2: Approaching Scotty's Castle, Part 1
Slideshow 3: Approaching Scotty's Castle, Part 2
Slideshow 4: Scotty's Castle
Slideshow 5: Stove Pipe Wells and Nevada Checkpoints
Slideshow 6: Nevada, Ubehebe Crater, and Final Finisher Doug Bowers
Slideshow 7: The Return to Funace Creek
Bill Nicolai's Ride Report

Spectacular weather greeted the annual Fall edition of the Death Valley Century and Double Century on Saturday, October 28. This particular edition was the fourth in history to traverse the northern route of this event, heading to Scotty's Castle, Ubehebe Crater, Hell's Gate, and other roadside attractions. With riders representing AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MD, NC, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, WI, plus Canada and the United Kingdom, this event remains one of the most popular endurance rides in the country.

256 intrepid cyclists tackled the course. By the end of the day, 106 would complete the century, 127 would complete the double century, and just 23 would DNF one or the other distance. Special Kudos to Alfonso Estrada and Spener Klaasen for completing the double on fixed gear bikes and Ron Smith for completing the double on his recumbent!

The next edition of the Death Valley Century and Double Century, featuring the southern course, will take place March 3, 2007, while this northern route will return on October 27, 2007. We hope to see you there! (Stay tuned to our email newsletter for the actual registration dates for the 2007 events.)

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who made it all happen!

Check-In: Larry Peelen, Gary Sedlack, Timmer Vadheim, Bob Lloyd, Mike Angelfish Angelos, Anthony Woofie Humpage, Steve Desert Duck Teal, Wayne and Shelby Kostman, and Chris Kostman

Start Line: Timmer Vadheim, Bob Lloyd, and Chris Kostman

Stove Pipe Wells & Nevada: Larry Peelen and Gary Sedlack

Side of the Road: Timmer Vadheim, Bob Lloyd, Adam Webber, Ruth Merki, Mike Angelfish Angelos

Water Stop en route to Scotty's: Anthony Woofie Humpage, Steve Desert Duck Teal, and Matthew Schneider

Scotty's Castle: Wayne and Shelby Kostman, Maxwell Lucas, Jack Lindquist, Megan Dean, and Stacy Zung

Ubehebe Crater: Annie Beck

Water Stop on Return: Matthew Schneider

Hell's Gate: Karen and Steve Giant Water Bug Gray

Finish Line: Anthony Woofie Humpage, Steve Desert Duck Teal, Matthew Scheider, Wayne & Shelby Kostman

Roving SAG: Lee Maggott Mitchell, Mike Angelos Angelos, Erik Sloth Skramstad, James Pearce, Larry Peelen, and Chris Kostman.

Awesome, Unsolicited, Totally Appreciated Feedback!

"To all of you: A great big thanks and well done for a wonderful experience. Having served time in Saudi Arabia in the service, I never imagined I would willingly travel to Death Valley, but the lure of a century ride finally won me over. Since I didn’t train anywhere near the amount I had in seasons past in preparation, my overall time didn’t come close to any of my personal bests. I was certainly not going to overdo it, though, and DNF… especially with the costs involved of just getting there. I had considered not attending, especially after losing my mother – who fought the after effects of cancer to the very end – just three weeks shy of my wedding. But, in the end, my wife and I couldn’t think of any other way to pay tribute to her but to finish this one in her memory. As I crossed the line at Furnace Creek, I pointed up and said “Thanks Mom.” Again, thank you all very much and I look forward to experiencing this wonderful event again in the future." -Steven Hamer

"Hey Chris, I would first like to say thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Death Valley ride. I was part of the Arkansas & Oklahoma group that came over for the ride, everyone had a blast and we plan on coming back. That was the most incredible century I have ever done! The support was great and the ride went off without a hitch." -Jason Beebe

"If you like knock-your-eyeballs-out scenery and are willing to take what the weather gods dish out, this is certainly one of the most beautiful places to ride in the country." -Bill Nicolai (Read his full report!)

"Thanks for all of the great organazation that went into the DV ride yesterday." -Stephen George

"I want to thank you for option four (telling me to "just push a little harder, stop a little less, and finish on time!!!"). I had a great time.... I also want to thank you for all of your encouragement... I honestly did not think I could finish within the time limit. Glad you had faith in me..." -Bobbi Fisher

"Thank you! You and your volunteers did a fantastic job putting on this event. I'm originally from the freezing backwoods of Canada so being able to ride in Death Valley was quite the adventure for me. I did eight organized/supported century rides so far this year and this one could very well be my favorite! Next year I plan to tackle your 200 mile Death Valley ride." -Elizabeth Jefferson, San Diego Century Riders

"I would like to forward my Appreciation towards you & your staff for another great event!!!... It is always a pleasure, and privilege to ride in Death Valley... The organization, and support were fanatasic!!! Even though I did not finish (I came down with food poisoning the night before, I started 'Weak', & didn't get any stronger), the good memories of riding through the Valley definitely out-weighed the personal disappointment of not finishing... For my own personal reasons, I decided that the prudent decision was to turn around at the Nevada stateline, and ride back and not take up valuable SAG resources for those who would need them more... Now I have another personal goal... Thanx Again For A Great Event..." -Mark A. Martinez

"My friend Greg Robinson and I went for the double century Saturday. It was a first double attempt for both of us. We weren’t too sure what to expect, but we both did quite well I think. (I was glad the wind wasn’t too nuts!!) Thanks for the great ride." -Dave Calkins

"Thanks for the Fall Death Valley Double experience. It was quite a ride. I'm proud to be able to say that I finished. This was my first year riding double centuries. And, finishing both the spring and Fall Death Valley Doubles were important personal goals for me. By the way, the Death Valley Ultra Cycling jersey is very nice. I wore it on a short recovery ride when I got home and I really got some extraordinary looks from folks. Thanks again, and I hope to be out there next year for the Spring Double." -(William) Ron Keesling

"I really appreciate your support, and that of the event volunteers. I am still pretty new at this ultracycling stuff, but I have seen lots of organizations and groups put on lots of different kinds of events. And I have put on lots of entertainment events myself. Yours are among the best organized and best run I have seen. And the volunteer staff is terrific. Better than most 'professional' groups by far. Put me down for support for both JDRF events for 2007." -Steve Barnes

"We had a great weekend in Death Valley and we’re happy it worked out that we could find a way to pitch-in. We’ve gotten far more out of our 508 and DV ride experiences than we could ever repay. We had a great time at Hell’s Gate. That’s the first chance I’ve had to be on that side of a ride. It was fun to offer some encouragement and help folks get it together enough to make it to the finish. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hanging around finish lines or watching people push themselves beyond their limits. I’m sure your job is no different than any other and you have good days and bad days. But, it seems to me that you’re lucky to do what you do and lots of us are lucky that you do it so well (and that sometimes we get to help out)! Thanks again." -Steve Gray, Fall 2006 Death Valley volunteer

"Thanks for organizing such a great ride. Your group of volunteers did an excellent job. I want to give a special thanks to Lee Mitchell. I had a rear tire blowout, in the dark, while coming down the hill from Hell's Gate. I was able to hold the bike up and stop. After getting my wits together I walked my bike to the side of the road, took out my small flashlight, a tube and a spare tire that I was carrying. Then along came Lee he stopped in such away that I was shielded from any oncoming traffic, automobile as well as bike traffic, and his headlights allowed me to change my tire. I have known for quite a while that he is the most knowledgeable when it comes to providing support. If Lee did not show up I would have spent another hour changing the tire. He is the best. Thanks again." -Gerald Gerbil Goode

"I had great time on your Death Valley Double last Saturday. The northern route was the first for me. Riding at 4,000 feet during the heat of the day was great. Thanks again." -Brian Rapp

"The 2006 Fall Death Valley Double Century (my first double) was the most powerful learning experience in my life.. I plan to concentrate on doubles until next October's 508.. I hope to see you then." -Eric Troili

"I wanted to thank you for putting on a great ride last Saturday. It was my first in Death Valley and I thoroughly enjoyed it." -Scott Major

100mi. First Middle Last M/F City State Country
6:28 Al Thompson M London LON UK
6:28 Oscar Thompson M Los Angeles CA USA
6:38 Renee M Beckloff F Mountain View CA USA
6:45 john delbert mcallen M San Antonio TX USA
6:54 Robert Brown M San Marcos CA USA
6:54 Andrew LeBeau M San Diego CA USA
7:05 john ortiz M Las Vegas NV USA
7:17 John Nash M Orange CA USA
7:20 David Almquist M Roseville CA USA
7:20 Scott Hadley M Elk Grove CA USA
7:22 dave nash M Orange AA USA
7:23 Rob Opher M Oxford OXON UK
7:25 Stephen Fischer M Gold River CA USA
7:28 Heidi Goodnow Shaughnessy F Tahoe City CA USA
7:28 Andy Smith M Olympic Valley CA USA
7:28 Mark A. Smith M Yucaipa CA USA
7:35 Steve Papp M Tempe AZ USA
7:39 Tammy A Friddle F San Antonio TX USA
7:40 Graham Patrick Milner M Encinitas CA USA
7:57 kevin harlan M coto de caza CA USA
7:59 Shelley Brown F Encinitas CA USA
8:06 Michael Berry M La Mesa CA USA
8:06 Elizabeth Jefferson F La Jolla, CA CA USA
8:06 Desiree Eileen Troili F Everett WA USA
8:09 Jim Walter Thorp M Paso Robles CA USA
8:15 Stephani Anne Decker F Huber Heights OH USA
8:17 Garett Carlson M Beverly Hills CA USA
8:19 wally medal M huntington beach CA USA
8:20 Aaron Lipstadt M Hollywood CA USA
8:21 tom rochester M West Covina CA USA
8:22 Conan Liu M Torrance CA USA
8:26 brian miller M irmo SC USA
8:29 Brenda Allison Wyman F Santa Fe NM USA
8:31 Daniel James Coffey M Las Vegas NV USA
8:35 James Richard Buckingham M Alameda CA USA
8:35 JoAnn Fafrowicz F Durham NC USA
8:41 John Corkill M National City CA USA
8:41 Andrew M Jensen M Newport Beach CA USA
8:42 William Cashel M Santa Monica CA USA
8:44 Bart Aikman M Valencia CA USA
8:44 Michael John Burt M Covina CA USA
8:44 Nick Lentini M valencia CA USA
8:44 Frieda Maria McKaughan F Sacramento CA USA
8:44 Deborah Jean Schultz F Riverside CA USA
8:44 Kieran Wong M Valencia CA USA
8:45 Rodney Francis Lowell M Coronado CA USA
8:49 Ian Malec M Oakland CA USA
8:49 Claire Rushworth F Oakland CA USA
8:52 Jason Alan Beebe M Fayetteville AR USA
8:52 Linda Kraus F Las Vegas NV USA
8:52 Edward Reynolds M washington DC USA
8:52 Jeff Lee Seal M Broken Arrow OK USA
8:54 Brian Julian M Valencia CA USA
8:54 Alexander Matthew Karn M Los Angeles CA USA
8:54 Milagros M Valdes F Los Angeles CA USA
8:58 robert blanusa M sonoma CA USA
9:00 Michael Edward Hall M San Jose CA USA
9:00 David Zahrobsky M San Francisco CA USA
9:02 kelly lynn mcallen F San Antonio TX USA
9:04 Fred Kraus M Las Vegas NV USA
9:15 David Peashock M Tucson, AZ USA
9:18 margaret ann mason F wellington NV USA
9:20 Ron Gerber M Upland CA USA
9:20 Edward Michael Goebel M Alta Loma CA USA
9:24 Tor Ueland M San diego CA USA
9:28 Tom Buck M Ojai CA USA
9:30 john robert bargerhuff M Vandalia OH USA
9:33 Jim Dobbins M Santa Clara CA USA
9:33 Brian Verstegen M Sunnyvale CA USA
9:34 Tim Shanta M Henderson NV USA
9:35 Dylan Guggenmos M Costa Mesa CA USA
9:35 william f meadows M van nuys CA USA
9:36 Matthew McGrane M Fremont CA USA
9:37 elaine bernal F twentynine palms CA USA
9:37 Stanley Sugimoto M Pacific Palisades CA USA
9:38 Ann Trank F Los Angeles CA USA
9:39 Angela Eve Gatto F Lake Havasu City AZ USA
9:39 Steven Hamer M Stockton CA USA
9:43 chuck r clements M yucaipa CA USA
9:43 William Loveless M Rialto CA USA
9:43 Douglas R Rawson M San Jose CA USA
9:45 Nancy Andrew F Cathedral City CA USA
9:46 Linda Milner F Encinitas CA USA
9:49 John Vincent McNeil M Ojai CA USA
9:53 Josh Davis M Bixby OK USA
9:57 Patrice Reiss F Manhattan Beach CA USA
9:58 Robert L Hopkins M Aiken SC USA
9:58 Bill Schrader M petaluma CA USA
10:00 Joseph Allen M Petaluma CA USA
10:01 Madolyn Knox F Wilton CA USA
10:01 susan graybill F roseville CA USA
10:01 Basil Knox M wilton CA USA
10:10 Bruce Inniss M San Diego CA USA
10:15 margaret baldwin F Santa Cruz CA USA
10:15 Susan Kendall F Monterey CA USA
10:15 Cyleste McKeon F Aptos CA USA
10:28 erik paul katzmaier M laguna beach CA USA
10:28 jim kehr M laguna beach CA USA
10:50 Kevin Buchanan M San Diego CA USA
10:50 Danny Mazzella M San Diego CA USA
10:50 Bill Theodore Walton M San Diego CA USA
11:08 Marnel King F Campbell CA USA
11:08 Patti Lynch F Campbell CA USA
12:14 Richard Elam M San Diego CA USA
12:14 Esther Merki F San Diego CA USA
DNF Shawn McGrew M San Antonio TX USA
DNF Edward Moore M Exeter CA USA
DNF Martin Henry Moran M West Chester OH USA
DNF James Riordan M Oakland CA USA
DNF Dennis Robinson M Rolling Hills Estates CA USA
DNF Larry Rosa M Castro Valley CA USA
DNF John Scoby M Huntington Beach CA USA
DNF Roger C Smith M Cupertino CA USA
DNF Connie Teegarden F Victorville CA USA
DNF John Taylor Teegarden M Victorville CA USA
200mi. First Middle Last M/F City State Country
10:54 keith brodsky M chatsworth CA USA
11:10 Eric Wilson M Palmdale CA USA
11:17 Wade Baker M Atascadero CA USA
11:17 Seth Allen Berling M San Francisco CA USA
11:27 Bruce Beattie M Kanarraville UT USA
11:28 Ton van Daelen M San Diego CA USA
11:48 Sean Michael Tiret M San Francisco CA USA
11:53 Greg Lester M Cazadero CA USA
11:55 Robert Turner M Lancaster CA USA
12:02 Timothy E Shastany M Barrington IL USA
12:11 George Arthur Vargas M Encinitas CA USA
12:17 Thor Engblom M Frederick MD USA
12:24 Paul Duren M San Jose CA USA
12:33 Daniel Crain M Irvine CA USA
12:45 Veronica Tunucci F Corte Madera CA USA
12:49 Bernd Straehle M Aliso Viejo CA USA
12:50 Anna Stewart F Janesville CA USA
12:50 Rick Stewart M Janesville CA USA
12:51 Anthony Boyd M redlands CA USA
12:51 Rodney Boyd M Laguna Beach CA USA
12:54 Jeffrey J. Dubois M Sacramento CA USA
12:54 Bill Howell M Beaverton OR USA
12:54 Judy Howell F Beaverton OR USA
13:03 Brian J Rapp M Long Beach CA USA
13:10 John T. Clare M Long Beach CA USA
13:10 steve schmunk M Bishop CA USA
13:14 Greg E Paxson M Simi Valley CA USA
13:16 Frederick Zenon Culverhouse M Venice CA USA
13:17 Jack Joseph M Oakland CA USA
13:18 Greg Olson M Gresham OR USA
13:19 Tracy Paul Barill M North Vancouver BC CAN
13:21 Linda Bott F Ventura CA USA
13:27 Stephen - Magnetti M Cedar City UT USA
13:29 Dave Calkins M Camarillo CA USA
13:29 Gregory Scott Robinson M Westlake Village CA USA
13:35 Bill Nicolai M Vancouver WA USA
13:38 John Pingel M San Diego CA USA
13:39 Desmund Thomas Shirazi M Manhattan Beach CA USA
13:40 Joni Bauer F Stockton CA USA
13:40 Doug Beisner M Rancho Cordova CA USA
13:40 Mark Allen Deger M Gilroy CA USA
13:42 jan k acuff F seattle WA USA
13:42 Paul Robert Gallien M Tahoe City CA USA
13:53 Sebastian Maurer M New York NY USA
14:01 Joel Flowers M Saint George UT USA
14:01 Scott Major M Ogden UT USA
14:01 Larry R. Nelson M Henderson NV USA
14:01 Brett Wehrli M South Weber UT USA
14:01 David Patrick Wyman M Santa Fe NM USA
14:03 Christopher Hanson M Redondo Beach DC USA
14:03 Curtis Stallins M Pleasanton CA USA
14:04 Gerald Goode M Tucson AZ USA
14:06 Kirk Andrew Rhinehart M Capistrano Beach CA USA
14:09 Eric Troili M Everett WA USA
14:12 Bob Crawford M Laguna Niguel CA USA
14:12 Jim Price M La Habra CA USA
14:15 Jefferson D. Gloeckner M Layton UT USA
14:15 Matt S. Longson M Holladay UT USA
14:19 david e foss M richmond CA USA
14:19 Charles P Griffice M Orange CA USA
14:26 Craig Russell Wilson M Eureka CA USA
14:27 William Murphy M Long Beach CA USA
14:32 Vance Ray M San Jose CA USA
14:34 Larry Huebert M Parlier CA USA
14:34 Lynne Huebert F Parlier CA USA
14:35 richard allen stuart M pahrump NV USA
14:40 Brice Moczygemba M San Antonio TX USA
14:41 BRIAN kingman M fontana CA USA
14:45 Kitty Goursolle F San Ramon IN USA
14:45 Jim Pettett M Cave Creek AZ USA
14:45 Mitchell Scott M Palm Harbor FL USA
14:45 Mike Snow M Phoenix AZ USA
14:45 Susan Snow F Phoenix AZ USA
14:47 Scott Dunagan M Folsom CA USA
14:47 David Charles Smith M El Dorado Hills CA USA
14:48 Joan Grant F Mountain View CA USA
14:48 Leslie Mackenzie F Santa Clara CA USA
14:49 Jason McPhate M Oakland CA USA
14:49 Lisa Susan McPhate F Oakland CA USA
14:52 James Timothy Gathercole M San Jose CA USA
14:52 robert wilson M Norristown PA USA
14:54 George B. Carr-Broome M Houston TX USA
14:54 Lisa Carr-Broome F Houston TX USA
14:55 Franklin Jensen M Cedar City UT USA
15:02 William Ronald Keesling M San Diego CA USA
15:04 Bruce Entin M Los Gatos CA USA
15:08 Spencer Klaassen M Saint Joseph MO USA
15:08 Jack Romans M St. Joseph MO USA
15:09 Zachary Gilson M aurora IL USA
15:10 Glenn William Martin M Gaithersburg MD USA
15:18 Cornel Artho M San Luis Obispo CA USA
15:20 Ron Smith M Chula Vista CA USA
15:21 carole Bernhardt F Olympia WA USA
15:21 Kent Wienker M Tacoma WA USA
15:24 Paul C Woods M Colorado Springs CO USA
15:25 Randall Leon Davis M Louisville KY USA
15:29 Lynn Katano F Monterey Park CA USA
15:29 Doug Patterson M Orange CA USA
15:34 linda Fox F Corvallis OR USA
15:34 Peter Fox M Corvallis OR USA
15:34 joe haberman M Corvallis OR USA
15:34 Tony Rinaldi M Corvallis OR USA
15:35 Alfonso Estrada M Oakland CA USA
15:35 David Slaton M Irvine CA USA
15:38 James R. Cook M San Clemente CA USA
15:38 Fred Klinzmann M San Clemente CA USA
15:39 Steven R Cimini M Carmichael CA USA
15:40 Joseph Maurer M Mountain View CA USA
15:41 sigur martinsen M reno NV USA
15:45 Mark M Jilka M Kansas City KS USA
15:47 Blake Bader M Turlock CA USA
15:47 Johnie D Hamilton M Whittier CA USA
15:47 Sandy Mohr-Bader F Turlock CA USA
15:48 Barry Fike M Berkeley CA USA
15:48 Philip Lewis Halpern M Berkeley CA USA
15:48 Craig Jordan Wisner M Pasadena CA USA
15:53 Greg Jones M Moorpark CA USA
15:53 Lisa Jones F Moorpark CA USA
15:54 Thomas Parkes M Costa Mesa CA USA
15:56 Manuel Davis M Waltham MA USA
15:58 Ben S. Maisel M Saratoga CA USA
16:30 Andrew Thomas M Las  Vegas NV USA
16:31 Tom Wilson M Shaker Heights OH USA
16:52 Bobbi Fisher F Burbank CA USA
16:52 John Albert Long M Vacaville CA USA
16:52 Frank Neal M San Dimas CA USA
17:15 Douglas A. Bowers M Arcadia CA USA
??? john shay M lakewood CA USA
DNF Steven P. Barnes M Rim Forest CA USA
DNF Randy Lee Combs M Frederick MD USA
DNF michael connolly M clovedale CA USA
DNF Jim E. Evans M Greenfield IN USA
DNF Michael Dean Garner M Scottsdale AZ USA
DNF Stephen Robert George M Los Angeles CA USA
DNF Mark A. Martinez M Los Angeles CA USA
DNF Don Wayn McKaughan M Sacramento CA USA
DNF curtis patrick moran M lancaster CA USA
DNF David I.G. Terner M Denver CO USA
DNF bob tompkins M Ridgecrest CA USA
DNF Michael J York M Valencia CA USA

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