AdventureCORPS Awards & Honors

Badwater Ultramarathon Awards & Honors

Badwater Hall of Fame

The Badwater Hall of Fame was created to honor those who have made historic, critical contributions to the development, history, and success of this event. It was established in 2002 with the induction of its first member, Al Arnold, who in 1977 became the first man to successfully run from Badwater to Mt. Whitney. For more information on the inductees, click here. Listed below are all inductees from 2002 through the present:

2002 Al Arnold
2003 Jay Birmingham
2004 Richard Benyo
2004 Tom Crawford
2005 Jeannie Ennis
2006 Rhonda Provost
2006 Jack Denness
2007 Ben and Denise Jones
2010 Dr. Lisa Bliss
2012 Lisa Smith-Batchen

Badwater Ambassador Award

The Badwater Ambassador Award was proudly presented to Curt Maples in 2003 in recognition of his distinguished service to the event and to his country. Info here.

The three time Badwater finisher deployed to Iraq (again) with the US Marine Corps after the 2003 race. On July 12-14, 2004 he ran 135 miles in Iraq simultaneous to the 2004 Badwater Ultramarathon. As an honorary race entrant, he wore his customary bib number 13 while running 135 miles around his base. His progress was reported via the 2004 Badwater webcast.

For more information on Curt Maples and his 2004 Run to Help Iraqi Children, click here.

The Badwater Belt Buckle

The Holy Grail of Endurance Sports, The Badwater Belt Buckle is awarded exclusively to sub-48-hour finishers of the The World's Toughest Foot Race, the Badwater Ultramarathon.

Furnace Creek 508 Awards & Honors

Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame

The Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame honors those athletes who have shown a long-term commitment to pursuing their personal and athletic goals on the famed and fabled Furnace Creek 508 race course. Inductees into the Hall of Fame have completed a minimum of five Furnace Creek 508 events, in any division or combination of divisions. Each year's class of inductees are recognized at the Furnace Creek 508 Pre-Race Meeting. For more information on the inductees, click here.

Furnace Creek 508 Race Dedication

Furnace Creek 508 dates to 1983 in its original incarnation, and to 1989 on the Death Valley route which we all know and love. Because that long-term success is largely the result of the dedication of certain key supporters of the event, we sometimes dedicate the race to somebody who has made historic, critical contributions to the development, history, and success of this event. For more information on those to whom the race has been dedicated, also noted below, click here.

1995 Michael Secrest
1998 Lee Mitchell
2001 Norm Hoffman
2002 Jonathan Abalone Arnow
2002 Perry Swan Smith
2003 Dennis Brown
2007 Cindi Staiger
2008 John J. Marino
2009 Wayne and Shelby Kostman
2010 Anne Schneider and Dan Crain

The Furnace Creek 508 Jersey

Only official finishers of "The Toughest 48 Hours in Sport" are awarded, and may wear, the exclusive Furnace Creek 508 cycling jersey. For information, images, and history of The 508 jersey, click here.

Award to Finishers of both Furnace Creek 508 and the Badwater Ultramarathon

Death Valley Cup

The Death Valley Cup recognizes those athletes who complete both the Badwater Ultramarathon 135 Running Race and the Furnace Creek 508 Bicycle Race in the same calendar year. This is a form of recognition for those athletes who complete both races in the same year, and also an actual plaque that is awarded each time an athlete breaks the current overall record for either the men's or women's divisions. Thus, there are, at any given moment, two Death Valley Cup Record Holders, as well as an ongoing, slowly increasing list of Death Valley Cup Finishers.

To earn this recognition is a very significant achievement in endurance sports and especially for those athletes who have come to know and love Death Valley and its environs. For more information on Death Valley Cup finishers, click here.