2001 Death Valley Century and Double Century

Photos by Chris Kostman, October 27, 2001

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A strong field of riders assembled for another classic Death Valley Century and Double Century on October 27, 2001. The 77 century riders and 136 double century riders were met with a hazy to overcast sky that kept temperatures below 90 degrees, then cleared in the evening to reveal an awesome polychromatic sunset. The group set off en masse at civil twilight, 645am, then quickly spread out as they sped south along the new version of the route that puts the climbing in the first part of the day to avoid high heat.

Checkpoints provided food, drink, and encouragement at Badwater (mile 17), Ashford Mills (mile 45), a water stop on Salsberry Pass at mile 57, then the southern turn-around in Shoshone (mile 74) and back to Ashford Mills (103), Badwater (131), and Furnace Creek (139), followed by the final out and back northern extension to Stove Pipe Wells (171) and then the finish back at Furnace Creek (196). A brisk headwind in the morning thankfully subsided as the riders began the climbs up Jubilee and Salsberry passes. The rest of the day was mostly wind-less and quiet, with few motorists on the road. -Chris Kostman

Let’s all give a round of applause to the dedicated folks who kept everyone safe and well fed and hydrated:

Badwater: Karen Hewer and Wayne Rosenthal

Ashford Mills: Barbara Bridges and Reed Flamingo Finfrock

Water Stop: Hank Burroughs

Shoshone: Jim Carter and Scott Sawfish Scheff

Furnace Creek: Sandye Clare, Andy Stewart, Danny Stewart, and Debbie Dolphin Caplan (makers of the turkey sandwiches, which rider Bob Davidson referred to as "knee trembling")

Stovepipe Wells: Bill Nye the Checkpoint Guy

Roving SAG: Lee Maggot Mitchell

Roving SAG: Chris Kostman

And: Debbie Dolphin Caplan, Chris Kostman, and Ride Director Scott Sawfish Schef

Riders traveled to this ever-popular event from
such faraway places as:

Victoria, BC, Canada
Tumwater, WA
Mission Hills, KS
Carson City, NV
Spokane, WA
Houston, TX
Portland, OR
Salem, OR
Snowmass, CO
Brooklyn, NY
Virginia Beach, VA
Albuquerque, NM
St. Paul, MN
St. George, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Honolulu, HI
and ALL OVER California,
from San Diego to Eureka!!!


Congratulations are in order to all of the riders, especially the 79 hardy riders who completed the full 196 miles within the 17 hour cutoff. Of those, some extra kudos are extended to first time double riders Mark Nielsen, Jo Garuccio, Marty Kaplan, Chris Roe, Bruce Scott, and, all the way from Kansas, Bill Reisler. Congrats to first time century riders Donna Smith, Nancy Ottman, Stacey Bracken, and Chandra Cohn, too! Also, Wendy Georges completed her Cal Triple Crown with her finish. Hats off to the tandem duo of Carole Breed and Doug Grattan from Gardnerville, NV. They were prophetically wearing matching yellow jerseys from the Burley Duet tandem race that read "Race Leaders." They were joined by solo rider Bill Ellis, a self-proclaimed wheel-sucking "Cling-On," in completing the course in an impressive time of 10 hours 35 minutes.

Anderson, Terrell DNF
Adamson, Jane DNF
Auran, Ed 13:58
Bangsund, David DNF
Bartis, Steve 13:58
Basset, Christophe DNF
Bates, Bud 15:40
Bauer, Fred 16:07
Bayer, Michael 13:59
Beam, John 13:49
Beck, Anny (Tandem with Dan Crain) UNOFF
Bertholf, Robert DNF
Bonnett, Karen 15:21
Brauch, Rupert 11:28
Breed, Carole (Tandem w/ Doug Grattan) 10:35
Bridges, Lester 16:27
Brown, Joe DNF
Brum, Robert 14:08
Buchwitz, Evelyn UNOFF
Burgart, Cal 12:23
Burns, Mike 12:45
Burton, Ralph UNOFF
Clare, John 11:57
Coble, Bob 14:42
Cohen, Lawrence DNF
Cohn, Merrick 14:28
Cook, Ann 15:20
Cook, Keith 15:20
Corey, Glenn 14:43
Crain, Dan (Tandem w/ Anny Beck) UNOFF
Crugo-Schneider, Mike 10:49
Curren, Mike UNOFF
Davidson, Bob 12:45
Dewey, Jeff 14:30
Ellis, Bill 10:36
Fante, Thomas UNOFF
Farmer, Dave DNF
Ferdinandson, Jeff DNF
Feyock, Jason DNF
Gard, Galen 14:42
Garuccio, Jo 15:46
Georges, Wendy 16:07
Gerber, Rudolph DNF
Grattan, Doug (Tandem w/ Carole Breed) 10:35
Greene, Bill DNF
Griffice, Charles DNF
Haig, William DNF
Hall, Alan DNF
Harrington, Tom 15:56
Hidalgo, Ed 15:21
Hoenigman, John DNF
Hoff, Richard 13:48
Holmberg, Charles 13:32
Horton, Dennis DNF
Irwin, Charlie DNF
Jernigan, Anthony UNOFF
Johnson, Dale DNF
Johnson, Jay UNOFF
Kaplan, Marty 16:08
Katano, Lynn 13:49
Kennedy, Christine 14:57
Kerin, Jack UNOFF
Kerziner, Benjamin 16:27
Kinsella, Michael 14:39
Kozera, Jim 14:17 (tandem with Joan)
Kozera, Joan 14:17 (tandem with Jim)
L'Abbe, Dan 14:17
Lightwood, Clive 12:45
Lonergan, Steve DNF
Long, John DNF
Long, John D. 16:07
Marquez, Phil UNOFF
Marsh, Ken 13:41
Martin, John DNF
Martinez, Mark UNOFF
Maurice, John Henry 16:27
Mayer, Don 16:08
McClain, Fran 16:12
Melczer, Andrew DNF
Miklaucic, John 15:04
Moler, Carl 10:49
Nichols, Curt 13:11
Nielsen, Mark 15:46
O'Connell, Mike 16:12
Pack, Steve 10:49
Parkes, Thomas 16:12
Patterson, Doug 16:11
Pelt, Arthur DNF
Pelt, Dawn Devine- DNF
Perone, Mike DNF
Pollock, Graham 11:53
Prentice, Kristin DNF
Preucel, Bill 11:57
Quinley, Jim 15:21
Read, David 14:39
Reisler, Bill 16:07
Revri, Anurang DNF
Richmond, Billy DNF
Robertson, Craig 12:09
Roe, Chris 15:37
Romano, Tom DNF
Rose, Ian 14:43
Rose, Mike 16:27
Ross, Pat 12:13
Ruiz, Kathryn UNOFF
Sarnecki, Annie 13:48
Scott, Bruce 12:45
Shannahoff, Bruce DNF
Simon, Doug 11:18
Skory, Stephen DNF
Smith, Jesse 11:22
Smith, Scott 12:45
Smith, Ulmont 16:12
Socha, Steve DNF
Speckert, Les 13:48
Storm, David DNF
Sullivan, Eric 16:13
Sullivan, Greg 14:02
Sung, Paul DNF
Surjan, Nicholas DNF
Swanson, Reid 11:35
Tepley, Bruce DNF
Tovino, Stacey 16:13
Turner, Robert UNOFF
Urban, Stan 13:32
Vedera, Ted UNOFF
Von Waardenberg, Jan 16:08
Warner, Steve DNF
Way, Ron DNF
Wildin, Rowena DNF
Wilson, Craig 13:54
Winslow, Troy 13:41
Zarella, John 16:12
Zehring, Mary DNF

Arellanes, Carlos
Baike, Michael
Bartis, David
Bartis, Rebecca
Bauer, Peg
Belanger, Gary
Belanger, Kate
Bowie, Patricia
Bracken, Stacey
Bradshaw, Chris
Burton, Judy
Cassyd, Donna
Clark, Jim
Cohen, Dan
Cohn, Chandra
Copic, Jernej
Crossland, Ann
Fortin, David
Green, Joshua
Henning, John
Hunter-Inman, David
Jamal, Talib
Johnson, Kim
Johnson, Michael
Kosich, Alex
Kotch, Rebecca
Koyama, Nicola
Kuenzli, Michael
Lawless, George
Leslie, Bruce
Linn, Lavalle
Lipstadt, Aaron
Lynne, Billie
Mandell, Elisa
Mathews, James
McAtamney, Martin
McGrath, Barry
McKaughan, Don
McKaughan, Frieda
Meloso, Debrah
Michels, Todd
Nam, Robert
Ognoskie, Gerald
Ognoskie, Sabrina
Olsen, Janeen
Ottman, Kent
Ottman, Nancy
Ozawa, Mikki
Petros, Anthony
Renstrom, Rodger
Rickart, Ray
Rogers, Peter
Rowe, Timothy
Sibby, Edward
Skinner, William
Slidders, David
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Courtney
Smith, Donna
Smith, John
Stewart, Robert Bruce
Summers, Leah
Summers, Mike
Sykes, Hillary
Toyota, Lorna
Warner, Lori
Winett, David
Zell, Ron
Zerboni, Leigh

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