Competitor Magazine Endurance Sports Awards

Photos by Chris Kostman, February 5, 2005

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The thirteenth annual Endurance Sports Awards, held February 5, 2005 at Sea World, was a very special evening organized to recognize a wide variety of endurance athletes while benefiting the Challenged Athletes Foundation, the Official Charity of AdventureCORPS. Laurie and I took eight of our closest friends to this event.

As before, the evening began with all of these good-looking athletes in tuxes and sexy dresses winning armloads of stuffed animals in the Sea World arcade. It's a fun time to hang out, reconnect, and make new friends. Then we all headed into the Nautilus Pavilion for the meal, more social time, and then the awards program itself. This was well organized and was emceed by Bob Babbitt, the publisher of Competitor Magazine and co-founder of C.A.F., along with Mike Reilly, the "Voice of the Ironman." They had a great stage with jumbotron screens on both sides. A video montage of the 2004 endurance races in review was played.

There were quite a few awards given, nearly all of them preceded by a one to five minute video clip about the recipient. Truly, it was a very slick and fun presentation.

It was particularly neat to be there because 2004 Kiehl's Badwater Ultramarathon winner Dean Karnazes received the "Ultramarathon Runner of the Year" award. Additionally, the 2001 Badwater Ultramarathon champion, Mike Trevino, was recognized as "Rookie of the Year" for his second-place performance in the Race Across Amerca. As we all know, ultra-endurance sports rarely get this kind of mainstream attention, so kudos to Competitor Magazine for once again including ultra sports in their line-up.

Laurie and I were pleased to share the AdventureCORPS table with eight of the best people we know: Mike Angelos, Ruby Kan, Roy Wallack, Dave and Margaret Nelson, Kevin Fung, and Kelly Clancy-Garvey and Shayne Garvey. Thanks to all of them for joining us!

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