Death Valley Century and Double Century - Fall
October 24, 2009 Results, Report, Links, and More

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Show 1: Furnace Creek Start Line by Wayne Kostman and Chris Kostman
Show 2: Approaching Scotty's Castle, Part 1 of 3, by Chris Kostman
Show 3: Approaching Scotty's Castle, Part 1 of 3, by Chris Kostman
Show 4: Approaching Scotty's Castle, Part 1 of 3, by Chris Kostman
Show 5: Scotty's Castle by Wayne Kostman
Show 6: Scotty's Castle by Brandy DeLuca
Show 7: Ubehebe Crater by Brandy DeLuca
Show 8: Side of the Road, Ubehbe Crater, Nevada and Final Finishers, by Chris Kostman
Photos by Badwater Mayor Ben Jones near Stovepipe Wells during the ride
Video slideshow by rider Chuck Bramwell

We had a truly fantastic weekend in Mother Nature's Greatest Sports Arena with the final AdventureCORPS event of 2009, the Fall Death Valley Century and Double Century on October 24.

It was a perfect cycling day for all the riders: Temps were in low-60s to about 90. As always, it was dry out there and staying hydrated was paramount to success.

There were 253 riders on the start line: 127 of 140 riders completed the 105-mile century, while 96 of 113 completed the double century.

Attesting to the wide-ranging popularity of this ride, we had registered riders from Canada plus 14 American States: AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, IL, MD, NM, NV, OR, UT, VT, WA, and WI!

Certainly everybody had an adventure and it was a pleasure to spend a long day "out there" with you! Thanks for riding and thanks for supporting this event!

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who made it all happen!

Check-In: Steve Giant Water Bug Gray, Karen Gray, Jeff Brown Bear Bell, Jeannie Ennis, Mike Angelfish Angelos, Wayne and Shelby Kostman, Steve Protoceratops Barnes, Elizabeth Jefferson, and Chris Kostman

Start Line: Steve Giant Water Bug Gray, Karen Gray, Kathleen Twitchell, and Chris Kostman

Stove Pipe Wells: Tim Kjenstad, Deborah Dexter, Ginger Kuhn, Mark Dolginoff

Side of the Road: Bruno George, Jerry Brown, Steve Giant Water Bug Gray, Karen Gray, Mike Angelfish Angelos, Richard Elam, Susan von Sosten, Ginger Kuhn, Deborah Dexter

Water Stop on the Scotty's Castle Road: Maile Nye, Barry Nelson, Steve Seaman

Scotty's Castle: Wayne and Shelby Kostman, George Red-Eyed Vireo Vargas, Brandy DeLuca, Carrie Bowen, Ivy Bowen, Kathy Twitchell, Susan von Sosten, Kimberly Smith

Nevada: Tim Kjenstad and Susan von Sosten

Ubehebe Crater: Jim Swarzman

Hell's Gate: Steve Giant Water Bug Gray and Karen Gray

Finish Line: Joe Gargoyle Garza, Jeff Brown Bear Bell, Mark Dolginoff, Jeannie Ennis, Elizabeth Jefferson, Carrie Bowen

CORPSoga on Friday: Elizabeth Jefferson

Roving SAG: Mike Angelfish Angelos, Mark Martinez and Alice La Rue, Lee Mitchell, Chris Kostman, Steve Protoceratops Barnes

Photography: Chris Kostman, Wayne Kostman, Brandy DeLuca

Special thanks are also extended to the wonderful people at the Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort, Joe's Sanitation of Pahrump, the Subway of Pahrump, Liberty Ambulance of Ridgecrest, the National Park Service, and Cal Trans in Bishop.

Awesome, Unsolicited, Totally Appreciated Feedback!

I want to say thanks to all of you who supported the riders on the Death Valley Century/Double. This was the first cycling event I have ever been a part of. I have done a couple marathons and some halfs. This event was great. What made it so enjoyable and something I would like to do again is the STAFF. I felt cherished and protected. The way you all drove the route over and over again, the fully stocked rest stops and the welcome on the return to Furnace Creek made it feel like I had joined a family of sorts. Thank You ALL from the bottom of my heart. - Chris Gennaro 4all 8G's

Thanks for a superbly organized and supported ride. The focused efficiency and upbeat attitude of all the staff created a positive and memorable ambiance from start to finish, and allowed slower riders like us to finish within time limits. The staff showed a practiced professionalism and a sensitivity to the needs of the riders. A particular high point was the unexpected but very welcome encouragement voiced by the crew parked along North Road as we rode through the indeteriminent darkness to Mud Canyon. We also appreciated the mileage status reports given by the rove crews as we climbed up Hells Gate at 10 PM. Special thanks to Susan von Sosten for staying at the Scotty's Junction CP to sign our bib after we fought the head winds into Nevada.

It was a great experience and we are hoping to do the spring double to sample the southern route, and have recruited our college student sons to join us for a four person relay team for the 2010 Furnace Creek 508. - Howard and Nancy Mason

The ride was absolutely gorgeous and well run. I am still running on adrenaline from having such a great time! We will definitely be back next year. - Sherie Schmidt

I wanted to thank you and the rest of the team for a great DV Fall DC this past weekend. This was my fourth Death Valley Double Century and I hope not my last. You and the crew do a great job at organization and support. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to all of the volunteers. The folks at all of the rest stops were great and the roving SAG wagons and ambulance were a ressurance. - All the best, Robert Morris

Thanks for a lovely third-time around for us DV Century! We've done the spring version twice (2004 and 2005) and this was our first autumn trip. Great time, great support, met some nice people. - Nancy Cohn and George Cassiday

I finally figured out how to make a fairly decent slideshow along with my Hi-Def movies. Like most Doubles, you don’t realize how awesome of a day it was until it's long since gone. Thank you and your team for a great weekend out there. - Chuck Bramwell

Just wanted to say thanks for everything. The ride was epic, the people were great, and I'm very appreciative that I was able to do the ride. You guys are 1st classs. Thankyou for everything, and I'm definitely in next year, and maybe the 508 with some guys from eastside velo. Thanks again, Chris. - Jim Kelly

Just wanted to give a big thanks to Adventure Corps and all the volunteers for putting on a great event with outstanding support. Really impressed with how often I saw the SAG vehicles up and down the roads. - Steve Smart

Totally fun, great food, fun people. Couldn't have been better. Thanks for a great experience! - Wendy Barth, first-time century rider

Well, finally did the whole course. Plenty of "challenging" opporunities: dropped tail light, good thing I had two, new cleats not aligned correctly, fixed, fell on the climb of Daylight Pass (in the dark, strangely). Headlight, all I can say is it is a $25 headlight, I have a few new ideas on some improvement in that aspect. Interesting descent, thanks for the waxing gibbons phase of the moon, so I had some idea of where the road was. Tried HEED for the first time, that was OK. The word for the ride was resilience. Not mine, but the volunteers who simply refused to let me give up. It's so easy when things are going well, when they are not, it's a different story. Got some first class first aide at the finish, and no worse for the wear. Only complaint: How about a new road surface to the crater? Thanks for another great ride. - Scott Palka

Thanks for the opportunity, it was a great experience and well organized! Thanks to All of you! - Wilfried Braun

Thanks for another great ride! The support and weather was perfect!! Makes me want to come back for more! Hope to see you in the spring!!! - Dave Clemes

Thanks for a great ride. I was a little hesitant, since it was my first century, but it went flawlessly. Thanks to the great volunteers, everything ran smoothly and I couldn’t have asked for a more organized event. The wave starts are perfect for those of us with less experience. I finally get it. Now, I can see why my brother, Ron, has been doing endurance riding for so many years. We’re already planning on doing the March and April rides. - Mike Shepston

Please let me join the well deserved accolades for such a fine Fall century - we are already making plans to return in the spring, for at least the southern century if not the hells gate hundred as well! - Pete (the Grateful Dead jersey) and Pat Baum

Thanks for this weekend. It was a good day. Thanks again for a wonderful event. Death Valley is such a great place to ride a bike. Thanks for ordering good weather and saving the wind for Sunday. Have a great day. - Esther Merki

Thanks for putting on such a unique ride. I had a great time thanks in no small part to the excellent support crews you had out there helping. Remarkably neat people. Looking forward to more rides with you soon. - Cheers, Robert Fry

I know that it may seem weird for a volunteer to say thank you but I feel compelled to do it. The Scotty's Castle location was perfect! In seven years of Ultras this is the first time I volunteered. It was eye-opening and gave me a greater appreciation for what goes into putting an event together. - George Vargas

Official Results

Elasped First Middle Last M/F Category City State
6:07 Hartmut Frenzel M Century Santa Monica CA
6:35 Brian MacDonald M Century San Diego CA
6:40 Clarence King M Century Solana Beach CA
6:41 Michael Gilb M Century Albuquerque NM
6:43 Chris Wirtsmith M Century Glenwood Springs CO
6:43 Mark Richard Langenbach M Century Phoenix AZ
6:53 Troy Grande M Century Balos Verdes CA
7:01 Michael James Shepston M Century Cave Creek AZ
7:01 Ronald Wayne Shepston M Century Silverdao CA
7:06 Emmy Klassen F Century Bakersfield CA
7:06 Mike Moseley M Century Bakersfield CA
7:09 Rene Robert Benitez M Century Nuevo CA
7:16 Simon Kann M Century Rancho Palos Verdes CA
7:22 Philip A Board M Century Upland CA
7:26 Eugene Pori M Century Boise ID
7:28 Jorge Alvarez M Century Upland CA
7:35 Mark A. Smith M Century Yucaipa CA
7:35 Andy Smith M Century Yucaipa CA
7:37 Brad S Bunker M Century Salt Lake City UT
7:41 David R Banks M Century Athens IL
7:41 Jeannie Ennis F Century Loomis CA
7:43 Joe H Ballard M Century Redding CA
7:43 James L Rusconi M Century McKinleyville CA
7:44 Joanne Heilinger F Century Keizer OR
7:58 George Cassiday M Century Salt Lake City UT
7:58 Nancy Beth Cohn F Century Salt Lake City UT
8:00 Lazaro Cuevas M Century Los Angeles CA
8:01 Tony Romo M Century Crowley Lake CA
8:02 Steve Tiede F Century Bishop CA
8:09 Alex Trejo M Century Los Angeles CA
8:10 Erik Gregory Morgansen M Century San Francisco CA
8:10 Mark Nielsen M Century Oakland CA
8:10 Shiori Sasaki M Century San Francisco CA
8:10 Sean Smith M Century Lafayette CA
8:11 Ian Malec M Century Oakland CA
8:12 Anthony (Tony) Andrew Mills M Century Mount Shasta CA
8:13 Mark Newsome M Century Corvallis OR
8:13 Julie Marie Tiede F Century Bishop CA
8:14 Mark Tobin M Century Venice CA
8:15 Scott Birch M Century Santa Barbara CA
8:15 Karl W Doron M Century Santa Barbara CA
8:15 Dustin Leigh Kor M Century Santa Barbara CA
8:15 Daniel Ochoa M Century Santa Barbara CA
8:18 Roberto Bessin M Century West Lake Hills TX
8:20 Chris Askin M Century Truckee CA
8:24 Anthony Humpage M Century Scottsdale AZ
8:24 David Yoshihara M Century MTB CA
8:25 Patrick Joseph Xavier M Century Los Angeles CA
8:28 John Kirk M Century San Diego CA
8:32 Erick Anthony Sturm M Century Watsonville CA
8:34 Calvin Mulder M Century Tustin CA
8:40 Rodney Francis Lowell M Century Coronado CA
8:43 Kate Thornburg F Century Thousand Oaks CA
8:50 Wendy Barth F Century Glendora CA
8:51 Garett Carlson M Century Beverly Hills CA
8:52 Mike Maher M Century Belmont CA
8:52 Tom Neary M Century San Carlos CA
8:53 Cheryl Zwarkowski F Century Spring Valley Lake CA
9:07 Esteban del Rio M Century San Diego CA
9:08 Tom Dougan M Century Long Beach CA
9:10 Patrick Baum M Century Tucson AZ
9:12 Gaurang Mehta M Century Culver City CA
9:12 Jim Keltner M Century Castro Valley CA
9:12 Michael Nelson M Century Walnut Creek CA
9:14 Wilfried Braun M Century Abbotsford BC
9:16 Marco R Apostol M Century Catheral City CA
9:16 Adam Frazier M Century Norwalk CA
9:16 Amador Trinidad M Century Palm Springs CA
9:17 Bill Holder M Century Tustin CA
9:19 E Bernal F Century 29 Palms CA
9:23 Diana Louise Livingston F Century Eureka CA
9:23 Merry Martha Maloney F Century Eureka CA
9:26 Dan Bowen M Century New Castle CO
9:27 Phyllis Tandem Longbons F Century Morgan Hill CA
9:27 Robert Tandem Longbons M Century Morgan Hill CA
9:30 Bruce Berman M Century Encino CA
9:30 Danny Howard M Century Encino CA
9:30 Gary Meisels M Century Encino CA
9:30 Bryan Mountain M Century Calabasas CA
9:30 John Saunders M Century Encino CA
9:30 Regina Chow F Century Montebello CA
9:30 Gerald Gabrang M Century Palmdale CA
9:30 Riccardo Herrera M Century Monterey Park CA
9:33 Jim Queen M Century Calabasas CA
9:38 Lori Hall Crouch F Century Arroyo Seco NM
9:40 MJ Moran F Century Spring Valley CA
9:40 Martha Welker Randi F Century Spring Valley CA
9:40 Stanley Sugimoto M Century Pacific Palisades CA
9:46 Kirk Miller M Century Salt Lake City UT
9:47 David Peashock M Century Tucson AZ
9:49 Bill Becker M Century Campbell CA
9:49 Rick Jacobson M Century Reseda CA
9:49 Saralie Liner F Century Santa Monica CA
9:53 Nancy Andrew F Century Cathedral City CA
9:56 David L Wade M Century Los Angeles CA
9:57 John Corkill M Century National City CA
9:58 Bill Weech M Century Mira Loma CA
10:02 Victor Campued M Century Walnut CA
10:05 Darcee Lee F Century Reno NV
10:05 Mark Wessinger M Century Reno NV
10:08 Jesse Hammond M Century San Diego CA
10:08 Emily Hammond F Century San Diego CA
10:08 Michelle Valenti F Century Moss Beach CA
10:17 Cindy Begbie F Century Half Moon Bay CA
10:22 Michael John Strauch M Century San Diego CA
10:23 Chris Gennaro M Century San Diego CA
10:23 Man-Fai Tam M Century Santa Clara CA
10:28 Paul C Woods M Century Colorado Springs CO
10:30 Tim Shanta M Century Henderson NV
10:32 Mike Bardos M Century Campbell CA
10:32 John Barkman M Century Ridgecrest CA
10:32 Jana Barkman F Century Campbell CA
10:33 Jeff Starr M Century Ventura CA
10:34 John Damiano M Century San Ramon CA
10:36 Bodee Tandem Maxwell F Century Sunland CA
10:36 Veronica Tandem Szikszoy F Century Sunland CA
10:42 Joshua Stubblefield M Century Apple Valley CA
10:44 Ellen Jackson F Century Santa Cruz CA
10:46 Paul Fredrick Klagstad M Century Ventura CA
10:47 Jim Charles Leeming M Century Las Vegas NV
10:48 Margaret Baldwin F Century Penn Valley CA
10:48 Susan Kendall F Century Monterey CA
10:49 Kathy Brewington F Century Santa Cruz CA
10:49 Lou Durano M Century Reno NV
10:58 Carol Rutter F Century So. Lake Tahoe CA
11:27 Esther Merki F Century San Diego CA
11:30 Kiyohito Arai M Century La Jolla CA
DNF Pete Baum M Century Tucsn AZ
DNF Alfredo L Bessin M Century West Lake Hills TX
DNF Patricia Hathor F Century Colton CA
DNF Barbara Hunter F Century
DNF Ronald T Iseri M Century Camarillo CA
DNF Steve Lacher M Century Encino CA
DNF Cyleste McKeon F Century Aptos CA
DNF Terry Seeman M Century Encino CA
DNF Cynthia Spencer F Century Pescadero CA
DNF Kurt Richard Staib M Century Yuba City CA
DNF Frederick J Swift M Century Tacoma WA
DNF Andrea Lee Thornton Arsene F Century Hesperia CA
DNF Imre Udvardy M Century Saugus CA
11:04 Michael Gaiman M Double Century San Francisco CA
11:06 David Goggins M Double Century San Diego CA
11:11 Reve Ramos M Double Century So. Lake Tahoe CA
11:49 A. Gordon Smith M Double Century Brighton UT
11:54 Joshua Ray Talley M Double Century Santa Monica CA
12:03 Ric Schrank M Double Century Virginia City NV
12:04 Marlies Tandem Radtke F Double Century Reno NV
12:04 Patrick Tandem Seely M Double Century Reno NV
12:10 Robert B Morris III M Double Century San Francisco CA
12:13 McKay Florence M Double Century Loomis CA
12:42 Daniel Eitman M Double Century Irvine CA
12:43 Bradley Zlotnick M Double Century San Diego CA
12:45 James Kelly M Double Century Mammoth Lakes CA
12:47 Jen Scharf F Double Century Henderson NV
12:50 Ryan Gibson M Double Century Mountain View CA
13:00 Robert S Crouch M Double Century Arroyo Seco NM
13:11 Nicholas Rice-McDonald M Double Century Santa Clara CA
13:11 Doug Wiederholt M Double Century San Diego CA
13:11 Mike Wilson M Double Century San Diego CA
13:13 John T Clare M Double Century Long Beach CA
13:13 Edward Zeilman M Double Century St. Augustine FL
13:13 Bob Snyder M Double Century Westlake Village CA
13:14 Jeffrey Rogers M Double Century Bishop CA
13:16 Bryan Kilgore M Double Century Oakland CA
13:16 John Langdon M Double Century Glendale AZ
13:20 Collin Johnson M Double Century Monrovia CA
13:24 David Michael Pagel M Double Century Los Angeles CA
13:29 Al Ceron M Double Century Henderson NV
13:31 Chuck Mt. Triple Crown Bramwell M Double Century Irvine CA
13:32 Alan Ptak M Double Century Irvine CA
13:37 Logan Stonebraker M Double Century Grass Valley CA
13:38 Pat O'Connor M Double Century Chilton WI
13:40 David Collum M Double Century Stockton CA
13:42 Michael Gerald Turek M Double Century Reno NV
13:45 Ruben Flores M Double Century Oak Park CA
13:49 John Edward Leeming M Double Century Reno NV
13:52 Kurt Neuman M Double Century South Prairie WA
13:52 Brian Schaeffer M Double Century Aptos CA
14:00 Jacek Nowakowski M Double Century San Diego CA
14:00 Dustin Nachise Sharp M Double Century La Mesa CA
14:00 Ryan Wilcoxson M Double Century San Francisco CA
14:04 Jim Mandelli M Double Century North Vancouver BC
14:15 Kristina Reid F Double Century San Francisco CA
14:17 Susan Snow F Double Century Phoenix AZ
14:18 Doug Dexter M Double Century Los Altos CA
14:35 Sherie Jo Schmidt F Double Century Tahoma CA
14:35 Max Stuart Sobol M Double Century Crystal Bay NV
14:35 Joe Williams M Double Century Santa cruz CA
14:44 Todd Tracy M Double Century Fremont CA
14:45 Kitty Goursolle F Double Century San Ramon CA
14:45 Steven Hudnut M Double Century Beaverton OR
14:47 David Lorne Clemes M Double Century Oakland CA
14:47 Dan Hertlein M Double Century Dublin CA
14:50 William A Hunt M Double Century Fountain Valley CA
14:54 Philip Auriemma M Double Century Fremont CA
14:59 Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh M Double Century Glendale CA
15:00 Scott Palka M Double Century Carlsbad CA
15:04 Charles Griffice M Double Century Orange CA
15:04 Keith Robert Jensen M Double Century Ramona CA
15:04 Steve Smart M Double Century San Diego CA
15:09 John Henry Maurice M Double Century Keizer OR
15:14 James Cook M Double Century San Clemente CA
15:17 Ken Fixed Gear Emerson M Double Century San Jose CA
15:17 Alex Roberson M Double Century Paradise CA
15:20 Joseph Maurer M Double Century Mountain View CA
15:23 Craig Russell Wilson M Double Century Eureka CA
15:26 John Josephs M Double Century Jacksonville FL
15:30 Fred Klinzmann M Double Century San Clemente CA
15:33 Robert W Fry M Double Century Rancho Palos Verdes CA
15:43 Ken Shoemaker M Double Century Los Altos CA
15:45 Kevin Joseph Fitzpatrick M Double Century Alameda CA
15:51 Mark Allen Kaufman M Double Century Fullerton CA
15:52 Kyly McMurray F Double Century Vancouver WA
15:52 Bart C Signor M Double Century Alta Loma CA
15:52 Jack Twitchell M Double Century Pomona CA
15:53 Doug Goodwin M Double Century Pahrump NV
15:53 Nicole Honda F Double Century Ventura CA
15:57 Michael Potts M Double Century Clovis CA
16:03 Thomas Russell M Double Century Alamo CA
16:05 Tom Parkes M Double Century Costa Mesa CA
16:06 Steve Sorensen M Double Century Santa Clarita CA
16:13 Lisa-Susan McPhate F Double Century Oakland CA
16:18 David Listenberger M Double Century Culver City CA
16:18 Jim Pettett M Double Century Cave Creek AZ
16:20 David Evan Kestenbaum M Double Century Burlington VT
16:26 Robert May M Double Century Studio City CA
16:49 Howard Mason M Double Century Los Altos CA
16:49 Nancy Mason F Double Century Los Altos CA
16:50 Nicole Churchill F Double Century Berkeley CA
16:53 Jason Fixed Gear Pierce M Double Century Oakland CA
16:53 Francis Marlon Ignacio M Double Century Duarte CA
16:53 Pete Primavera M Double Century Duarte CA
16:56 Emmanuel Amit M Double Century Montrose CA
16:56 Rosalie Kneebone F Double Century Moorpark CA
16:56 Francisco Benson Navalta jr M Double Century No Hollywood CA
17:03 Norman Genato M Double Century San Gabriel CA
17:06 John Russell M Double Century Santa Rosa CA
DNF Becky Berka F Double Century Dublin CA
DNF Jonathan David Buckley M Double Century San Ramon CA
DNF Gloria Castro F Double Century Los Angeles CA
DNF Raymond Peter Crough M Double Century Frederick MD
DNF Hal Danielsen M Double Century Berkeley CA
DNF Alan David Hall M Double Century Long Beach CA
DNF Karl Kuhn M Double Century Windsor CA
DNF Mariana Lara Albert F Double Century Colchester VT
DNF William Benjamin Moore M Double Century Jacksonville FL
DNF Meredith Nielsen F Double Century Berkeley CA
DNF Debbie Protho F Double Century Los Angeles CA
DNF Troy Raffelson M Double Century El Cajon CA
DNF Sam Taub M Double Century San Francisco CA
DNF Andrew Thomas M Double Century Las  Vegas NV
DNF Milagros M Valdes F Double Century Los Angeles CA
DNF Frederick Michael Zankowsky M Double Century Castro Valley CA