Los Angeles Run Hit Wonder 10k: Featuring: A Flock of Seagulls, C+C Music Factory, Gerardo, Animotion, Stephan Pearcy of Ratt, and Missing Persons

Images by Chris Kostman / AdventureCORPS, Feb 16, 2003

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I was one of the 10,000 runners at the Run Hit Wonder 10k running race on Sunday, Feb 16, 2003 in Hollywood, but I was probably one of the few who ran with both a digital camera and a digital video camera in his hands. As as a serious 80's music aficionado, I couldn't miss this opportunity to record such an event for both posterity and my next high school reunion.

Unlike the other runners, I actually stopped to listen to each of the performers for at least a few minutes, not to mention see what they look like after all these years. Yet there was still always a big sea of runners behind me (not that I'm so fast; there were just a lot of people there). The finish line perfomers were Missing Persons, so we all got to enjoy a mini-set of their music.

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