The Lighthouse Cycling Tour of Puerto Rico took place February 5-8, 2009 and a record crowd of nearly 300 riders participated, including the two of us. It was a phenomenal experience to ride nearly 400 miles over three days with a rolling police escort in a well-mannered peloton, all the while taking in breath-taking views of an extraordinary island paradise. Here are some of the reasons suggested for participating, all of them true and excellent:

• Amazing tropical weather in February (lowest average rain & lowest average temperature of the year).
• 150 miles day I, 100 miles day II and 125 miles day III.
• Excellent base miles for training.
• Over 10,000 feet of accumulated climbing, fully supported.
• Attracts triathletes, Race Across America Teams (RAAM) riders, Cycling Federations from a variety of countries and the avid cycling enthusiast in search for the next great cycling tour.
• Amazing value for everything that is included.
• Surrounded at all times by the friendliest and most hospitable cyclist of the world, Puerto Rican cyclist.
• Catered menu prepared by a leading sports nutritionist from Puerto Rico.
• All breakfast and lunches will be served in the most amazing outdoor locations.
• The ride will start in front of the Princesa Building, a jail built by the Spaniards centuries ago (now headquarters of the PR Tourism Company) and we will finish the ride in the grounds of the San Felipe del Morro Fort. This location is truly spectacular and will bring riders up close and personal with the one of he oldest structures built in the hemisphere (circa 1539). Needless to say that the view is also amazing, house of the ninth and last lighthouse of the tour. Here it is:


Here is just one of the fabulous group photos we had along the way:DSC00146

Here are a few highlights of what is in each slideshow (click any):

Feb 4 & 5:
DSC00012 DSC00004 DSC00043 DSC00049 DSC00065

Feb 6:
DSC00085 DSC00095 DSC00104 DSC00107 DSC00111

Feb 7:
DSC00113 DSC00120 DSC00126 DSC00129

Feb 8:
DSC00146 DSC00152 DSC00164 DSC00169 DSC00184 DSC00207

Below: Photos of us sent by the organizers after the ride. What customer service!