Death Valley Century and Double Century
October 25, 2008 Results, Report, Links, and More

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Slideshows and Blog Reports

Show 1: Furnace Creek Start Line by Wayne Kostman and Chris Kostman
Show 2: Along the course by Wayne Kostman and Chris Kostman
Show 3: Approaching Scotty's Castle by Chris Kostman
Show 4: Scotty's Castle by Wayne Kostman
Show 5: Epic Death Valley by Night and by Day by Morgan Goat Beeby
Show 6: Approaching Scotty's Castle by Hugh Mad Dog Murphy
Show 7: Approaching Scotty's Castle by Badwater Mayor Ben Jones
Blog Report by Rider Andrew "Budge" Burridge
Blog Report by Rider "Caspian"
Blog Report by Rider and Coach Woofie Humpage

We had a truly fantastic weekend in Mother Nature's Greatest Sports Arena with the final AdventureCORPS event of 2008, the Fall Death Valley Century and Double Century on October 25.

It was a perfect cycling day for all the riders: Temps were in mid-50s to mid-80s, despite the forecast which called for a high of 100. As always, it was dry out there and staying hydrated was paramount to success.

There were 233 riders on the start line: 138 of 152 century riders completed the 105-mile century, while 76 of 81 completed the double century.

It was an honor to once again have Hugh “Mad Dog” Murphy on hand at the ride. Hugh founded this event in 1991 and created many other great endurance cycling events in California during his ten year career as a cycling event promoter. Of important note also was the presence of Dr. Ben Jones, the Mayor of Badwater, a three-time Badwater Ultramarathon finisher, and a 2007 inductee of the Badwater Hall of Fame. Ben and Hugh were on hand to photograph the event and lend moral support to the riders.

Attesting to the wide-ranging popularity of this ride, we had registered riders aged 10 (yes, 10, on the back of a tandem with his father) to 71 from Canada, France, and no less than 25 American States: AR, AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, and WY!

Certainly everybody had an adventure and it was a pleasure to spend a long day "out there" with you! Thanks for riding and thanks for supporting this event!

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who made it all happen!

Check-In: Jim Cosentino, John Cosentino, Timmer Vadheim, Steve Teal, Jonathan Teal, Mike Angelfish Angelos, Wayne and Shelby Kostman, Elizabeth Jefferson, and Chris Kostman

Start Line: Timmer Vadheim, Steve Teal, Jonathan Teal, and Chris Kostman

Stove Pipe Wells & Nevada: Tim Kjenstad and Robin Stevens

Side of the Road: Timmer Vadheim, Mike Angelfish Angelos, Esther Merki, Richard Elam, and Ian

Water Stop on the Scotty's Castle Road: Matt Ruscigno and Stacy Zung

Scotty's Castle: Wayne and Shelby Kostman, Jim Cosentino, John Cosentino, Luz Vazquez, Maxwell Lucas, Michael Morrill, Carrie Bowen, and Ivy Bowen

Ubehebe Crater: Morgan Goat Beeby

Hell's Gate: Karen and Steve Giant Water Bug Gray

Finish Line: Steve Teal, Jonathan Teal, Elizabeth Jefferson, Carrie Bowen, and Ivy Bowen

CORPSyoga at the Finish Line: Elizabeth Jefferson

Roving SAG: Mike Angelfish Angelos, Mark Martinez, Lee Mitchell, Chris Kostman, Lori Walton with Peggy Mazzella

Photography: Chris Kostman, Wayne Kostman, Badwater Mayor Ben Jones, and Hugh Mad Dog Murphy

Special thanks are also extended to the wonderful people at the Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort, Joe's Sanitation of Pahrump, the Subway of Pahrump, Liberty Ambulance of Ridgecrest, the National Park Service, and Cal Trans in Bishop.

Awesome, Unsolicited, Totally Appreciated Feedback!

"Chris and Crew, Thank you for the great organization this last weekend. I had a fantastic time and enjoyed the ride. While watching the 200 milers come in on Saturday I was telling Steve Teal (finish line volunteer) why I was there. In July 2007 I was diagnosed with renal cancer and had a kidney removed the next month. While in the hospital my wife told me to pick a goal to work towards and give me some motivation to get healthy. I had been to Death Valley the Fall before hiking and had read about your events, so I picked the century ride. I worked all this summer getting prepared along with a good friend, Brian Peres. I talked my hiking and climbing partner of 35 years, Brian Baxter, to come down from Seattle for the ride, too. I had a lot of emotion invested in this ride. There were times I was crying from the release of having reached my goal, but mostly I was grinning and having the time of my life. I feel I can finally put my cancer behind me and get on with my life. - Jerry Nelson Click here for pix of Jerry at the ride: One | Two | Three | Four

"Hello AdventureCORPS folks! Just want to extend you a big thanks and congratulations for putting on such a fabulous event; it was my first double and quite an experience. As usual, you had the best crew folks and volunteers of any event I've attended. In fact, when I got to the last stop before ascending to Hells Gate, I didn't think I had enough battery life left to make it back that route, so I was going to throw in the towel and head back to Furnace Creek the shorter route. When I asked Ester and Rich the right way back they said, 'Why do you want to go back to Furnace Creek?' I explained my lighting rationale and they said, 'No problem, we've got a light somewhere.' Timmer was lurking right there annoyingly giving out positive vibes, while Rich searched high and low through his fuel-efficient Honda CV. After about ten minutes he comes out with pieces of a headlamp, cobbles it together, puts batteries in it, turns it on and tapes it to my handlebars. They all stood there smiling with a great sense of accomplishment and said, 'You’re good to go now!' Don’t ya just hate really helpful people? My inner quitter was trapped like a rat.

"Up the hill I go and I’ll tell you, Death Valley is so deep you have to climb up to get to the 'Gates of Hell.' Took me forever to get to the summit, but it looked like I was going to make it in before the cut-off. So I started heading down and got about 3 quarters of the way to the junction when I came across a fellow rider with a flat. He needed a tube which I gave him and kept my headlight on him while he changed the flat. It took a little longer than I anticipated and I figured I probably wouldn’t make the cut-off, but, hey, I wouldn’t have been there if someone hadn’t helped me and that’s what it’s all about. I got to the turn-off to Furnace creek and was able to crank it (I’m good downhill), still thinking I wouldn’t make it when I caught up with another rider and asked him 'Where the heck is Furnace Creek?' He said two of the most soothing words I’ve ever heard when he said 'Right there.' We pulled in, the crew took our start times and bib numbers and in a few minutes yelled to us 'You’re golden! You made it by two minutes.' The karma Gods had given just what I needed to make the cut-off. Since my name is the very last on the roster before the 17 hour mark, I guess that makes me the 'Lantern Rouge' of the 2008 Fall Death Valley Double. I’ll take it, and I’ll come back again. Thank you all again for such a tremendous experience." - Bob May

"Thanks for the truly wonderful ride. It is perhaps the best supported and organized ride I've yet been on. A huge thanks also to all the always cheerful and helpful volunteers. They all put in a long and grueling day so that the riders can put in a long and grueling day and it is greatly appreciated. Such a good ride is a pleasure to ride and I can feel it even in the OTHER riders as all I encountered on the road stayed cheerful right up to the end. Thank you AGAIN!" - Mike Rathwell

"Thanks very much to you and everyone involved in last weekend's ride - I had a great time, and I was very impressed with the entire event." - Regards, Tim Ellis

"I want to express my gratitude to the couple who ran the last check point. When I finally reached the top of "Hells Gate" I was severely cramped up. I could barely get off my bike. When I did I used my bike as a crutch, walked over to one of the blue director chairs and sat down. The young lady took my bike,got me water,soup and a coke. It took me quite a while before I felt well enough to continue. Plese let them know how much I appreciated their help." - Thanks, Gerald Goode

"I have to say I had an amazing time doing the century. I've barely just started riding (seven months now) and I can honestly say this was the best ride I've ever done. Everyone, from the other riders to the staff and volunteers were incredibly friendly and supportive. I am all ready eye-ing the Spring Century. - Again, many thank yous for a great time, Eric McLaughlin

"Wow. What a ride. I just wanted to say thank you for putting on such a nicely organized event. I understand the logistics of these events and the hard work necessary to make it a success. You have done a very nice job. I really liked the scenery and not having to stop for red lights. I turned around at the 40 mile check point and did not do the whole ride, but really enjoyed myself. The staff at the check points were all friendly and helpful. I look forward to doing and hopefully completing one of your future century rides. Thank you." - David M. Grey

"Perfect Weather + Great Support = Awesome Ride! Thanks! And see you again!!" - Dave Clemes

"I did the very first of the Death Valley rides back in the early 90s and the event last weekend was the best by far. The weather, for which you don't take credit, played a part but the ride, the support and the volunteers were what made it the best ever for me. I told my friends, one of whom was Minh who was a first time century rider, that you deserve a huge amount of credit not only for making the Death Valley 100/200 and The Furnace Creek 508 world class events but for making endurance cycling accessible to many more people than anyone else I know. I have to thank you for giving me such an enjoyable and challenging place to go and such a great community to continue my riding as I approach the beginning of my 21st year of endurance cycling and my 6th decade of living. You are the best." - Ron "Sparrow" Shepston

"Great event this past weekend! Aid stations were placed well and stocked with everything that one could want (and more)!! Even the heat and wind cooperated!" - Louise Comar

"Didn't get a chance to say thanks for the support after finishing up last Saturday night. I guess I was fog-bound! Support was 1st class, as usual. And I'm not sure what you did to appease the weather gods for the event, but please do it again for next spring!!! Thanks, Doug Goodwin

Official Results

Result First Middle Last M/F Distance Notes City State
6:26 Ron B Hawks M Century Southlake TX
6:35 Geoffrey A Harris M Century Recumbent Rancho Palos Verdes CA
6:35 Minh Q Nguyen M Century First century Fullerton CA
6:35 Ron Shepston M Century Silverado CA
6:37 Brian Amende M Century Costa Mesa CA
6:37 Larry Rhoton M Century Rancho Mirage CA
6:43 Richard Strange M Century
6:53 sarah brodsky F Century chatsworth CA
6:54 Mark Langenbach M Century Phoenix AZ
7:04 Kevin Fitzpatrick M Century Alameda CA
7:10 Robert Fry M Century Rancho Palos Verdes CA
7:11 Jeff Lafferty M Century Hemet CA
7:13 Keith Brodsky M Century Chatsworth CA
7:20 Ron Gerber M Century Tandem Upland CA
7:20 Mark Tobin M Century Venice CA
7:20 Dixie VanOrnam F Century Tandem Upland CA
7:21 brian ashbrook M Century fallbrook CA
7:24 kelly brown M Century Redondo Beach CA
7:24 david hodnett M Century oakland CA
7:24 David Wise M Century Cincinnati OH
7:26 Ron Bell M Century Huntington Beach CA
7:29 Peter C Anthony M Century Menlo Park CA
7:30 Michael Gilb M Century Albuquerque NM
7:35 Ralph Griffo M Century Yucaipa CA
7:35 Jeff griffo M Century Yucaipa CA
7:37 Mark A. Smith M Century Yucaipa CA
7:37 Andy Smith M Century Yucaipa CA
7:40 Stephen Federico M Century Corte Madera Ave. CA
7:41 Christopher C Cameron M Century Toronto Canada
7:41 Thomas Dios M Century Salinas CA
7:47 james f sever M Century Newport Beach CA
7:49 Phillip M Davis M Century Newport Beach CA
7:49 Ian Malec M Century Oakland CA
7:50 Stan Barrett M Century Oakland CA
8:03 greg s george M Century newport beach CA
8:04 Alex Icaza M Century Austin TX
8:08 Wayne Schuurman M Century Grand Rapids MI
8:09 Eugene Pori M Century Boise ID
8:13 Garett Carlson M Century Beverly Hills CA
8:14 Lolita Diaz F Century Cerritos CA
8:14 Claudia T Flynn F Century San Diego CA
8:14 Marlene Wootton F Century Hawthorne CA
8:15 Steve Bean M Century San Diego CA
8:15 Michael J Satterlee M Century San Diego CA
8:16 Scott Palka M Century San Marcos CA
8:19 Alyssa M Beach F Century Foothill Ranch CA
8:19 Christian J Knoche M Century Foothill Ranch CA
8:19 Jay C Potter M Century Lakewood CA
8:21 David R Banks M Century Athens IL
8:21 Megan Dean F Century Tandem Los Angeles CA
8:21 Jack Lindquist M Century Tandem Los Angeles CA
8:21 Dane M Moler M Century San Francisco CA
8:21 Bruce E Moler M Century Manhattan Beach CA
8:21 Carrie Moler F Century San Francisco CA
8:22 Darryl E Dalcin M Century Palos Verdes Peninsula CA
8:24 David Krider M Century Pasadena CA
8:24 david m nash M Century carlsbad CA
8:24 robin a nash M Century carlsbad CA
8:24 ian tervet M Century Pasadena CA
8:24 Dan Zayas M Century La Verne CA
8:26 bruce inniss M Century san diego CA
8:27 Eric W McLaughlin M Century Long Beach CA
8:27 Rafael Perez M Century costa mesa CA
8:28 Neil Alcorn M Century Dallas TX
8:29 MJ Moran F Century Spring Valley CA
8:29 Chris Robinson M Century San Jose CA
8:30 Mark R Nielsen M Century Berkeley CA
8:31 Thomas Tsai M Century Anaheim CA
8:34 christopher lynch M Century Gardena CA
8:37 Anthony Getzberg M Century denver CO
8:38 Lem Oandasan M Century San Francisco CA
8:39 Gary P Hill M Century Newport Beach CA
8:41 Anthony Woofie Humpage M Century Scottsdale AZ
8:44 Kurt R Staib M Century Yuba City CA
8:46 John Combs M Century Arcadia CA
8:50 jeffrey Dubois M Century sacramento CA
8:50 David Hall M Century Escondido CA
8:57 susan graybill F Century roseville CA
9:00 jane marriott F Century smith NV
9:00 Joshua J Wootton M Century Bellflower CA
9:01 Ben Diaz M Century Cerritos CA
9:01 Charlie Warner M Century St. Petersburg FL
9:01 Michael Warner M Century St. Petersburg FL
9:02 Danyel E. Clark M Century Fullerton CA
9:02 Natalie G. Goulet F Century Lincoln CA
9:02 margaret mason F Century wellington NV
9:04 basil knox M Century Wilton CA
9:07 madolyn knox F Century Wilton CA
9:07 Liz Williams F Century San Francisco CA
9:15 Per Asberg M Century Trabuco Canyon CA
9:15 Michelle Foo F Century First Century Huntington Beach CA
9:18 Slava Bakhour M Century Parker CO
9:20 Bart Aikman M Century Valencia CA
9:21 Doug Gray M Century Parker CO
9:21 Tom Ryan M Century Yucca Valley CA
9:24 Gordon Oliver M Century San Francisco CA
9:27 David A Koon M Century Windermere FL
9:31 Jerry Nelson M Century Olney MD
9:31 Brian S Peres M Century Germantown MD
9:34 John Corkill M Century National City CA
9:34 Ellen Jackson F Century Santa Cruz CA
9:34 Susan L Kendall F Century Monterey CA
9:42 James D Wootton M Century Hawthorne CA
9:47 Brian Baxter M Century Duvall WA
9:47 Mark Manner M Century Nunnelly TN
9:48 kim k brooks F Century nashville TN
9:48 Anne C Manner F Century Nunnelly TN
9:51 Tom Dougan M Century Long Beach CA
9:57 Frank Lamb M Century San Diego CA
10:02 Valerie K Hwang F Century Redlands CA
10:02 Allen Hwang M Century Redland CA
10:06 Michael Lueke M Century San Diego CA
10:06 Tor Ueland M Century San Diego CA
10:11 Mark D Schubert M Century Lomita CA
10:14 robert metcalf M Century San diego CA
10:17 Douglas T McIntyre M Century Yorba Linda CA
10:18 Mike Bardos M Century Campbell CA
10:18 Jana Barkman F Century Campbell CA
10:18 John Barkman M Century Campbell CA
10:23 Ross Zimmerman M Century Tucson AZ
10:24 GARY BAIERL M Century Tandem (Father) LAKE FOREST CA
10:24 JOE BAIERL M Century Tandem (Son) LAKE FOREST CA
10:24 Pam Golden F Century Tucson AZ
10:31 Laura Thurgood F Century Calgary AB
10:40 Melanie Boxall F Century Roseville CA
10:40 Scott Greene M Century Sacramento CA
10:40 Mike Rathwell M Century Rancho Santa Margarita CA
10:58 Sal Contreras M Century Redwod City CA
10:58 Neyssa Marina F Century First Century Redwood City CA
11:14 Dion Dyer M Century San Diego CA
11:47 donato mazzella M Century san diego CA
11:57 Kevin Buchanan M Century San Diego CA
11:57 Roger Goldingay M Century Portland OR
11:57 bill walton M Century san diego CA
13:05 John B. Petersen M Century El Dorado Hills CA
? Linda Adams F Century Costa Mesa CA
? George Bowden M Century Vista CA
? Kim Ziebell F Century Trabuco Canyon CA
DNF Margaret Baldwin F Century Santa Cruz CA
DNF Dan Dibb M Century Tandem Long Beach CA
DNF Connie Dibb F Century Tandem Long Beach CA
DNF Molly Greene F Century Sacramento AZ
DNF Cyleste McKeon F Century Aptos CA
DNF Michael O'Donovan M Century Reseda CA
DNF Shannon O'Donovan F Century Reseda CA
Rider Ron Bookout M Century Florissant MO
Rider David Grey M Century Los Angeles CA
Rider Tom Miller M Century Vista CA
Rider Michael Schubert M Century Vallejo CA
Result First Middle Last M/F Distance Notes City State
11:18 Terry L Lentz M Double Century Fixed Gear Templeton CA
11:18 Casey Roos M Double Century Fixed Gear / First Double San Luis Obispo CA
11:57 Kurt Burkhart M Double Century Paso Robles CA
12:05 Ric Schrank M Double Century Virginia City NV
12:09 james e whitford M Double Century Cotati CA
12:26 anna stewart F Double Century janesville CA
12:26 rick stewart M Double Century janesville CA
12:46 William Aligue M Double Century Duarte CA
12:46 Francis Marlon Ignacio M Double Century
12:46 Logan Stonebraker M Double Century Grass Valley CA
12:55 anthony boyd M Double Century redlands CA
12:55 Rodney W Boyd M Double Century Laguna Beach CA
12:58 Marlies Radtke F Double Century Reno NV
12:58 Craig Robertson M Double Century Los Altos CA
12:58 Patrick Seely M Double Century Reno NV
13:05 Andrew Burridge M Double Century First Double Los Angeles CA
13:06 Eldon Hocut M Double Century Meridian ID
13:13 Louise E Comar F Double Century Atascadero CA
13:15 Bill Nicolai M Double Century VANCOUVER WA
13:26 Judy Howell F Double Century Tandem Beaverton OR
13:26 Bill Howell M Double Century Tandem Beaverton OR
13:28 Alain o giaimo M Double Century Santa clarita CA
13:28 Jose Raposo M Double Century valencia CA
13:30 Timothy Ellis M Double Century Baltimore MD
13:50 David Collum M Double Century Stockton CA
13:51 Al Ceron M Double Century Henderson NV
13:51 Mark A Dolginoff M Double Century Henderson NV
14:01 H Perry Taubman M Double Century Fairfax CA
14:03 Robert Shedden M Double Century La Habra Heights CA
14:07 Eric Axford M Double Century Escondido CA
14:07 Tom Tittle M Double Century Gardnerville NV
14:12 Jason Pierce M Double Century Oakland CA
14:22 Michael J O'Connell M Double Century El Dorado Hills CA
14:25 Craig R Wilson M Double Century Eureka CA
14:29 Gerald Goode M Double Century Tucson AZ
14:29 Christopher Hanson M Double Century Redondo Beach CA
14:32 Anthony DeLellis M Double Century La Jolla CA
14:35 Jose Mendez M Double Century Playa del Rey CA
14:40 JAYMES ALLEN M Double Century SAN DIEGO CA
14:42 Sol Ameen M Double Century Mt. Shasta CA
14:47 John Roy M Double Century Long Beach CA
14:47 Jesse A Smith M Double Century Concord CA
14:47 Joshua Talley M Double Century Santa Monica CA
14:47 Michelle West F Double Century Santa Monica CA
14:49 Larry Nelson M Double Century henderson NV
14:55 Steve Sorensen M Double Century Santa Clarita CA
14:59 mark king M Double Century livermore CA
15:04 David Foss M Double Century richmond CA
15:04 Roy Verstraete M Double Century Palm Springs CA
15:15 Shaun Arora M Double Century Fixed Gear Chatsworth CA
15:30 thien c doan M Double Century san diego CA
15:30 Stephen B George M Double Century Los Angeles CA
15:41 David L Clemes M Double Century Oakland CA
16:00 Joseph Maurer M Double Century Mountain View CA
16:00 David Pagel M Double Century Los Angeles CA
16:01 Ruben Flores M Double Century Oak Park CA
16:08 Doug Goodwin M Double Century Pahrump NV
16:09 Dan Hertlein M Double Century Antioch CA
16:10 Brett D Young M Double Century First Double Riverton UT
16:13 Doug McBride M Double Century Alamo CA
16:13 Joe Williams M Double Century Santa cruz CA
16:15 John A. Long M Double Century Vacaville CA
16:17 jerry romero M Double Century riverside CA
16:20 Michael Hacker M Double Century Half Moon Bay CA
16:20 Sheila Thomas F Double Century El Dorado Hills CA
16:20 Oliver Werther M Double Century First Double Cedar Park TX
16:31 Steve Barnes M Double Century Rimforest CA
16:40 Alan Bolf M Double Century Pasadena CA
16:48 Edward J Mockler III M Double Century Wrentham MA
16:58 Louis W. Durano M Double Century Reno NV
16:58 Robert May M Double Century Studio City CA
17:04 Dan Bowen M Double Century New Castle CO
17:04 Christopher M Wurtsmith M Double Century Glenwood Springs CO
17:16 Roland Bevan M Double Century Ben Lomond CA
17:34 Bob Hartman M Double Century San Diego CA
17:37 Charles J Green M Double Century Baltimore MD
? Greg Lafferty M Double Century Boulder Creek CA
DNF Vaughan Bowen M Double Century Calgary AB
DNF Ryan Emenaker M Double Century Arcata CA
DNF Timothy Miller M Double Century San Jose CA
DNF rich stuart M Double Century pahrump NV