You can still donate to the cause! Click here:


Infusions of Tea, our local tea house and a tea wholesaler, provided hot tea at the start line for the riders! Infusions of Tea is dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the celebration of life and friendships. They view the consumption of tea as a ritual that promotes self-reflection, social interaction, and lifelong health benefits. Infusions of Tea provides a vehicle for continued learning and exploration into the world's finest teas and tea related products. Given the increasing daily demands of today's modern lifestyle, it is critical that we all make time for ourselves and those we love. Tea, both the act of preparing and enjoying the tea itself, brings with it a deep tradition and history that many have studied and for a lifetime.

We anticipated a cold out there in the morning on Feb 13, so REI donated hand warmer packets for the riders. Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro, REI gladly shares their enthusiasm for their products—and the trails, slopes and waterways where they play. Also, each year, REI donates millions of dollars to support conservation efforts nationwide, and sends scores of volunteers to build trails, clean up beaches, and teach outdoor ethics to kids.

Chuao Chocalatier donated chocolate for all the riders! Not only do we love their chocolate - they are a San Diego area company - but 80 For Haiti took place on Valentine's weekend: great timing! Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced chew-WOW) is the first Venezuelan Chocolatier based in the United States and Southern California’s premier artisan chocolatier. Founded in 2002 by Master Chef Michael Antonorsi and his brother Richard Antonorsi - the company's CEO; Chuao Chocolatier is pioneering “fusion chocolate” through a commitment to creating unusual, unexpected and delicious flavors using their secret blend of premium chocolate and fresh natural ingredients.

Ls Campbell, the owner of Temecula, CA bike shop Cyco-Path, donated $1000 to Mercy Corps and provided roving support on the course all day, tending to bikes and riders with his expertise and love of cycling.

Jimbo's Naturally Market, with four organic and natural food markets in San Diego County, donated a $75 gift card which we used to buy chips and healthy snacks for the riders.

Pharmaca donated green tea "shots" to help fuel the riders. Pharmaca stores offer a range of products to help you maintain good health, as well as traditional treatment options and a staff of health care experts for times when you need them most.

Clif Bar donated energy food: Clif Quench, Clif Blox, Clif Bars, and Luna Bars.

Thanks to Bill Oetinger of Sebastopol, CA for creating this fantastic logo quickly and for free! Bill is a full-time, self-employed commercial artist. He has created nearly all of the logos for our events. His work is supreme and we really appreciate working with him. Click here to see a small sample of Bill's portfolio and his contact information.

Jan Heine of Bicycle Quarterly, our absolutely favorite magazine, is helping out behind the scenes.

Media Coverage

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Dawn, Cassidy, and Zack Mayeda: Check-In, Checkpoint 1 and Checkpoint 3
Joe Poma and Ryan Clarke: Tea Maestros, Checkpoint 2, and Checkpoint 3
Elizabeth Jefferson and Kassidi Stapley: Check-In, Checkpoint 1, Checkpoint 3, and Finish Line
Tina Angeles: Checkpoint 2, Checkpoint 3, and Finish Line
George and Alexander Vargas: Checkpoint 1, Checkpoint 3, and Finish Line
Les Campbell: Roving SAG all day, everywhere and anywhere
Chris Kostman: Start Line, Checkpoint Delivery, Roving, and Photography

Over 100 Donors: $14,638 as of 3/9/10 PLUS all the entry fees (which total $13,400 for 157 riders) = $28,038 raised for Mercy Corps


AdventureCORPS, 2/12
Al Layman, 1/25
Alison Jefferson, 2/2
Andrew Gustafson, 1/20
Andrew Letton, 1/25
Andrew Thomas, 2/1
Ann, 2/18
Anne Dunne Cerami, 2/19
Anne Lee, 1/26
Anthony Portera, 1/18
Arthur Dominy, 2/18
Beth Dominy, 2/19
Bill Bradley, 1/25
Bob Becker, 1/25
Bob Corman, 1/18
Bob Hartman, 1/19
Brenda, 1/19
Bruce Gungle, 1/26
Bruce Rauhe, 1/25
Candace Lieber, 1/25
Catherine Tachdjian, 2/9
Cathy Cramer, 1/27
Charlie Engle, 1/26
Charlie Lizard Liskey, 1/26
Chris, 2/9
Chris Frost, 2/9
Chris Steussy, 2/25
Christy Korda, 2/1
Cindi PitSnake Staiger, 1/18
Colin and Julie Stokes, 1/26
Daniel Jensen, 1/20
David, 1/26
David Pacey, 1/23
David Pagel, 1/28
David S. Jones, 1/26
Dawn Chuck, 1/18
Deavon Badami, 2/19
Debbie Albers, 1/30
Dennis Barton, 1/25
Dennis Henry, 1/28
Doug Dog Sloan, 1/27
Donna Gookin, 1/23
Douglas D, 1/19
Eric Ray, 1/25
Eric Troili, 1/26
Georganna Quarles, 1/19
Glen Johnson, 1/25
Harry Hasen, 1/26
Jaime Y. enochs, 2/9
Jamie Huneycutt, 1/19
Janet C. Jones, 2/17
Jean Montague. 2/15
Jeff Martin, 1/19
Jeffrey Urnes, 1/19
Jenny Davidson, 1/23
Jerimiah, 1/18
Jerry Hitchcock, 1/18
Jerry Szatan, 1/24
Joe Williams, 1/19
John Krueger, 2/4
John Marino, 2/13
Jolizabeth, 2/11
Jon Skua Skramstad, 1/26
Jose A. Barraza, 2/3
Joseph Brennan, 1/25
Joseph Burgasser, 1/19
Joseph, 1/21
Judith Gustafson, 1/20
Kara R. Potter, 2/9
Kari Noomen, 3/3
Keith Laird, 1/28
Kenneth Green, 1/25
Kermit Cutt, 1/19
Kevin, 1/25
Kevin P. Mershon, 2/16
Kirk S. Ankeney, 2/16
Kristie Congram, 1/19
Kristin Stewart, 1/28
Laetitia Loubser, 1/18
Lauren Walz, 1/26
Len Bertain, 1/26
Les Campbell, 1/30
Les Campbell, 2/9
Lori Cherry, 1/25
Margaret Tonda, 1/23
Malcolm A. Robinson, 2/17
Mark, 1/19
Matthew Aro, 1/23
Mavis Irwin, 2/10
Michael McGuire, 1/19
Michele M. Wirth, 2/17
Molly Heekin, 1/19
Maria Marsh, 1/18
Nancy Barto, 2/11
Neal Herman, 1/25
Nikki, 1/26
Olivier Werther, 1/25
Patrick, 1/25
Patti Rosenthal, 1/18
Paulina M Pizarro, 2/12
Ranferi T. Bahena, 2/16
Rene Rodarte, 1/25
Robert Morris, 1/25
Robert Sponge Bob Paxson, 1/26
Robert Tyck, 2/21
Ruth Schwarz, 1/18
Sally Levens, 1/25
Sam Hill, 1/19
Shirley Jefferson, 1/28
Stanley W. Murphy, 2/23
Stephen Fischer, 1/27
Steve Myrck, 1/19
Susan Jones, 1/18
Suzi Crowley, 1/25
Thorsten Treptow, 1/27
Timothy Rowe, 1/25
Todd Baum, 1/30
Tony Parker, 1/25
Tracy, 1/26
Wayne & Shelby Kostman, 1/26
Wilfried Braun, 1/19
Wolfgang Hofmann, 1/26

Comments from Donors to AdventureCORPS

Chris - thanks letting us non-cyclists be a part of this. - Robert Tyck

Way to go, Scott Mayeda! - Deavon Badami

Congratulations and blessings on everyone who rode and raised funds. The Dominys are proud to support the relief effort by sponsoring Dan and Scott for each of their miles. - Arthur Dominy

Sponsorship of rider Scott Mayeda. If I wasn't currently living in Holland I would be out there with you! - Ann Dunne

Thanks for doing this. You are all stars in my book. - Nancy Barto

It is my pleasure to make the max. donation. Thanks, Chris for making this happen. See you in Pine Valley. - Les Campbell, Cyco-Path Bike Shop

Good Cause...enjoy your ride. - Chris Frost

Thanks Chris for taking the lead, you are a wonderful humanitarian. Have a great ride, wish I was there! - Mary Stephens

My prayers are with the victims and the volunteers working for their recovery. - John Krueger

Chris and Liz - You two are awesome for organizing this event! Dave and I will be cheering you all on from Huntsville, Canada! Way to go riders!! - Dave Beauch and Alison Jefferson

Thanks to Chris Steussy biking/fundraising for Haiti. - Christy Korda

On behalf of Cyco-Path Bike Shop (Temecula Ca.) I am donating $10 per rider up to $1000.00.I will also be at the ride to provide sag support. Thanks, Chris for all that you do. - Les Campbell

Thanks AdventureCORPS. I wish I could join the ride. - Todd Baum

Chris and Liz: Dad and I are very proud of you two for being so caring. We will be thinking of you on the 13th as we ski the trails. Good luck Our thoughts will be with you and good luck in this important endeavour. Cheers from North Bay Ontario Canada - Shirley Jefferson

Thanks for the kick in the butt. Although I have already made two donations with company matching, as you say, we can always do more. I can't convince myself to drive 20 hours round trip to ride for 5 hours and get back for a 2/14 wedding but I would love to be there. - Dennis Henry

Chris - thanks for leading the "do good" efforts and inspiring us all to be engaged and involved. - Kristin Stewart

I'll get in 80 miles closer to home. Thanks for doing this! - Cathy Cramer

San Diego is a long way from Sacramento, so here is just a donation. - Stephen Fischer

Got a broken arm and can't ride, or I would. Here's a donation anyway. - Doug Dog Sloan

Hi Chris, good initiative. Best, Thorsten Treptow

"At the end of the day, you either want or you don't want to know about it. It's a mercy thing - you have to give back. However you do it, you have to give something back. You have to." - Thierry Henry. Chris - Thanks for doing what you do. Colin and Julie Stokes

Chris, Thanks for your focus on the needs of the Haiti people. I have found that when you give you will recieve two-fold. I like others have given through other local charities, but Chris you are dead on when you say we can and should do more. It is like being at the 121 mile marker of Badwater and you don't think you can do any more, but you dig deep. We all just need to dig a little deeper. Thanks, David S. Jones

The "80 for Haiti" ride doesn't fit my schedule, but since I am riding the Mt. Laguna event in April, I thought I could instead donate $1/mile for that ride...maybe other folks can, too. - Bruce Gungle

Chris and Adventure Corps.. Thanks for keeping the focus on the Haiti relief effort.. I live in Washington State so I can't make the 80 for Haiti; But here's my 80 for Haiti.. Thanks again..! - Eric Thrasher Troili

Best of Luck from Frank McKinney's Caring House Project Foundation! - Anne Lee

The world never cared about Haiti, beeing one of the poorest countries in the world amid rich neighbouring nations. If we really want to help, we have to support long term projects to stabilize a civil society. - Wolfgang Hofmann

As always, thanks for your passion and for using your powers for good!! - Charlie Engle

Be patient, you will reach your goal! Love and Hugs, Mom and Dad - Wayne Kostman

I live in Buffalo, NY - where it may be cold but we have a warm heart! Go riders, and raise a lot of $$$ for Haiti victims. - Joseph Brennan

I wish my schedule would allow to make the ride but since I can't I hope this small donation helps. - Glen Johnson

Have a safe, awesome ride for Haiti! I'll be in SD the weekend before for a conference! - Candace Lieber

Thanks to all the people at ADVENTURECORPS for making this effort. - Dennis Barton

Thanks for the nudge. Rather ride but have a wedding to go to. - Kenneth Green

I can't make San Diego - so I'll ride 80 miles with friends in Death Valley Sat Feb 13. - Timothy Rowe

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to help. - Lori Cherry

Thanks for nudging us to support this cause! It did the trick for me. Here's what I can afford right now. Cheers! - Andrew Letton

Sorry I cannot make the ride but I support and applaud your efforts. Best of luck on the 13th. Robert Morris, San Francisco - Robert Morris III

We take for granted so mightily what we have and marvel humbly at the true human spirit surrounding us. Haiti, we are you. - Tony Parker

Thanks for working so hard on behalf of a great cause Chris! - Albert Lyman

Good Luck!! - Margaret Tonda

Can't make the ride, but it's a great goal. - Jerry Szatan

My heart goes out to all of those affected by the tragedy in Haiti. And to those able to ride in the 80 for Haiti - have a great time and be safe! - Matthew Aro

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute. - David Pacey

Comments from Riders

Although the main thought was helping out for the tragedy, I want to say thanks for putting on a great ride. My Uncle and I both enjoyed the challenge and the beautiful day. - Tim Kjenstad

Thanks so much for organizing this on such short notice and for such a great cause! We had a fabulous time! See you at the Classic. =) - Best, Joy Muehlenbein

Many thanks for hosting this ride. Great course and support for a worthy cause. I had not ridden in the area before, but will be back for Mount Laguna with my brother. - Joe Baumgaertner

Here is the FINAL Roster with 157 Riders (148 actually rode):

First Middle Last M/F City State Bicycle Club
Claudia L. Aguilar F National City CA None
Ryan Alfred M San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Donald Ankeny M san diego CA Sklz Racing Team
Per Asberg M Ladera Ranch CA None
David Azar M San Diego CA None
Michelle Barber F San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Richard Lowell Barber M Alpine CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
joseph baumgaertner M claremont CA None
Jeff Bean M San Diego CA BikeCrave San Diego
Trevor Blair M San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Shane Blatz M San Diego CA None
Dylan Donald Bowes M San Diego CA None
john braman M San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Gerry Wade Brewster M Alpine CA None
Karen Lynn Brewster F Alpine CA None
Peter Bridge M San Diego CA San Diego Bicycle Club
Robert Brown M San Marcos CA North County Cycle Club
Kirsten Browne F San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Amy Bruning F La Mesa CA None
Noelle Bruno F N Hollywood CA None
Glenn Buberl M San Diego CA None
John Byrne M San Diego CA Rough Riders
Les Campbell M Nuevo CA Cyco-Path Bike Shop
Elizabeth Collier M anaheim CA None
Bruce Comer M Playa Vista CA LA Triathlon Club
John Corkill M National City CA Rough Riders
Matthew Critchlow M Encinitas CA None
Will Cronyn M San Diego CA Major Taylor Cycling Club,SD; SD Knickerbikers
dennis scott cruzan M del mar CA None
Paul E Danhaus M Wausau WI Great Lakes Randonneurs
Brian Davies M Simi Valley CA Conejo Valley Cyclists
Thea de Boer F irvine CA None
Michael Roman de Salvo M San Diego CA None
Whitney DeSpain F Oceanside CA Velo Bella
Dan Dominy M Incline Village NV Village Dirt Balls
Michael r Draper M San Diego CA None
Chris Dulnikowski F San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Julie H Dunkle F san diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Bill Duvel M Encinitas CA Swami's
Karri Kathleen Egoroff F Carlsbad CA Coyotes Triathlon & Bike Club
bryan english M la mesa CA None
tom flynn M encinitas CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
richard John Fryar M Livermore CA United States Army 1BCTG, 5/75th DIV Costa Mesa, CA
Jim Fuller M Riverside CA None
Tim Sean Gallagher M Sonora CA Clysdale Club
Mark Ganzer M San Diego CA Triathlon Club or San Diego
John J Garrigan M Encinitas CA None
Mandy Genato M san gabriel CA Adobo Velo
Donald Edward Glatthorn M Rancho Santa Fe CA None
Kevin L Goins M Torrance CA BCC
Mitch Goldman M San Diego CA CAF
Rick Herrera M monterey park CA Adobo Velo
steven dean hill M San diego CA None
Timothy L Hine M San Diego CA San Diego Bicycle Club
Alexander Horvat M Redondo Beach CA None
brunson howard M carlsbad CA None
brunson howard M carlsbad CA None
Kerin Huber F Pasadena CA LAW
Barbara Hunter F Spring Valley CA None
Nathan Jeppesen M San Diego CA None
Collin Johnson M Monrovia CA None
Jonathan Edward Johnson M la Mesa CA None
Cary Johnston M Altadena CA Los Angeles TNT
Deborah Johnston F Altadena CA Los Angeles TNT
Jim Kalb M El Cajon CA None
Kathleen Kenney F San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego and Alaska Tri Club
Jiea - Kim F La Jolla CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Ken Kistinger M South Pasadena CA None
Tim Kjenstad M Henderson NV None
paul klink M cardiff CA AZ masters Race Team
Steve LaChaine M Atascadero CA Go-For-It-Sports
Stephen Lamb M La Mesa CA None
Steve Lathrop M San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
andrew lee M san diego CA G.S. Adams Ave. cycling club
Richard Clinton Loy M Ventura CA Channel Islands Bicycle Club
Larry Lyons M San Diego CA San Diego Bicycle Club
manni malhotra M san diego CA Trek
Derek Marich M San Diego CA None
Terry Martin Duvel F Encinitas CA Nytro Womens Triathlon Team
Pete Masiel M El Cajon CA World Cycles, Silver City Cyclists, Cyclo-Vets, San Diego Randonneurs
scott mayeda M encinitas CA None
Christopher Vernon McDonald M Studio City CA None
Kevin McDonnell M Union City CA Fremont Freewheeler Bicycle Club
Vanessa McDonnell F Union City CA Fremont Freewheeler Bicycle Club
Eric McLeod M San Diego CA None
Mike McNelly M Lake Forest CA OC Wheelmen
ALAN MESSARRA M Alhambra CA Adobo Velo
MJ Moran F Spring Valley CA None
Joy Muehlenbein F San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Calvin Mulder M Tustin CA Team Ironclad
Jose Munoz Jr M San Diego CA None
Erin K. Murphy F Cypress CA Team in Training/OCW
Liz Murphy F San Diego CA Trek
Michael Nepomuceno M San Diego CA Mira Mesa Cycling Club
Sabine C Neumann F Santee CA None
Ryan James O'Connor M san diego CA None
Mario Ordas M Chula Vista CA None
Kenneth Herbert Orr M Yuma AZ Saskcycling
Bill Osborn M Escondido CA None
John Pak M Rancho Cucamonga CA Multisport ministries
Pierre Pfeffer M San Diego CA San Diego Cyclo Vets
Andrew Popinski M Pasadena CA Pasadena Tiathlon Club
Sara Teresa Price F San Diego CA None
Don Ramer M San Diego CA San Diego Randonneurs
Martha Randi F Spring Valley CA None
D.J. Rausa M San Diego CA Sub 5
Alison Lynn Reaser F San Diego CA Sierra Club
Kathryn Reid F San Diego CA Sierra Club
Art Reza M San Diego CA Mira Mesa Cycling Club
Rachel Richards F San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Daniel Rodriguez M Chula Vista CA None
jerry Romero M Riverside CA None
Mark Rook M Oxnard AS Amgen Bike Club
britney roschitsch F Encinitas CA San Diego Bicycle Club
Kevin Richard Rosenthal M El Cajon CA None
Didier Ryser M irvine CA None
Guillermo Sanchez M San Diego CA None
Guillermo Sanchez M Henderson NV None
Laura Sand F Solana Beach CA None
Jesse Santamaria M Norwalk CA Adobo Velo
john sarkisian M Carlsbad CA None
Randy Schmitz M San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Anthony Scozzari M Vista CA None
Dean Shackle M Tustin CA Team In Training
Diane Shanahan F San Diego CA None
Ed Shepherd M San Diego CA CycloVets
Rick Siebern M santee CA None
bart c signor M alta loma CA Team In Training
bindy signor F alta loma CA None
Zuzel Sisniega M anaheim CA None
Hannah s Smyth F San diego CA San Diego Bicycle Club
Amy V Snyder F La Jolla CA San Diego Bicycle Club
Marcus Mike Speckhahn M Escondido CA G.S. Adams Avenue Bicycles
Peter Sroka M San Diego CA None
Cami Stark F San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Christopher R Steussy M La Mesa CA None
Jeremy Douglas Stromsoe M San Diego CA Triathlon Club of San Diego
Charlie Sykes M San Diego CA San Diego Bicycle Club
Tim Todaro M Alpine CA CA None
Lauri Treff F Carlsbad CA Coyotes Triathlon & Bike Club
Ruben Uriarte M Corona CA None
Seth Wallace M Colton CA None
Beth Gerdes Walsh F Encinitas CA Nytro Women
James Michael Walsh M Encinitas CA Celo Pacific
Richard Walsh M San Diego CA None
T Waltz M La Jolla CA None
Debra L Ward F San Diego CA None
Steven M Ward M San Diego CA None
sian helen welch F Encinitas CA None
Katherine Welker F Spring Valley CA None
janet wendle F cardiff CA San Diego Bicycle Club
Jacqueline Nicole Wilkins F Reno NV None
Ye Yu F Irvine CA Team In Training
Steve A Zeis M Solana Beach CA San Diego Cyclo Vets