By continuing with the registration process, you agree to the following (Please take the time review this ENTIRE page.):

Important Registration Details and Policies

  1. All entrants are required to sign the Accident Waiver at check-in (before beginning the event). The waiver may not be modified in any manner.
  2. All riders must pay the event entry fee, except those with a Volunteer's Free Ride Credit.
  3. Entry fees are non-transferable. (No rider exchanges.)
  4. Entry fees are non-refundable. (No roll-over credits, either.)
  5. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  6. Photo ID is required to check-in for the event.
  7. The minimum age for participants and volunteers is 11. Riders under 18 must have their Accident Waiver signed by a parent or guardian who attends the event.
  8. Participants may not tow trailers or "trail-a-bikes."
  9. These events ALWAYS sell out way in advance! There is no registration at the event. You may not ride unless you have pre-registered and therefore your name is on the event roster.
  10. There will be no mailing via postal service of any info, results, or entry confirmation before or after the event, however will email you confirmation of your entry when you complete the application process through their website. Keep that email on file as proof of your registration. We will keep you up-to-date via our email newsletter, but only if you choose to sign up for it.
  11. We ride rain or shine.
  12. Fire Cancels! This event is held under permits from the United States Forest Service and the County of San Diego. Either agency has the jurisdiction to cancel the event due to fire, other natural disaster, act of terrorism, Act of God, or other reasons. If this happens, there will be No Refunds. Please review the AdventureCORPS, Inc. Disaster Policy.

Rules for Riding

  1. All riders must be friendly and must always display a good attitude before, during, and after the event. Whining and/or a sense of entitlement will not be tolerated.
  2. All riders must carry and/or wear the official event ID provided at check-in. Riders without ID will be refused support and will be listed as DQ in the results. "Bandit riders" will be banned from future events.
  3. All riders must carry proper personal identification and personal emergency contact phone number at all times while cycling. We recommend the fine products from
  4. All riders must wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet while cycling.
  5. All riders must obey all laws and all relevant aspects of the California Motor Vehicle Code. Riders who break laws and/or ride unsafely will be disqualified from the event; they will also be banned from entering future events.
  6. All riders must follow the basic rules for safe cycling, including, but not limited to: Ride to the right, single file at all times. Stop at all stop signs and red signals. Protect and warn one another about road hazards and traffic. Don't overlap wheels. Practice safe paceline and group riding etiquette. Be courteous to and cognizant of motorists and other park visitors.
  7. All riders must begin in the wave start as directed. Riders may not enter the course before or after the official wave starts.
  8. Riders who arrive at checkpoints after the posted closing times will not be able to complete the full route.
  9. All riders must leave the course within twelve hours and MAY NOT cycle in the dark.
  10. All riders, including those who DNF, must check in at the finish line. Riders may complete one, two, or three loops of the three-loop course; the loops must be completed in order. Those who complete one or two loops will be noted as such within the results, without time or ranking. Those who officially complete all three loops will be timed and results ranked.
  11. Personal Support Vehicles, whether they are actively "supporting" a rider or not, are not allowed anywhere on the course, except for the start / finish area.
  12. For your safety and the safety of other riders and road users, headphones, in either or both ears, are not allowed at any time while cycling.

2013 Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic Jerseys by PACE Sportswear

Sorry, but it is now too late to pre-order a MLBC Jersey. We will have a few availabale for sale at check-in and at the finish line.

If you would like to order a Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic jersey, please note that the jerseys are for pre-orders only. We do not order hardly any "extras." If you want one, please order it when you register for the event. You will not be able to email us later to order or request one.

Please reference the PACE Sportswear Sports Sizing Charts below to be sure you know your correct size before you order the new gear. Remember, these are "Euro Race-Cut" and we offer both men's and women's styles. Jerseys are race cut and therefore run small, by as much as one size or more, as compared to club cut jerseys! (They are sized almost identically to the Hincapie Race Cut jerseys that we have offered for several years in the past.)

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PLEASE NOTE: All Prices INCLUDE California Sales Tax! You will not be charged tax in addition!

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