Archaeoscience is the study of all things ancient, from both before and after the arrival of humans on the planet. Archaeoscience International (ASI) is a scientific research and exploration institute which is non-partisan, international, and multidisciplinary in its efforts and is, therefore, concerned with the scientific observation and analysis of all things ancient. Research methods, expedition planning, publishing, and other aspects of ASI operations are at all times sensitive to the environmental and political setting of the research locales.

Our efforts are always multidisciplinary, drawing on the tools and techniques of many disciplines, and we seek to explicitly utilize what each discipline has to offer the others. We work collaboratively with specialists, while seeking to build a broader and more sophisticated understanding of the different disciplines and what they have to offer to generalist endeavours. These efforts are designed to develop archaeoscience as its own specialty.

About Archaeoscience International, founded by Chris Kostman
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Articles, Expedition Reports, and other info about ASI's multidisciplinary exploration efforts in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Turkey and beyond

Online slideshows from the June-July, 2002 expedition to Kerkenes, Turkey
In Search of Ancient Seafarers: A Marine Archaeological Reconnaissance in the United Arab Emirates
University of California at Berkeley Marine Archaeological Expedition to Fujairah, United Arab Emirates: 1994 Season Preliminary Report
The Demise of Utopia: Contexts of Civilizational Collapse in the Bronze Age Indus Valley
A Bibliography for The Demise of Utopia
The Indus Valley Civilization: In Search of those Elusive Centers and Peripheries
A Bibliography on Indus Valley Centers and Peripheries
Book Review: Harappa Excavations 1986-1990:
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Third Millennium Urbanism
Exploring the Last Frontier: Diving Mexico's Yucatan Cave Systems
Official Website of Institute of Nautical Archaeology - Egypt's Sadana Island Shipwreck Project, created and hosted here by Archaeoscience International