Death Valley Century and Double Century
March 1, 2003 Results

The new Death Valley Century and Double Century route in and beyond the north end of Mother Nature’s Greatest Sports Arena was very well received on March 1, 2003. It was "a real humdinger" in the words of Chuck "Triple Crown Guy" Bramwell. We’re still collecting altitude data, but apparently the double route had between 9100 and 10,500 feet.

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In the three days prior to the event, rain and snow fell in or around Death Valley, leaving a spectacular backdrop for our weekend adventure. Many of the mountains ringing Death Valley were blanketed in snow. Townes Pass was lined with snow along the road for those who drove in on that route. What a rare treat.

During the ride, seriously bad weather threatened, but never fully materialized. Well, I mean, it could have been worse! Many riders were showered with pellet-sized hail, rode into a 20mph headwind on the playa in Nevada, and marveled at the snowflakes fluttering down. Nearly everyone got a little wet from rain. It made for an exciting day and one best spent in the company of a smooth paceline.

We had 147 century riders who did a 108 mile ride up to Scotty’s Castle and back. Scotty’s proved to be a wonderful locale with the castle itself right behind the lunch spot, lots of space to spread out, and more. We just had to keep shooing away the overly friendly coyotes.

Altogether, 112 of the 144 double century riders completed the full course, including the fun doglegs to Ubehebe Crater and Hell’s Gate. The latter went up 2,022 Feet in 6.50 miles for an average grade of 5.89%. You can link to an altitude study of Hell’s Gate on the website. It really added the icing on the cake to an already amazing day. Riders finishing this new route had a real sense of accomplishment and saw many sights and places that no other Death Valley cycling event has enjoyed. - Chris Kostman

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Special thanks to our tireless volunteer crew for all their efforts!

Stove Pipe Wells: Reed Flamingo Finfrock and Mark Panther Patten

Side 'o' Road: Mike Angelos and Lonnie Wolff

Scotty's Castle: Mike Sturgill, Roger Macomber, and Ryan Jones

Hwy 95 Jct: Reed Flamingo Finfrock and Mark Panther Patten

Ubehebe Crater: Bill Fowler

Hell's Gate: Chris Kostman

Finish Line: Deborah Caplan and Sandy Clare

Sandwich Brigade: Deborah Caplan, Sandy Clare, and Caryl Ishizawa

Roving SAG: Lee Maggot Mitchell, Chris Kostman, and Doug Goodwin

Roving Medical: Astrid Willis

A new course means new course records!

Male - Timothy Coleman 10:08

Female - Elaine Astrue 13:40

Under 21 - Bevan Barton 13:42 - First double ever at 16 years old!

First time double finishers

Jeff Balaban, Bevan Barton, Ron Beck, James Cherry, Neil Grimmer, Brett Maune, Sue Radd and Robert Thomas

First time century finishers

Janet Cunningham, Molly Heekin, Tapio Lahnalampi, Tammy Silver and Adam Webber


Show 1: Ride Start and Side 'o' Road Checkpoint
Show 2: Climbing to Scotty's Castle
Show 3: More Climbing to Scotty's Castle
Show 4: Scotty's, The Playa, Hwy 95 Jct, Scotty's again, Ubehebe Crater, and Hell's Gate
Double century elevation profile created during the ride by Chuck Bramwell
Graphed climbing analysis of Hell's Gate created during the ride by Chuck Bramwell

March 1, 2003 Death Valley Double Century Results
(144 riders: 112 finishers and 32 DNF)

Last Name First Name City State Time
Amerine Tom Lakewood CA 13:00
Andersen Steven Mariposa CA 15:33
Astrue Elaine Mountain View CA 13:40
Axtell John Minden NV 14:05
Baker Tamara San Jose CA 14:36
Balaban Jeff Laguna Niguel CA 15:41
Barton Bevan Piedmont CA 13:42
Basset Christophe Pasadena CA 14:15
Beck Anny Bellflower CA 13:55
Beck Ronald Northridge CA 15:19
Biron Paul Sherman Oaks CA 12:10
Bjerga Lasse Cedar City UT 11:19
Bott Linda Ventura CA 14:27
Bowling Brian Laguna Niguel CA 11:36
Bramwell Chuck Irvine CA 13:19
Breed Carol Gardnerville NV 10:47
Bridges Lester Mariposa CA 15:33
Bruce Brandon Santa Barbara CA 13:12
Buck Jason Eureka CA 16:30
Buck Stephen Elk Grove CA 16:30
Buntrock Robert Byron CA 13:59
Burkhalter Scott Carlsbad CA 14:14
Carpenter Paul John Batavia IL 13:23
Cheney Clayton New Harmony UT 15:15
Chenue Scott San Francisco CA 11:52
Cherry James Los Altos Hills CA 15:35
Chester Mike Oceanside CA 13:14
Clare John M. Long Beach CA 14:44
Clare John T. Long Beach CA 14:44
Cole Dale Eldorado Hills CA 14:11
Coleman Timothy Fresno CA 10:08
Connolly Michael Santa Rosa CA 13:47
Crain Dan Irvine CA 13:55
Dowhan Pete Acton CA 14:17
Edmonds Ed Vista CA 14:14
Elam Richard San Diego CA 15:30
Fields Marvin Newhall CA 16:26
Fox Michael J. Edmond OK 13:56
Gebhardt John Wasco CA 17:56
Gitman Lawrence La Jolla CA 14:32
Goode Gerald ? ? 14:40
Gould Scot Upland CA 13:40
Gratton Doug Garnderville NV 10:47
Griffice Charles Orange CA 13:46
Grimmer Neil San Francisco CA 12:56
Heather Robert Sunnyvale CA 14:36
Hoff Richard Sanger CA 12:51
Horsley Paul Reno NV 14:02
Hurst Robert Lake View Terrace CA 13:56
Ignacio Francis Duarte CA 13:25
Jensen Franklin Cedar City UT 13:59
Jones David A. Canoga Park CA 13:44
Jones Tim Fairfield CA 13:51
Kellner Peter San Jose CA 14:36
Klassen Emmy Bakersfield CA 11:36
Kopit Paul Sunland CA 15:04
Koppenhaver Karen Fallbrook CA 13:14
Landauer Jeff Roseville CA 10:42
Lawrence Thomas Mountain View CA 12:56
Lester Gregory Cazadero CA 12:35
Linert Edward Las Vegas NV 12:59
Locke Gerhard Walnut Creek CA 15:58
Long John A. Vacaville CA 16:48
MacDonald Robert Lancaster CA 13:25
Main Kevin San Luis Obispo CA 14:40
Mariani Mike San Rafael CA 13:01
Maune Brett Pasadena CA 14:05
Mazzola John Cedar Crest NM 12:56
McKeague Brad Fairfax CA 12:29
Merki Esther San Diego CA 14:37
Miller Thomas Valley Center CA 13:00
Moseley Mike Bakersfield CA 11:36
Mullins Bruce Ventura CA 14:27
Neal Frank San Dimas CA 15:32
O'Kane Tom Valencia CA 13:14
Olson Greg Gresham OR 15:44
Owens John Fairfax CA 14:58
Pacini Ralph Redlands CA 14:23
Palmer Bill Carpinteria CA 13:12
Pang Kenneth Redlands CA 15:21
Parkes Thomas Fountain Valley CA 15:17
Radd Sue San Francisco CA 16:23
Redmond Robert Petaluma CA 12:46
Revri Anurang San Francisco CA 16:58
Richter Ken Glendale AZ 14:17
Ries Paul San Jose CA 17:12
Rochester Timothy Redlands CA 15:21
Saunders Paul San Francisco CA 11:52
Schmunk Justin Vista CA 14:41
Schrank Ric Virginia City NV 12:57
Scott Zachary Folsom CA 14:39
Sharbak David Bakersfield CA 14:08
Shoemaker Ken Los Altos Hills CA 13:58
Skipper Tim Castaic CA 13:14
Smith Alan Angeles Oaks CA 14:23
Smith Bracken Forest Falls CA 15:17
Stevens Stuart Santa Monica CA 14:41
Stuart Rich Moreno Valley CA 13:57
Summers Sandra Oak Park CA 17:56
Switky Andy Menlo Park CA 15:11
Tavoian Brian Cedar City UT 13:59
Thomas Robert P. San Diego CA 14:37
Toews Erik San Diego CA 13:58
Waltmire Catherine Irvine CA 15:54
Waltmire Wick Irvine CA 15:54
Warner Steve Valencia CA 13:14
Wathen Matthew Albany CA 15:18
Weissensee Carl Mill Valley CA 12:56
Wildin Rowena Pasadena CA 15:04
Willis Beau Davenport CA 12:10
Wilson Eric Palmdale CA 10:50
Wilson Benjamin Fairfax CA 14:58
Wylie Curtis Browns Valley CA 15:39
Wylie Rick Roseville CA 15:59
Arnold Michael Los Angeles CA DNF
Bartel Brian Long Beach CA DNF
Beam John Glendora CA DNF
Bennish Mark Las Vegas NV DNF
Brodie Bert Mira Loma CA DNF
Brouhard Robert Davis CA DNF
Chepin Stephany Las Vegas NV DNF
Chepin Frank Las Vegas NV DNF
Davis Paul Bala Cynwid PA DNF
Elmer Chad Victorville CA DNF
Ikeda Debra Woodside CA DNF
Jordan Guntram Mammoth Lakes CA DNF
Katano Lynn Monterey Park CA DNF
Linn Lavalle Santa Rosa CA DNF
McCain Gary Bakersfield CA DNF
Middlebrooks Denise San Diego CA DNF
Myers Kelly Oak Hills CA DNF
Nawrocki Rick Torrance CA DNF
Pape Eric Pasadena CA DNF
Perone Mike Monrovia CA DNF
Purser Kent Apple Valley CA DNF
Reuter David Eugene OR DNF
Sabin James San Marino CA DNF
Schultz Andreas San Mateo CA DNF
Stichel Mark Owings Mills MD DNF
Stubblefield Josh Apple Valley CA DNF
Wesley Edward Hayward CA DNF
Williams Ray Riverside CA DNF
Zell Ronald Santa Rosa CA DNF
Zurakowski Ryan Goleta CA DNF

March 1, 2002 Death Valley Century Roster: 147 riders

Last Name First Name City State
Akamine Sandy San Bernardino CA
Altenreuther Thomas Petaluma CA
Bailey Linda Mammoth Lakes CA
Ballentyne Becky Turlock CA
Barton Dennis Piedmont CA
Bates Russell Los Angeles CA
Bochniak Stanley Thousand Oaks CA
Bochniak Marie Thousand Oaks CA
Boyer Jon Mammoth Lakes CA
Bush Jan Sonoma CA
Bush Jeanne Sonoma CA
Campbell Kathy Salt Lake City UT
Campbell Malcolm Salt Lake City UT
Candusso Cinzia Miami FL
Carlgren Donna Yerington NV
Chang Jorge San Francisco CA
Chang Miles Irvine CA
Chinn Daryl Newport Beach CA
Chism Don Las Vegas NV
Condurso Joseph Olivenhain CA
Copeland Glen Sparks NV
Copeland Tracy Sparks NV
Copeland Joe Torrance CA
Corkill John San Diego CA
Craver T.F. Pacific Palisades CA
Craver Ted Pacific Palisades CA
Crowe Brian Genoa NV
Cunningham Janet Northridge CA
Currie Michael Long Beach CA
Cushman Dan San Lorenzo CA
Daniels Jim El Cajon CA
Davidson Richard San Bernardino CA
Derrick Tim Tehachapi CA
Desnoyers Melanie Grenada Hills CA
Desnoyers Ray Grenada Hills CA
Drever Maxwell Tiburon CA
Empey Carl Salt Lake City UT
Esch Bob San Diego CA
Ethridge Jason Apple Valley CA
Farnsworth Rex Highlands Ranch CO
Feliz Harold Bakersfield CA
Fields Ronald El Cajon CA
Finch Nick Yucca Valley CA
Finch Trevor Yucca Valley CA
Fischer Valerie San Diego CA
Flom Bruce Gardnerville NV
Franklin Herb Riverside CA
Fromm Anita Marie Quartz Hill CA
Garcia Maria Berkeley CA
Garland Steven Riverside CA
Gay Donna Oakland CA
Gipson Calvin San Diego CA
Glos Bill Hemet CA
Goodwin Simon Watford UK
Green Dennis Los Angeles CA
Guild Turk San Diego CA
Hartinian Patti Folsom CA
Haugen Theo Folsom CA
Heekin Molly San Ramon CA
Henne Kristi Plainview AR
Herd Jeff Chandler AZ
Hess Dean San Francisco CA
Hinesley Della Hawthorne CA
Hull J. Gregory Manhattan Bch CA
Hurst Linda Lake View Terrace CA
Johnson Gordon Martinez CA
Kalberg Janis Placerville CA
Kalberg John Placerville CA
Kinnison Gary Petaluma CA
Kinser Misty Reno NV
Kirk Andy Las Vegas NV
Klein Rick Tiburon CA
Kwon Hong San Francisco CA
LeGrane Donald Gardnerville NV
Leonard Ross Klamath Falls OR
Lewis Robert Albany CA
Lewis Donald Las Vegas NV
Lico Mike Carson City NV
Lim John Newport Coast CA
Ludlow Val Salt Lake City UT
Macdonald Elaine Lancaster CA
Macfarlane Benjamin San Clemente CA
Madison Robert Albuquerque NM
Maldonado Gladys Temple City CA
Marion Jonathan Mojave CA
Markowski Dale San Diego CA
Masters Stan Henderson NV
McBride George Medina OH
McDowell Matthew Los Angeles CA
McElwain Brian Big Pine CA
McGraw Lenn Wellington NV
McGraw Leslie Wellington NV
McNay Valerie Boulder City NV
Midboe David Carson City NV
Miller Tim Benicia CA
Moreland Steve Reno NV
Nehl Joseph Marysville CA
Nehl Kathleen Marysville CA
Nichols Bryan Salt Lake City CA
Noga Robert Del Mar CA
Northway Dan Danville CA
O'Grady Michael Chula Vista CA
Okusu Nora Concord CA
Pori Eugene Cameron Park CA
Prevost Dale Reno NV
Prosser James Reno NV
Pynes Ron Salt Lake City UT
Ramirez Frank Riverside CA
Rhea Hal Las Vegas NV
Rhea Fonda Las Vegas NV
Richardson John Redwood City CA
Rickard Ray Carson City NV
Rose Tamara Klamath Falls OR
Rosson Bob San Diego CA
Rothman Hal Henderson NV
Rowe Timothy Carson City NV
Sancheti Mohan Redwood City CA
Scarborough DuBose El Sobrante CA
Scott Jim Palm Desert CA
Scott Lynn Palm Desert CA
Servais Rick Ridgecrest CA
Siler Ron Yerington NV
Slaton Jeff Davis CA
Slaton Nicole Davis CA
Smith Nathalie Angeles Oaks CA
Smith Daniel San Diego CA
Smith Joel VC Highlands NV
Spragg Terry Fallbrook CA
Staewen Scott San Rafael CA
Stansbury Shane San Diego CA
Stefanides Dave Los Alamitos CA
Stewart Rellen Encinitas CA
Stocks Lindsay San Diego CA
Teale Rick Modesto CA
Thatcher Jennifer Yucca Valley CA
Tomasevich Lasta Berkeley CA
Toumajian Michael Manhattan Bch CA
Tracy Tim Perris CA
Van Acker Gary Mill Valley CA
Watt John Phoenix AZ
Webber Adam San Diego CA
Webster Dale Anaheim Hills CA
Williams Pam Riverside CA
Woods Paula Albuquerque NM
Wowkowych Peter Venice CA
Zimmerman Joe San Rafael CA
Zysk Kevin Lawndale CA

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